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PF wants to Postpone Debt payment to Fund their 2021 Elections Campaing

President Lungu at a rally to introduce the PF candidate
President Lungu at a rally to introduce the PF candidate

By: Anthony Bwalya – UPND Member

Since the year 2012, the Patriotic Front (PF) has been entrenching political power using excessive public borrowing to appease an often unsuspecting Zambian public under the guise of infrastructure development.

Here is some perspective: the PF has since borrowed around $20bn, in both local and foreign debt.

Out of this amount, only $7.4bn has actually been used to build roads, hospitals, and school buildings – nothing to do with the actual ability for people to access decent, affordable public healthcare or education services.

The other $12.6bn has literally been stolen by PF politicians, who have further diverted substantial portions into party mobilization activities of the PF all across the country.

This is the money Zambians now see Ministers and MPs, including cadres from the PF, now throwing around in gifts and empowerment projects.

Literally, everyone in the PF has morphed into a MOTHER THERESA and a charitable organization by themselves. They are all giving, giving, and giving.

I have always mentioned, that ALL the so-called empowerment schemes being sponsored by the PF are anchored on pure criminal activities of theft, corruption, and fraud against the Zambian people.

Where do you think the so-called Presidential Empowerment Fund Initiative gets its money from? And where do you think the so-called Kalumbila Cooperative get its money from?

So, now, public coffers are dry. The only people and organization with money are the PF, and even theirs is fast drying up.


You see, the PF knows very well, that the poverty trap they have deliberately orchestrated in Zambia will very soon backfire on them and potentially stir civil unrest and almost immediate demand for them to vacate office.

This is what happens every time and everywhere when the economy fails and people start scrapping for a living, with no meaningful access to health or education, not even jobs and the currency collapses.

See Zimbabwe and Venezuela.

So, what do they do? With less than 365 days to a historical general election in Zambia, the regime is seeking the keys to the cash vault.

They started with attempts to use BILL 10 as a tool to move monetary policy operations from the Bank of Zambia to a dysfunctional parliament, so that they may be able to print money as they please.

This has turned out to be a long route. They cannot wait.

So, they have now started making noise asking EUROBOND holders to postpone effectively $1.2bn of repayments over Six (6) months.

But the question is: what do you think the PF requires this money for?

The Eurobond holders are NOT foolish. They know what the game plan of the PF is. With $1.2bn in their control, the PF can and will literally BUY OFF the general election even before it has taken place.

They will bribe the ECZ, they will bribe polling station officers, they will bribe the police, they will bribe the Judiciary and they will certainly bribe the electorate.

If and when Eurobond holders make the mistake of granting this evil request by the PF, they will lose much more than the money they are owed. They will have contributed to throwing away Zambia’s chance of starting the long process of rebuilding itself and rethinking how we can make good on our various debt obligations. Not only this, but they will also have contributed towards setting the country on a warpath with itself, because the consequences of a PF victory, aided by debt money, will be catastrophic and will ring out for many years to come.




  1. These are the end results when a certain opposition party fails to fix ita own manifesto but assuring us that they will fix the nation.

    I’m breaker and I approve this message

  2. The day UPND will remove HH and replace him with someone serious,who can atleast propose a party manifesto will be the day Zambians will take you seriously

  3. We have leadership crisis in our country and PF must be kicked out.

    This is cursed government of thieves headed by Edgar Lungu.

    PF must go!

  4. Even if we were to be given 2 billion dollars every year, it would not bring about the chages in living standards worth the amount as long as we have a failed crop of leadership that doesn’t respect the principles of good governance such as the rule of law and social justice.

  5. As soon as I saw the headline I knew it was from this Bush pig hanthony habwalya. The upnd wonder why they continue to lose elections when they give their blessings to such ignorant lying f00ls like this one. I wonder why Lusaka times bothers to publish this used condoms articles. Anyway we know the upnd do this all the time when they sense defeat is around the corner. This time I will e ensure victory is by landslide.

  6. Jo breaker I am tired of telling these stubborn tribal hyenas the same thing. As for me I have no problem with them continuing with their failed strategies because it just makes my work even easier. I have told them hh takatekepo. The boy is unsellable

  7. Who would believe this? This is cheap politics. No one postpones an election to fund an election, Try something else ba UPND. You were just yesterday and on Wednesday telling us about President Lungu’s visit to the Southern Province and how PF was scheming to cause confusion there and use this as a pretext for arresting and charging HH with treason. Chief Mukuni was on radio telling Zambians about this and warning the PF. So was Nalumango and HH. Your conspiracy theories came to nought. Please, have some decency in the manner you do your politics. We are tired of your cheap politics.

  8. Such a thing can only come from an !d!0+ habwalya hanthony.

    This is why I call ze upndead dead. Actually very dead.
    What careless mantra.
    Extremely show and sick puppy stuff.

    These must not rule! Zey must retire in 2021.

    Ze upndead kuwayawayafye!

    Pobo! Pa 2021.

  9. Yes Anthony u are absolutely right Eurobondholders are clever and very meticulous they can’t waste their time listening to people who just ask for many for their personal interest baloba ilyauma tabakashimone. I never even thought that Zambia could be reduced to these levels of being a laughing stock Globally sure. God restore our dignity twapapata tutuleni twachula pafula ababantu tabakwata noluse.

  10. My vote is for PF as I have changed my mind. I can not vote for alarmist UPND and its insulting leader HH. A party full of hate and intolerance. NO no.. I will vote for PF to teach a lesson UPND.


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