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Government seeks Chinese investment in Zambia’s wood and wood subsector


Zambia’s Ambassador to China Winnie Chibesakunda has met with Cheng Qiuyan, Director General for Guangdong Provincial Foreign Affairs Office to discuss investment in Zambia’s priority sectors.

During a reception hosted by the Foreign Affairs Office, Ambassador Chibesakunda and the Director General agreed to work together to attract Chinese investment from the province in Zambia’s wood and wood subsector.

Mrs Chibesakunda said Zambia is well endowed with forest resources that play an important role in the development of the national economy and in improving the living standards of the people.

She stated that China imports raw materials for making furniture from Zambia and that most Africans travel to Guangdong Province to buy furniture hence the need to set up a factory in Zambia.

Ambassador Chibesakunda observed that Zambia is centrally located and has access to wider regional markets such as COMESA and SADC.

She informed Guangdong Foreign Affairs Office that the Zambian Government encourages investment in the wood and wood sub sector in order to improve the technologies, increase employment and improve the sub sector’s contribution to the Gross Domestic Product.

Ambassador Chibesakunda acknowledged the efforts of the Zambian Consulate in attracting investment from Guangdong Province into Zambia and pledged to work together with the Province to deepen economic ties between the two sides.

Guangdong Province is a leading manufacturing hub in China accounting for almost 10% of China’s GDP.

Trade between Zambia and Guangdong Province has been growing steadily and stood at US$659 million in 2019 and at 209 million during the first half of 2020.

Trade goods include copper, wood, building materials, electronic products, agriculture machinery among others however Trade between the two sides has slowed down due to travel restriction in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the same event, Guangdong Foreign Affairs Office also donated medical supplies to Zambia worth US$16,500 which include 50,000 surgical masks and 100 infrared thermometers to help Zambia in the fight against Covid–19.

The Director General of Guangdong Provincial Foreign Affairs Office assured Zambia’s Ambassador of continued support to Zambia in the fight against Covid–19.

In receiving the donation on behalf of Zambia, Ambassador Chibesakunda thanked Guangdong Provincial Foreign Affairs Office for the donation of medical supplies to Zambia.

Guangdong Province has been offering support to Zambia in the fight against Covid–19. The Province through its companies has so far made various donations of medical supplies including surgical masks, temperature thermometers and isolation gowns.

This is according to a statement issued by Angel Lwatula, the Second Secretary for Trade at the Zambian Consulate General in Guangzhou.


    • What’s complicated about felling trees and plaining them? All you need is equipment – which Zambians know how to use. If you were serious about empowering Zambians, you’d have bought machinery for people to form Cooperatives in those forest areas and given it to them as loans. Then let them conduct the timber business on their own. You know, at the rate PF is mismanaging this country one day they’ll ask Chinese to invest in cooking Nshima!!!! It really sucks…

  1. We are headed back to our curves – “short sleeves to short sleeves in 3 generations”. always back in circles with very bad leaders.

  2. Great stuff. Partnership in development and long term investment will lead to a prosperous community. We thank you. As for diasporans why don’t you worry about your new adopted countries. We in Zambia don’t need you or have not asked for your help.

  3. Great stuff. Partnership in development and long term investment will lead to a prosperous community. We thank you. As for diasporans why don’t you worry about your new adopted countries. We in Zambia don’t need you or have not asked for your help. Lusakatimes don’t piss me off !!!


  5. Agriculture and anything to do with farming and growing trees should be and remain a preserve of the Zambian people.
    I take offense when ambassadors and Ministers and Government heads starts to invite foreign nationals to help us grow even a tree.
    Let learn to do that. What laziness!

  6. Does Zambia have enough relevant woodlands to be exploited for the Chinese market? Please don’t cut down indigenous trees, we need forests.


  8. Some Leadership has beenthe curse of Africans..they believe in investors to do everything for them while they sit in offices..which Zambian own land in China or has a company in China..? I personally have no faith,trust in some’s a total mess…the Chinese will finally start administering tax,land and all services bcoz the leadership does not want responsibility.. myopic and colonial mentality…only African is backwards ever while the rest of the continents are developing bcoz of myopic leadership..

  9. D.ull Africans……

    your forests are being decimated by the Chinese and we hear

    ” great work ”

    The load shedding of electricity is a direct result of trees being indiscrimnatly cut and shipped out and burned for malasha in catchment areas of the river systems….

    Africa has a bleek future with leaders like we have who would sell the country without blinking ….

  10. I blame ka Wynter Kabimba and chi Emmanuel Chenda and Guy Scott these people know what agenda Sata had for Zambia not these demons that have taken over. Yamfwa Mukanga, Wynter Kabimba, Emmanuel Chenda and Guy Scott please reclaim PF from these vultures. If you don’t we’ll all perish. You people fought Fonkofonko, you also fought LPM and you removed RB, surely can you fail to rescue the PF these demons? If Sata was turning in his grave, now he’s spinning at 1,800RPM! There’s no hope, Zambia is doomed.

  11. The Chinese will never develop Zambian..In stead of setting up a manufacturing industry for timber you want to call the Chinese bcoz you are sitting in the office…myopic

  12. Very short sighted people these PF.

    They don’t know that a major factor of load shedding low water levels is decimation of trees in river catchment areas……..

    These PF will gladly sell your souls to the highest bidder…

  13. Who will replenish the trees the Chinese will be harvesting? Dora? Or Jean ‘the Baptist’ Kapata? Be real! The Chinese are already leaving huge holes in the ground after extracting the last once of mineral. Future children will be mistaking these holes as being formed by falling asteroids. Zambia is a total mess!

  14. PF don’t understand that……

    Cutting trees = Money from China to PF

    = low river levels

    = load shedding

    = worsening economic activity

    = more trees being cut for malasha

    = bleak future for Zambia’s children

  15. Ati Ambassador, Chinese know more about Zambian wood and wood sector than these PF cadre ambassadors, what of Mukula raped by Chinese?

  16. PF= Proven Failures. Why do we have to expect miracles or good things from people whose achievements are only corruption and more corruption?

  17. These brainless PF foooools have one solution to every problem:: THE CHINESE. They indeed have rotted colonial minds. When are we going to do things for ourselves, you primitive PF fooools? Why don’t you help empower Zambians to do some of these business ventures, instead of this over-dependence on the Chinese? Are there any educated advisers in PF? PF has been nothing but a curse on our country Zambia. They have to be kicked out next year so we can restore sanity to our nation. A bunch of useless, visionless foooools.

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