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Unscrupulous people are exhuming bodies of still born babies at Chingwere cemetery-LCC


Lusaka City Council (LCC) has had learnt with shock that some unscrupulous people are exhuming bodies of still born babies at Chingwere cemetery for unknown motives.

LCC Public Relations Manager George Sichimba said the unethical act is suspected to be done at night as such discoveries by LCC workers are made in the morning when they report for work.

Mr Sichimba disclosed that according to findings, the people behind the act are cutting umbilical cords and other parts from the bodies for unknown use.

“To curb the vice, LCC in conjunction with Zambia Police and Community Neighborhood Watch groups have intensified patrols in the cemetery,” Mr Sichimba disclosed.

He has since warned that any person found loitering in the cemetery at awkward times will be apprehended.

Meanwhile, the Council has also enhanced the clearing of overgrown vegetation in the cemeteries.

Mr Sichimba said approximately, 89 hactres of land has been cleared at Chingwere cemetery, 120 hactres at Leopards Hill cemetery and 75 hactres at Chunga cemetery.

The LCC PR Manager has since appealed to members of the public that they should report all illegal activities happening in the cemeteries to Council or Zambia Police.


  1. Unscrupulous people?? Imwe use the right wording. These are not unprincipled people. They are EVIL. They are SATANIC.

  2. Disgusting..
    Is it to justify the importance of city council so that Minister Banda can all back the PF councillors from suspension?
    Even to justify that those fire tractors where worth $1million each, they had to set markets in fire.

  3. Perpetrators should be found n apprehended, this should not end up a cold cases like …..50 gassed n killed, 48 self built houses, Mukula n fire truck scandals, FIC, untouchable Chilufya, cheap but costly roads, Dora slits, the list is endless n sounds more like Scandal after scandal after scandal after scandal….we’re tired as it is the new normal under PF.

  4. Superstition will be the death of Zambians. Some *****s somewhere strongly believe in charms and also in using these body parts for charms for goodluck.

  5. Under the current government in Zambia we have seen strange things happen. Ritual murders…the heaviness and unsafe feeling one had under that period. The gassing of citizens. Now this nonsense. Even army worms..kkkkkkk….nah something ain’t right with this leadership. Even the level of reasoning coming from the so called leaders is so retrogressive and now people are also sliding backwards. In our thinking, people have become seemingly backward…in simple terms, we have moved 10 steps backwards in a world where information is readily available. When the few non bootlicking citizens speak up…u are labelled ..unpatriotic..the reason they speak up is because they care and are patriotic. A leadership that does not take criticism is one of the ingredients of a dictatorship…

  6. Please open the prime tv we are missing alot of things in Zambia where news is unhuman to dig out the remains of the dead body and removing out some parts of the body shame.God should punish those people

  7. Yes don’t refer to them as ‘unscrupulous’ but Satanists, witches, wizards, psychopaths. Who does that in their right minds?

  8. There is an urban legend that smoking, sniffing or using the remains of a still born as an ingredient in a hot beverage like tea of coffee keeps one young and beautiful.
    In view of the above the primary suspects will have to be the beautiful women and handsome men in Zambia, and as such I’d like to direct ZP officers to detain all beautiful women and handsome men they see. Charges however can only be brought unto them once the beauty and handsomeness fades in detention.

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