FIFA Sets Date For Its FAZ, Government and Stakeholders Meeting


FIFA has set September 1, 2020 for the long-awaited e-meeting with FAZ, Government and stakeholders.

The meeting was agreed on by local stakeholders after a FIFA ban was averted on July 10 when Zurich warned that the court case against FAZ must be withdrawn or it will be deemed as external interference in the running of affairs at Football House.

FIFA Member Associations Chief Veron Mosengo-Omba said the meeting will be attended by FAZ representatives, Ministry of Sport and National Sports Council of Zambia officials including three members of the alleged aggrieved parties to the ongoing electoral process.

“Moreover, this e-meeting will follow the below agenda: Welcome remarks by FIFA, Ministry of Sport/National Sports Council remarks; Presentation of alleged aggrieved parties on electoral complaints; Response by FAZ; Way forward by FIFA and closing remarks by FIFA,” Msoeng-Omba said in his letter to FAZ general secretary Adrian Kashala.

The 2020 FAZ electoral process was halted in March following banned FAZ member Damiano Mutale’s court injunction just before the nation went into Covid-19 lockdown.

This is just after provincial elections had been completed in six out of the ten provinces before culminating in the March 29 elective FAZ AGM for the President, Vice President and Women’s Football representative.


  1. FIFA is in the building .
    In this process, the PF just have to tuck their tails firmly between their legs.
    This is not the Judiciary, Speaker,Zambia police, ACC etc with whom the PF toy around with pleasure.
    The big boys will be around.
    Try to be funny, Zambia will be banned by FIFA. Non nonsense.


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