Dr Arikana Chihombori-Quao: How Africa is Disadvantaged by Design




  1. The woman speaks sense sometimes. However such people don’t live long because the western world are scared of tough intelligent black Africans. This is why it bothers me when angry diasporans hate on their former country of birth. The problem with most diasporans is that they are the “iso ulye bwali” type of person. By that I mean most of them are being kept there and sponsored by their obese muzungu partners. So they have lost confidence in themselves and are frustrated so remove it on us

  2. This is what the youth should be listening to and not the i.d.!ot.ic lies of the upnd. As the doc has attributed, what has regime change brought us, nothing!! 2021, PF nafuti chabe!!!

  3. This is a great perspective; a correct view of the relationship between Africa (Africans) and the West (Including their institutions). It surprises one that some local people and those in the diaspora want to believe otherwise.
    Viva Ambassador!! Viva Africa!!!

  4. This is a great and correct perspective of the relationship between Africa (Africans) and the West including their institutions… We are exploited at every turn …. We need to believe more in ourselves, institutions and beliefs. We all need to know these things. Black Lives Matter!!!!
    Viva Ambassador Arikana!!!!!!! Viva Africa!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This daughter of Africa should be amplified. She needs to contribute to the development of a new curriculum for African children. Her writings should be published on all platforms.

  6. Very true. What has regime change brought us? Starting with UNIP we sold our mines for a song to please the pink man, we kicked out MMD because Zambian were beginning to handle money and the pink man was no comfortable

  7. She must have read a chapter from my Thesis. This is exactly what I agurued in my Development Studies Postgraduate Thesis. At least I am not alone thinking this way.

  8. This lady is damn wrong. We don’t want pipo to tell us our prblems . We want pipo who can provide the solutions. We kno the problems. All that she hs done is to list excuses wy africa is behind.surely zat is nonsense. If it’s by design then find the solution to break zat design.simple. stop being champions of blaming others as though u hv no brains to solve the problems

  9. It is folly of the African leaders to invite Europeans the African Union meeting. They use that opportunity to thwart any good you are trying to achieve. top being naive you punks; the Europeans are not there to help!!

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