Be careful when consuming Liqui Fruit Red Grape-CCPC


The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) has cautioned consumers in Zambia to be careful when consuming Liqui Fruit Red Grape products from South Africa.

This follows a cautionary notice from the COMESA Competition Commission (CCC) warning the general public against consuming Liqui Fruit Red Grape products that are alleged to contain small shards of glass.

In South Africa, Retailers have already removed stock of Liqui Fruit’s red grape juice from their shelves following glass particles scare.

Premier Foods issued a national recall of the Red Grape 330ml cans after the company received reports of small shards of glass in a single batch.

This warning comes after Pioneer Foods, the manufactures of Liqui Fruit Grape products ordered the recalling of the affected batch of 330 ml cans of Liqui Fruit Red Grape products from the market.

In its ongoing investigations, Pioneer Foods identified a single batch of Liqui Fruit Grape products with specified brands and codes, which include; Pioneer Foods Product code 27327, Outer Case Barcode 6001240225615, Shrink Pack Barcode 6001240225608, Single Unit Barcode 6001240225592, and best before dates of 1st and 2nd April 2021 respectively.

“In view of the foregoing, the Commission would like to urge consumers to exercise caution by ensuring that they look out for the affected Liqui Fruit Red Grape products and avoid consumption for the good of their health and safety,” the Commission said in a statement.

“Further, the Commission hereby directs all importers, distributors, traders, wholesalers, and retailers to remove and surrender to the nearest Public Health office of every Council all affected Liqui Fruit Red Grape Products with immediate effect.”


  1. Chibwantu is the beverage of the moment. South African companies have fed the region with all sorts of junk worse than glass particles. The regulators are literally sleeping

  2. We thank you. I am just glad I banned any form of juice in my home. Juice contains too much sugar which is bad for your teeth and health. Healthy living improves mental health and even sexuaI life

  3. Thankfully it was discovered in time. Hope it gets recalled from our Zambian shelves. @ Kaiza Zulu, I agree with you on juice and sugar. Am currently on a 3 months trial of no soda’s and juice, I must admit It’s tough!!

  4. The warning is a sign that we have failed to regulate and are subject to South Africa Industrial muscle. The product should be withdrawn by an order of the Bureau of standards and the Government. Its like saying don’t go to hospital and get a transfusion because the blood is infected.

    How many people will see the message or hear the message? the privileged few. Withdrawing the product ensures protection and safety of the less well off and less fortunate and the less well educated. As long as we allow defective products and condone lower standards the Chinese and and everyone will continue to ship their rejected stuff to us. What’s to stop Shoprite from sending the products withdrawn in South Africa to Zambia, since we have not instituted a ban?.

    Hope is not a strategy…

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