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Harry Kalaba’s DP wins de-registration appeal

Feature Politics Harry Kalaba's DP wins de-registration appeal

The Democratic Party has won the case in which the Attorney General had appealed the ruling of the High Court to reinstate the party’s registration after it was deregistered in June 2018.

The judgment delivered Monday morning by Justice Florence Lengalenga who cited that the trial judge, Justice Sharon Newa was on terrafirma when she quashed the decision by the Chief Registrar of Societies to deregister the Democratic Party.

Justice Lengalenga ruled and upheld the decision by Justice Sharon Newa that the Chief Registrar’s decision was illegal, irrational, unreasonable and procedural impropriety.

In delivering judgment, Justice Lengalenga guided that the appeal by the Attorney General has not succeeded on all the four grounds of appeal and has upheld Justice Sharon Newa’s decision to reinstate Democratic Party as a dully registered political party.

According to a statement issued by Democratic Party spokesperson Judith Kabemba, the court decision means that the Democratic Party is a legally registered party and ready to form Government in 2021.

“The battle in the courts of law has finally been ended today 21st September 2020 after the appeals court threw out the appeal by attorney general over the winning of DP in the High Court,” Ms Kabemba said.

“The judgement was made this morning citing that Judge S.Newa was in order when she quashed the decision by Registrar of Societies to deregister Democratic Party. Judge Lengalenga guided that the earlier decision has been upheld and that the duplicate certificate be printed and given to the Democratic Party immediately.”


  1. The Artoney general wasted tax payer money trying to deregister DP instead of advising Lungu on matters of serious national interest such as the way the police are behaving against members of the opposition and working out a road map to prevent similar actions from happening .That is what he should be paid for instead of tring to please the PF when he is employed by the tax payers and not PF

  2. This government must live and let live. Throwing people into cells on a Friday so you can punish them and then release them without charge the following week; deregistering parties because you can regardless of implications and consequences… the list goes on. Stop this. Just govern. Let the other institutions do their job and let citizens also live their lives. One day you will be led by others. Remember that. Good luck DP.

  3. Is this decision a coincidence to be happening at a time when HK is mute on all national issues that are affecting the nation negatively ??????

    I think not……..

  4. Nonentities are none entities. I feel so pitiful for this nayamba neka party.
    What was this envious hk nigga thinking?
    HK is one dull dummy.
    Udzamudziba yesu.

    Kikikikikikijukija in this Zambia I know, you will only be managing 1 vote or 0 until you get it in your thick skull hk.

    In this Zambia we have useless nonentities like envious hk and near useful nonentities like the pompwe bitter kleptoh². Why? Well, because the pompwe’s illusionary beliefs of assuming red brick is so hilariuosly entertaining. Guys but honestly, kikikikikiki, I love it when the pompwe is beaten at the polls. I get all my body cells excited.

  5. This Thorn in the Flesh , are u OK upstairs, in that THICK skull of yours…. The post is about Harry Kalaba’s DP and not HH

  6. Kwekwekwekwe

    What difference does it make. Nonentities are none entities.

    What language do you understand?


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