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Zambian Government to Use Evil for Evil Stratagem to Deal with The Opposition

Feature Politics Zambian Government to Use Evil for Evil Stratagem to Deal with The...

Effort to win President Edgar Lungu’s favor for presidency is making some PF officials loose their mind.

President Edgar Lungu was unfairly treated by some unscrupulous people in Monze and Lusaka province Minister Bowman Lusambo, in an effort to win the president’s heart, what to use the incidence as an opportunity to fix the opposition.

Because the incidence took place in the UPND stronghold, Minister Lusambo puts a blame on UPND leaders. He demand they must pay for it and has declared the Copperbelt province a no go area for opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema.

As Copperbelt province Mobilisation Chairperson, I wish to announce that our members on the Copperbelt will make it impossible for the UPND to conduct any business in the province. We will simply reciprocate the treatment they are subjecting our leader to and carry it out to good measure on the Copperbelt. So congratulations Jack Mwiimbu, congratulations Hakainde Hichilema and congratulations the UPND. You have just drawn your own lines, says Hon Lusambo as reported on online news platforms.

It is laughable that ambition for presidency has made Minister Lusambo forget that Zambia is a declared Christian nation. He has completely forgotten that evil for evil is unaccepted in a Christian society.

He need to be reminded that apart from being a Christian nation, Zambia is a country government by the law. If the President was treated unfairly, it is not for the minister to fix but the law.

He should take it easy. It was reported few days ago that he has named his twins Edgar and Esther. Is that not enough to win the heart of the boss?

By Venus N Msyani


  1. This issue is not just about Lusambo. It is about respect for the Presidency. Remember it is this kind of behaviour that led to the leader of the upnd to be locked behind bars at Mukobeko. Edgar was voted for by the people of Zambia and whether you like it or not , he remains the Presedent until 2021 or even beyond should he win again.

  2. Black Muntu, I agree with you but the two issues should not be mixed. Lusambo is not the law. Let the law take care of the unruly youths. Minister Lusambo has no power to declare Copperbelt a “no- go” area for anyone. He should be disciplined. He holds a public office, and by virtue of that he has a lot of influence, which can be abused.

  3. UPND strategy is a failed one. They have tried the following thinking these will bring them votes.
    1. Selling Councillors to raise funds for 2021 Campaigns.
    2 Walking out of parliament when important matters are being discussed.
    3.Decampaigning bill 10.
    4 Blocking Presidential motorcade
    5.Booing the President.
    6. Using the three Church mother bodies to push your agenda.

    TIT 4 TAT??????????

  5. The biggest problem PF has is that they are so preoccupied with trying to prove to UPND that they are in power and that they need to be recognized, they have been doing this since 2015 at the expense of working to improve the economy of the country ., they have been opposition ruling party to the opposition, thats why zambians should give them the rightful cap that fits them come 2021,

  6. Remember Rwanda genocide, PF government will be held responsible for deaths of Zambians and all its associates. Zambian government has institutions to maintain law and order and in Monze there were present purely for reasons of law and order. In a democracy dispensation people hold different views and that is not a crime. This happens everywhere in the world as long as does not cause harm to others. To make vows and threaten to deal harshly with those who hold differing views from PF regime is not only undemocratic but crime against Zambians. President Edigar Lungu can/should be respected but he is not a god.

  7. Leave Bowman alone, we’re actually ready for you from this part of zambia. You’ve already announced that booing is not an offence so be it

  8. MMmmm guys…why are you crying ? Do to others what you would like them do unto you. You want to be booing PF but you don’t want PF to boo you?? Yashani iyo guys? Moreover, you don’t want even to apologize. Just brace your selves for the same treatment in the PF strong hold. .

    Instead of licking @rse, the ex street Tramp should tell us what happened to [email protected] Chimbwendembwende & who authorised the gass!ng of innocent Zedians, as he was one of the f00l’z who blamed H.H whilst they were busy getting away with it, before the domino’s fell & revealed the truth, which lies squarely @ the feet of [email protected] Funkutu aka P.F.
    Lastly P.F.MUSTGO!

  10. “…. It was reported few days ago that he has named his twins Edgar and Esther. Is that not enough to win the heart of the boss?….”

    Don’t be surprised if this boot licker , after 2021 , changes the names of his twins to
    Hakahinde lusambo and mutinta lusambo ….

  11. So Zambia is now under the leadership of King Lusambo? Why are we letting this guy be abusing his power. I thought we have courts in Zambia? The police need to deal with this guy now because such behavior can cause a civil war

  12. Any evidence to show that Upnd
    Cadres were sent by HH or Upnd
    Leaders?Mr lusambo don’t get
    Excited and find the cause?

  13. PF must just wait. They have not seen anything yet. Come next year PF and their foolish dictator will understand what an abomination they have made of themselves to Zambians. Monze was just a rehearsal, the real drama is yet to come in a few months time.


  15. Ba PF balefwayafye ukwakufwila. It’s possible they sent their cadres to boo ECL just start confusion. Please fellow Zambians let us peacefully vote these thugs. Ati ba Lusambo, Pono!

  16. What does the law say about booing the president? I think any zambian who really feels the pinch of the zambian economy will not look this issue as serious. The same law can help us know the implications of gassing innocent people and all other related evils done by people from the same camp!
    As for Mr Lusambo, the office he holds does not match up with his reactions and pronouncements. Why not resign so he can perform wilfully as a cadre?

  17. Why is the upnd legal team so dull? the law provides for a reinstain order agaist who ever is proposing violence against their leaders. Lusambo is a man of action am scared he will do whatever it takes to averge the monze formular.

  18. Extreme boot-licking by thuggish Lusambo. Booing a president is not illegal. It’s not a crime at all. It’s part of protected free speech. Lungu is not a King. Zambia is not a monarch. Only kings demand that they cannot be booed. That time when African presidents considered themselves demigods is long gone. Even the most corrupt, inept, mediocre, vile presidents in Africa still demand that people respect them. Respect is earned, not demanded. If you’re not doing a good job, people will boo you to express their displeasure. So BOOOOOO Lusambo. I booo you. You’re not doing a good job. Now sue me.

  19. 1. How is the booing of the President the leaderships fault?
    2. If they booed ECL, why not also Boo HH on the Copperbelt?
    3. When they say they will make it impossible for HH on the Copperbelt, what do they mean because if they are threatening violence then that is criminal. I forgot that the Police is a wing of the PF.
    4. If the PF are so confident about developmental projects why are they scared of HH campaigning on the Copperbelt

    It is really sad, today a PF cadre said HH brought Corona vircus to Zambia. These are the kind of PF cadres we are dealing with.

  20. Koma Bowman yeve chamubaba zoona … Kikikiki
    A leader who shields himself from the people using heavy Police presence is never a good leader! Why is it that each time you go visiting opposition strongholds, you want to start unnecessary fights? If it has now come to “Tit for tat,” as Lusambo wants to suggest, take off the Christian Nation Declaration from the Constitution and abolish the 18th October holiday. Also send all police officers on leave and meet on level terms with your perceived enemies. If you want everyone to love you, don’t become a leader. Try selling ice cream instead! Leadership is not for time wasters!

  21. Jennifer if you are not sick and you are not dull then u must be mad. Did u pass grade 12 with leakages? Think and evaluate before you bubble. Or better ask if you have no idea. Law is about equity, law is about providing evidence, law is not about revenge, law is not about blaming someone without evidence that’s defamation. Why is PF jumping up to blame opposition leaders do they have evidence that they organized that? If u believe that the opposition did this sue them and if you lose they will sue you back for defaming them. And Bowman be reminded that u are not the Constitution, withdraw your words and apologize or you risk being handled by the law next year

  22. The truth is that It’s embarrassing for any President to be treated like that but the real question is that what lead to that? Simple when people peacefully ask for permission to protest u deny them. Thier rights. When distributing developmental projects u forget them, when employing u forget them, then when power time is running out u remember them, u go there to try and show case fake developmental projects and make fake promises. MMD strategy will no longer work. Your time is up PF

  23. Once upon a time during the UNIP days, there was a bootlicker called Alexander Kamalondo. He was not violent. He danced his way to gain the limelight. And most importantly, he was never a murder suspect!

  24. Vote for Upead at your own peril.
    Theses scambugs are corrupt by tribalism and by nepotism and by bribery.
    I have personally worked with some of these evil scoundrels.
    A vote for upndead is suicidal.
    They ain’t gonna dupe us these nicoonpoops. Not ever.

  25. Lucid english ,go back to chinama you mean you dont know what a restaining order is? denkete(cattle disease) is confusin you, leave ba lusambo alone.

  26. I am confused:
    1. How is booing a crime, under which law?
    2. PF say Lusaka is no go area for upnd, how exactly do they hope to stop upnd?
    where do they derive the authority?
    3. Who booed their president in Monze, was it members of the public or upnd?
    4. Is expressing one’s opinion about a leader now an offense?
    5. Has PF got support of the Zambian people, or are they simply making an assumption? (actually the opposite may just prove to be true)

  27. Meanwhile Lazy Lungu is cowering behind his dogs….really sad…please boo him again he needs a reality check!!

  28. Venus N Msyani Lungu is such a coward he cant find the courage to sack a man who bootlicks him like Lusambo so we are stuck with Lusambo unless the electorate removes Lungu next year

  29. If booing is not an offence, why are people worried that Lusambo wants to do the same in his’stronghold?’ Are some parts in Zambia no go areas for the Republican President. Some parties strategies have not changed since 2001.

  30. Zuma was given same medicine at Mandela funeral in front of all world leaders. Malema was not blamed for it. Grow up and run the country and not petty politics day in day out. Respect is earned not demanded. You don’t have mine do work hard to earn it!!

  31. How refreshed you make me feel @ Aristotle! One can not be handed a chair and while sitting on the chair keeps telling those standing around that the chair has been given to me and I am sitting on it, don’t you agree? Lusambo is sure one type of a “leader” that Zambia can do without and miss nothing! Zambia at the current stage is supposed to have an increased number of educated people who are a joke as the qualifications obtained are not translating bigger dreams if any into transformation of the country for better! Lungu is behaving like Trump the United States president still obsessed to prove that crowd attendance at his inauguration was larger than that of Obama’s. Trump keeps reminding the citizenry that he is the president and accusing the opposition Democratic party of not…

  32. contd…. giving him due respect and being subversive towards his Republican party. He alienates the opposition from participation where law and practice of years has allowed. The difference with Lungu is that Trump is president of a rich superpower taking care of its citizens and freedom of speech and expression is respected as citizens can openly challenge the president! Trump does not shy away from media and answering questions!

  33. No crime was committed in Monze. The PF as usual, in their primitive aspirations, want to exaggerate the event to justify their thuggery against the opposition. The ‘no go areas’ sentiments, are not new and the stu.pid violent behaviours of the PF are well documented whenever the opposition leaders venture out to meet the people. It is clear to any sane human that this a desperate narrative by a party bent on holding to power by whatever means. The so-called head of state remains mute when Lusambo time and again spews dangerous divisive diatribes. What ‘tit for tat’? How childish! Anyone, including opposition leaders can visit any part of the country. The PF opportunistic violence narrative is the kind that has brought strife to many a nation. The sooner the PF is relegated to the…

  34. Atleast now we know that booing you is the best remedy. Therefore, kindly expect more if that . loading……..,,…… ………

  35. This is Zambia and any Zambian can rule this Country.Bwana Lusambo,Lusaka province or C/b is not N.P or E.P being too much “bwatabwata” does not mean that you can be a feverable person to higher authorities no.Mukalwala B.P after your dirty works !!! Tit 4TAT type of politics is not acceptable in Zambia.We all know your plans but God will be on our side.”NAMUKULA BASHI MPUNDU”from Shimpundu x2

  36. All these PF cadres threatening violence live in the communities. They must remember their neighbours know what they do. People should not be pushed to the edge to start thinking of applying the South African formula used against those who where betraying the cause. Ever heard of Necklacing or petrol bombing?

  37. @Treetop, I can’t get what you are trying to say. It is not about the language but your point. What are you warming about?

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