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Residents of Kankoyo complain of sulphur dioxide pollution

General News Residents of Kankoyo complain of sulphur dioxide pollution

A civic leader of Mufulira District says the continued sulphur dioxide pollution from Mopani Copper Mine has damaged most roofs in Kankoyo Township.

Kwacha Ward Councilor Sofa Mwanza said most of their roofs in Kankoyo have corroded and are leaking badly which he said may expose people to rains if left unattended to.

“During the rainy season, people in my ward cannot sleep but stay up all night holding buckets under the leaking parts of the roofs to prevent their homes from flooding,” she said.

She said it has been costly for people to keep changing their roofing sheets as they still get damaged within a short period of time due to the strong emissions.

“My ward is very close to the mine plant and a lot of houses have been affected by these sulphur emissions such that people stay up all night in the rainy season with buckets on their heads just to protect their houses from flooding,” she said.

She said as the rain season draws close, the people of Kwacha Ward in Kankoyo are living in fear, adding that there is need to find a quick solution to the problem.

“My appeal to all stakeholders is that let whatever can be done to help these people be done quickly because they are really suffering, these people are not living well,” she said.


  1. This question of sulphuric dioxide must be taken very seriously and be put on the international court of justice. It is gas poisoning on humanity. As such it falls under gas poisoning. Those responsible such as the present PF and the foreign companies owning those companies must be held accountability. Human beings in Mufulira and animals are having respiratory problems. The residents have died and are dying in large numbers. Yet in their countries this can never be allowed. I agree with the ongoing international mobilization by Peasants and Workers Party against this inhuman catastrophe.

  2. The relevant ministry is giving this priority and looking into the concerns raised. Be rest assured we will resolve this. Amen

  3. Is a corroded roof more important than your health ????

    If that is what is happening to your roof , what of your lungs ??

    Let’s be serious my people….

  4. Someone told me in the 90s that this problems was a thing of the past. You mean the new investors Mopani were allowed to restart the pollution by our black government? And we are still keeping the govt in power? How do you vote for a government that doesnt look after your health?

  5. Sounds like a serious health hazard actually. It’s good that the residents have brought it to light, I am sure our listening Government will definitely look into it through the relevant Ministry. It sounds particularly sad that residents spend sleepless nights as well, that’s also not good for their health. May God protect and watch over us all.

  6. Because their MP Mushimba is not a Zambian citizen yet. He changed his citizenship to the US years back before we even started discussing DUAL citizenship. Meaning he literally scummed the Kankoyo people and the PF for allowing someone who had denounced Zambian citizenship to be their MP and also a Minister. Well, what do you expect from the PF criminal syndicate? Everything is criminal related. They will not even ask him because even Tasila is a US citizen who became Chawama Councilor on US citizenship. Lungu started scrambling to introduce dual citizenship because of his daughter. If anything happens in Zambia, Tasila and Mushimba will run to their country of citizenship. USA

  7. Human life and damage to environment, cattle, fish and vegetation is more serious issue.
    PF councillor shall help residents in affected areas and workers to start a legal case against Mopani, its directors for gross negligence in their duty immediately as if Mopani shareholders and directors change and they cancel their Public Liability and Directors and Officers Liability insurances, the affected parties will lose the fallback of amounts coming from insurance companies. Do it now before insurance companies vanish from the scene.

  8. You were dancing for Dubai Lusambo at Shinde Staduim and missed a chance to tell about the the sulhur dioxide which has been an on going issue and killing you for years .If we had a functioning government this could have been sorted by now . People like Dubai Lusambo are buiding mansions in Lusaka using your hard work . The vidoes about this problem are there on youtube done by reputable broadcasing houses for KZ with a UK IP to say this clueless government has taken note of the problem .

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