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Personalization of Zambian Politics

Columns Personalization of Zambian Politics

I thought there was polarisation in Zambian Politics but have come to realize it is more of personalization.

Polarisation would be about strongly held political/economic positions on how our country should be governed. Whereas it is true governance is all about leadership we seem to be promoting the leader at the expense of political and economic issues.

Some people have suggested our democracy is now at great risk.Anything good that happens is because the “wise leadership”,”watchful eye” of the leader and all failures are blamed on “global pandemics,climate change” or act of God.

Criticism is tantamount to treason,sedition or unpatriotism. State institutions appear paralysed and are often reminded not to be “adventurous” or “irresponsible” by taking decisions that may not be politically correct.There is “constitutional engineering to remove or circumvent term limits and undermine institutions”(Paul Ndilho-Nov 2018).

As President Obama said in his farewell speech to the AU in Addis Ababa in July 2015,“Africa does not need strong men,it needs strong institutions”.Some say we need both,but this is story for another day.A strong leader does not have to be a dictator!

By Concerned Zambian


  1. PF has to understand that you can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time

  2. A strong leader whose mandate is from the masses does not need to always remind the people that he is president.

  3. I agree. If projects hv stalled due to lack of funding, it’s the fault of officials around the great leader. The great leader himself means well and loves everyone. Check his DC appointments in his strongholds. They’re all culturally from those places. He will not take to Petauke as DC someone from N-W province for example. And this his definition of one Zambia one nation.

  4. Well said!
    What you see in pf is stooges that attribute anything that seems positive to lungu:
    “Thanks to the able leadership of his excellence president lungu, we have had a good rainy season” lol
    “Thanks to the leadership of his excellency president edgar chagwa lungu, the cold weather has been stopped”
    “thanks to the able leadeship of his excellence president edgar chagwa lungu, the soil is naturally fertile “

  5. But when we have negatives its not his fault:
    “due to global forces beyond his excellency edgar chagwa lungu’s control, we have a problem of endemic corruption”
    “due to external forces of regime change, we have violent pf caders causing havoc”
    “due to circumstances beyond the control of his excellence president edgar chagwa lungu, we have gross incompetence in government”
    “we have extremly poor governance due to global factors beyond the control of the able leadership of his excellence president edgar chagwa lungu”
    We are a mini north korea or a senior burundi under nkurunziza.

  6. The fake hand gestures aimed to fool people that he is humble does do my nuts in .I would rather stick pins in my eyes than watch the stupid and pathetic hand gesture

  7. This is what a deceitful leader looks, smells and sounds; lacks virtues of truthfulness and sincerity in a so-called Christian nation.
    J O K E R!

  8. How can there not be personalisation, when the political differences between the candidates are non-existent and no matter who you vote for, you get a neoliberal party that will let the IMF/World Bank dictate national and international policy?

    What else would people vote for? What is the intellectual difference between the PF, MMD, UPND? Which one is the nationalist party? Which one is the communist party? Which is the non-Neolibera, ‘free market’, ‘let’s be more friendly to foreign and not domestic business’ party?

    This is why the only choice left is personality, not policy.

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