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No Political Party is allowed to campaign in correctional facilities across the country-Inonge Wina

General News No Political Party is allowed to campaign in correctional facilities across...

Vice President Inonge Wina says no political party is currently allowed to campaign in correctional facilities across the country.

Mrs Wina says Government is not aware of any political party that has been given permission by the Prison Authorities to conduct campaigns not even the PF.

She was responding to Monze Central Member of Parliament during the Vice President’s question time who wanted to know what measures are put in place to ensure that all political parties will be allowed to campaign in prisons after Zambia Correctional Service Commissioner General Dr Chileshe Chisela warned that no opposition political party will be allowed to campaign correctional facilities.

Mrs Wina said there is no formal communication from the Zambia Correctional Service Commissioner General Dr Chileshe Chisela indicating that the opposition will not be allowed to campaign in prisons.

There is no policy yet governing the conduct of political parties in such facilities and if Dr Chisela said anything it must have been a passing comment which has not been formally communicated to the government.

Dr Chisela is quoted to have recently directed Zambia Correctional Services officers to block anyone unwilling to support President Edgar Lungu from campaigning in correction facilities.

This comes as the country braces for a new system that will allow inmates to cast their vote in the 2021 General Elections.

Dr Chisela directed facilities under his command not to entertain those opposed to President Lungu’s works from canvassing for support from their facilities.

He said this when the head of state handed over 70 houses to the Correctional services in Monze on Saturday, an event shunned by opposition Members of Parliament in the district.


  1. Thanks for clarifying madam. We hope the oppositions question has been answered and they can stop crying over this. A little patience pays off sometimes.

  2. It is Friday today and I am celebrating the graduation of my beautiful wife. I am so proud. We are popping champaz tonight. Amen

  3. This is so stupid, what are you going to promise prisoners and who is going to monitor the voting in prisons?

  4. Simply FIRE Zambia Correctional Service Commissioner General Dr Chileshe Chisela, don’t turn the nation into a lawless state. Otherwise we will PROTEST until he is dismissed.

  5. Then discard that Chileshe Chisushi . Even itself was shaking at the end of the speech, no one clapped for him, not even Kampyongo.
    PF will collect 29% because of some of these overzealous cadres, who have misunderstood bootlicking. Bonse baffikala want to behave like umwaiche Lusambo, who is just a thug by birth, born from thug father.

  6. Innocent people in prisons when real criminal are out there still stealing tax payers money enjoy,the world we leave in

  7. Am just imagining the beautiful campaign messages the prisoners will be fed with by politicians
    ati if you come out zambia roads will be dubai dubai
    and be eating cheese everyday for breakfast.

  8. The Vice President should have used simple logic here. First of all, no prisoner is legally allowed to vote, according to existing laws. So, no one is allowed to campaign in prison as no law providing for such exists. However, when the law is amended, and prisoners legally become entitled to vote in prisons, and laws are further amended to provide for campaigning in prisons, then no one, including the prison Chief will stop political parties to campaign in prisons. The logic is simple, the same laws which empower him to prohibit entry into prisons by unauthorised persons, will be the same law to clip his powers during campaign period. If the prisons belong to the people of Zambia, he will comply with the law. However, if they belong to his father or mother, then he will disregard the laws…

  9. I had so much respect for Dr Chisela Chileshe till last week when he was heard making partisan comments on projects that the President lauched in Southern Province a few days ago. Why do some people become so bigheaded when they have made some money? That is just a position which he won’t occupy forever. So disappointed

  10. Are we assuming that prisoners have full green NRC and will be registered to vote. What residential address are going to give. Prison cell number? This is not funny anymore, what are you going to promise a prisoner serving life or sentenced to death? Vote for me and you will be free? Or more money in your pocket?

  11. How dumb do they really think Zambians are?!? Prisons are govt institutions and therefore very easy to manipulate by the ruling government. It is clear as daylight that this is the intention here. Guys, you need to leave!

  12. A passing comment? Such comments have lead people to be fired in normal countries. Here its just ” a passing comment.”

  13. This woman is ever in the reverse gear and she seems to be out sight with own party.

    PF party and it’s government agencies are rhe ones campaigning in prisons and other correctional facilities.

    What is she talking about.?

    PF must go!

  14. The events in mufulira prove one thing – HH and his useless party are violent. Why is it everywhere he goes violence is there and the smell of death. Some will say pf is violent, however our president was recently in southern where there was no violence even after HH paid his fellow devils to boo and incite violence. Upnd is losing in 2021 and will try to cause trouble, us as government will not allow this and to protect the country we will use all powers at our disposal. Kz (VPN IP-000045 ENCODED )

  15. Ati No Political Party is allowed to campaign in correctional facilities . Correctional facilities? why do you want to pretend that you are civilized? Nimu jele chabe. Its jail in its worst sense because Zambian prisons are really primitive places.

  16. Prisons is where PF will sneak in Pre-marked ballots! If ECZ is doing something not backed by current Laws, they must be stopped now!
    Why this desperation? Does PF already feel power slipping from their hands? Otherwise if they are sure that their infrastructure will win them votes, why not allow the opposition to mobilize freely the way ECL is doing in the name of inspecting “Developmental” projects? PF is lucky they don’t have a United opposition front.l, so no need to panic. Stop sending thugs to disrupt Radio programs for the opposition!

  17. Bo Wina, I agree with Mr Mweetwa on your shallowness of thinking, it is in public domain that the Prison Chief was categorically saying no opposition will be allowed to campaign in prison and he directly hinted that prison campaign is only for PF, yet here you are pretending that you heard nothing, Madam you have politically expired, and for the sake of respect, please don’t tempt people to direct their arsenal at you by making wrong pronouncements.

  18. This is how you try to promote your integrity and avoid shallowness associated with disgruntled elements like KZ.
    The head of Nigeria’s anti-corruption agency has been suspended from office following corruption allegations against him. President Muhammadu Buhari approved the suspension of Ibrahim Magu as chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission “in order to allow for unhindered inquiry by the Presidential Investigation Panel,” according to a statement Friday by the spokesman for the Justice Ministry.
    Magu is being investigated following allegations made by the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami.

  19. Unfortunately the Grandma Bo Inonge is senile and shallow ..noone takes her and her office serious in her party …they just laugh at her behind her back. Did she ever get that audit from Chilufya for covid-19 expenditure? She has nothing to lose she is retiring next year…

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