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Chicago’s Reloaded at East Park Mall will remain closed


The Lusaka City Council Liquor Licensing Committee has resolved that Chicago’s Reloaded at East Park Mall will remain closed pending determination of the matter by the Council.

This follows a routine inspection that revealed that the restaurant disregarded warnings and guidelines given to them by the local authority on 4th June, 2020.

LCC Liquor Licensing Committee Chairperson Councillor Jonas Phiri disclosed that the committee has given Chicago’s 30 days in which to exculpate themselves and show cause why Council should not revoke their licence.

Mr. Phiri said this after the special Liquor Licensing Committee sitting which was held in the Council Chamber.

Meanwhile, Mr Phiri said the committee has given Granddaddy’s a final warning for obstructing authorized officers from entering their premises while MS Liquor and Drill Beat Liquor Wholesale have been warned for going against provisions of the Liquor Licensing Act by operating like a bar.

He said the findings at Chicago’s Reloaded, Granddaddy’s, MS Liquor and Drill Beat Liquor Wholesale contravenes the provisions of the Liquor License Act No. 20 of 2011, and Statutory Instrument Number 21 and 22 of 2020 of Public Health Act Cap 295 of the Laws of Zambia.

The Committee Chairperson added that when it comes to following the President’s directive, his committee is not going to side with anyone regardless of their nationality or race but will strictly enforce the law.

Mr Phiri charged that all bars should remain closed until the president directs otherwise.

He said Council officers shall continue to monitor compliance on all premises that have been given permits to operate.


  1. This is about public health, not favors from the presidency. If, like religion, you begin to pick and choose you will create parcels of the population that will no longer take the health threats seriously. Ask that science guides you. Not politics. This is not about King Julian or the fabled Ruler in the sky. People will die if you are careless bane.

  2. 11 deaths in 4 months, recovery rate of over 70 percent and we should panic?? If covid-19 was going to ravage Zambia, the non-adherence to social distancing in Freedom Way, bus stops and buses and sll markets was going to produce thousands of cases and deaths. Chicagos as a business pays huge amounts for rentals and employs many Zambians, how will they survive??

  3. Thanks local authorities for a great job. Let the council decide. This is a very trivial matter for the president to be involved in. We have far more pressing issues to deal with. Local councils we have confidence in you to resolve this

  4. You can dance and drink from home. And if you are brave enough you can also invite your side chicks to your house for the party . Just ensure you have life insurance in place when your madam finds out

  5. That’s the joint where they go to spend stolen money and they think they have their own rules. They stand in corridors to drink, you can’t even get into ShopRite. If you want to see Zambia’s plunderers, you now know where they gather

  6. Life is more quite now without shootings in bars by Kaiser Zulu. Can’t wait for Lusambo to get stroke and bound to a wheel chair.

  7. I now know that this is a fake KAIZER commenting on lusaka times comments page because yesterday KAIZER posted on his FACEBOOK page that he would have breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at Chicagos. Wooo, wan yala.

  8. This is about the fact that the ‘big’ foreign owned restaurants have continued to operate, with liquor flowing freely, while Zambian owned ones have been shut as per the rules. They also employ people and need to survive. It’s ridiculous! Politicians are in it with the ‘investors’, hence turning a blind eye

  9. @ Patriotic Zambian, we are dealing a psychotic (mad man) human being but more of cynanthropy in nature. KZ is delusional combined with hallucinations believes has had breakfast and Lunch at Chicagos and will be going for Dinner later. Worse KZ blogs from the UK but eats his meals in Zambia. Really, what else does a mad man do if not a witch.

  10. Real KZ has already made his position but our UK based impostor is busy typing crap from his Council flat

    This is not about that useless M@gg0t K@!zar Zulu. Ba J0n@ only believes in;
    1. The Dollar.
    2. Getting re elected by any means necessary, so he can continue his squatting & useless non productive vacation in Plot #1, so he won’t discipline those he feels can rig an election on his corrupt behalf.
    Look at proper working leaders like Paul K@game! No Brute would dare go against a Presidential directive by K@game, hence Rwanda is a functioning & ever growing economy, whereas in Zed, the Drunken one issues a directive & within minutes his G00n’z, Cadres & advisors issue counter directives & the whole Nation is in confusion, auto pilot &…

  12. Patriotic zambian, I now understand why some of you find yourselves on the wrong side of the law. It is simply because you fail to understand simple things. My comment above talks about drinking and dancing whereas the presidential directives are clear that you can dine and eat from establishments. So when I said I am going to eat from Chicago that was in compliance with the rules. Where they may have gone wrong is opening it as a club in the night as alleged. So please do not try and misquote me. You are abroad and yet your English appears abysmal. Ubufontini naku diaspora

  13. cont;
    auto pilot, & reverse confusion where there is Zero cohesion in functioning of the Government.
    I have NEVER heard a leader who cries to his juniors, “I know thereh isi too muchi corruputioni ini my Cabineti, mane going into accountsi evere day, buti I don’t know whati to do” & despite the useless one having such information NEVER SACKS ANYONE” J0na is disfunction at its best!!
    Lastly, P.F.MUSTGO!

  14. Fake K@!zar, I don’t debate with imposter trolls. Go away & debate with fellow P.F G00n’z & Cadres.

  15. By the way don’t believe everything you read on the upnd funded watch dog . I have been made aware that they are now alleging that me and miles sampa have fallen out. They think that by trying to divide us it will help them win election. What they don’t know is that we will always be on the Same team. Sampa is my little brother who I enjoy a very cordial and sometimes funny relationship with. Mwanyala

  16. Keln or whatever it is you call yourself. I didn’t refer or address you. Please don’t try and make yourself feel important by thinking that I take you serious enough to address any of your useless comments. How can I engage someone who has a low IQ such that even at this age you don’t know the difference between capital letter and small or rather lower case letter? Even my young kids can type better than you do. Grow up

  17. Let’s just hope this covid eases up sooner than later because apart from the health aspect it is affecting daily life and people are finding it very hard to sustain a living being the employee or the employer. Let’s stick to the guidelines and laws, and all businesses should be treated equal without favor.

  18. Health guidelines are selectively monitored by LCC or other enforcers, some bars, restaurants ,casinos, are operating without the so called masking, social distancing,hand sanitation. This is just not just a story, I am ready to point out these places. One good thing is that I happened to see for myself, in chilenje where by LCC + the His worship the Mayor passing over this over this over crowded bar and close the next one. Can someone give me the answers to the following questions, I have gone crazy.
    Q. Some bars are operating free without any restrictions but on restrict churches why ?
    Q. For churches only a small number of congregants for street vendors no number limit why ?
    Q. For the house of prayer, social distance but public transport overloading allowed ,why ?
    Q. Does it…

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