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Government Launches domestic tourism campaign

Economy Government Launches domestic tourism campaign

Minister of Tourism and Arts Ronald Chitotela has launched the domestic tourism campaign to mark the commencement of World Tourism Week celebrations.

Mr. Chitotela has called on the Zambia Tourism Agency (ZTA) to market the local tourism charges for the citizens to appreciate the affordability of tourism in the country.

Speaking during the campaign launch in Lusaka yesterday, Mr. Chitotela stated that ZTA working together with the tourism private sector has released local rates that are reasonable to the local people.

In the statement made available to media in Lusaka yesterday by the Ministry of Tourism Public Relations Officer Sakabilo Kalembwe, the Tourism and Arts Minister emphasized the need for the tourism agency to explore other means of enhancing local tourism.

“The rates should be made available to the public especially as the festive season approaches. This was the sure way that Zambians can begin to travel to the various destinations across the country and enjoy the amazing country. ZTA should ensure that this promotion of local rates is conducted through the various social media platforms,” the statement read in part.

Notwithstanding the infrastructure development constraint, Mr. Chitotela called for the boosting of mechanisms that will increase domestic tourist arrivals to the sites.

And Zambia Tourism Agency Board Chairperson Techla Ngwenya stated that the agency would go round the country to actualize the domestic rates.

Dr Ngwenya pointed out that in the wake of COVID-19, domestic tourism would be the new way to revitalize the sector.

“The Northern circuit especially remains a jewel that had been under-marketed and we will do more. Creation of digital campaign on ZTA social media platform with a specific focus on the Northern Circuit should be enhanced,” she said.

The ZTA Board Chairperson emphasized that reviving and re-launching the ZTA television series dubbed ‘Let’s Explore’ will be more interactive and integrating it with school debates to increase tourism knowledge and education among young people.


  1. Our country is beautiful. Let us promote local tourism during the novel covid pandemic. For me I do my bit by playing in kafue river with my silly friends.

  2. Take a leaf from the Namibians. They even have Wildlife and Resorts cards on subscription that guarantees card holders discounts as they tour their country. Imwe ni ma dollar charge cabe. The other time I went to Lower Zambezi with my my two grown up kids and we kept glancing at each other at the astronomical charges we were being hit. Overall it was a fantastic experience that I really wish more Zambians could afford! I also enjoyed the ruddy flight from KKIA! When we returned to our respective countries of residence we each had fond memories BUT the cost was quite high!

  3. Your Honourable in the first place the government should have designed and introduced TOURISM as a subject starting from nursery to primary schools, colleges to university level instead of “Sexuality Education in Schools”. Introducing TOURISM as subject which even would include Travel, Hygiene and Cleanliness, etc, would be the fastest vehicle to change the attitude towards local tourism. This is because most Zambians including highly educated ones think tourism is for foreigners who are mostly whitefrom the western, Asian and other European countries.

    Take a leaf from say, Australia. When they held the International Olympic they introduced sports in schools as a subject. A degree in sport was also introduced just to make sink into citizens minds that sports wasn’t just a play…

  4. If local tourism is promoted ,it will be easy to even get more foreign Tourists as all Zambians will have the knowledge of Tourism activities and will easily talk about it . The ways of promoting domestic tourism are;awareness is key,i suggest we just have a subject in schools on tourism like we have in agriculture. The other way is to make tourism rates reasonable helping local investors invest in the sector. Honestly speaking the foreign investors have their own targeted markets ,then our local investors can do a local brand for local tourists. .if well managed tourism income will be enough to sustain our economy. With the current gvt will it can be done. Alternatively gvt can come up with civil service pre paid for loan. Where a small amount is deduct in advance from each employee for…

  5. However, strictly, be reminded that tourism is not only for the rich people. It’s for all social sectors. Therefore, in determining tourism rates first take a survey of the minimum wage in Zambia.

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