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12 Zimbabweans convicted for unlawful entry in Zambia

General News 12 Zimbabweans convicted for unlawful entry in Zambia

The Department of Immigration in Sinazongwe district in Southern Province has convicted 12 Zimbabweans for the offence of unlawful entry.

The offenders who were convicted on Friday, October 2, 2020, were arrested on September 25, 2020 in Sinazongwe after being intercepted on a Zimbabwe bound Bus which was returning from Lusaka.

The group comprising seven females and five males did not have any travel documents at the time of the arrests and have since been removed from the country after paying the fines.

This is according to a statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka today, by Public Relations Officer Namati Nshinka.

Mr Nshinka noted that each has been sentenced to pay a fine of K300 or in default 6 months simple imprisonment.

“The Department of Immigration in Sinazongwe on Friday, 2nd October, 2020 secured the conviction of twelve (12) Zimbabweans for the offence of unlawful entry. They were each sentenced to pay a fine of K 300 or in default 6 months simple imprisonment,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Nshinka has added that five other foreign nationals were also convicted for being found outside the refugee camp without authority.

“On 2nd October, 2020 the Department secured five (05) convictions. The convicts were two Malawians and one South African convicted for unlawful entry and one Burundian and one Congolese, both refugees, convicted for being outside a refugee camp without authority,” he explained.

On the same date, 32 persons of various nationalities were apprehended for various immigration offences, country-wide.

Mr Nshinka said the Department also removed thirty-five illegal immigrants from the country and refused six foreign nationals entry into Zambia for failing to meet entry requirements.


  1. And with those Caliphate guys now brewing trouble in Mozambique, Zambia needs to be on very very high alert and look out for those foreign nationals especially this long border in the eastern side of the country.

  2. Unlawful to Zimbabweans and Malawians, is ridiculous. Remember used to have 1 government together when the 3 countries had 15 million population all together.
    Let them go… after all Zimbabweans are good farmers.

  3. @Nostradamus, I agree with you. We need to have open border policy with our immediate neighbours, concern should only be directed towards Congo because of the risk of having rebels or people who won’t go back because of war in the country. Malawi and Zimbabwe? Thats a joke.

  4. Nostradamus, farmers become successful within a framework that is able to support them. That is, a good government that spends public money sensibly and is able to deliver and maintain good public services. That sort of environment no longer exists in Zimbabwe and even good farmers are unable to do wht good farmers are supposed to do. There’s grinding poverty in Zimbabwe now with accompanying social breakdown. The buck stops at the toxic political system.

  5. Arresting Zimbabweans and Malawians in Zambia doesn’t make any sense…and yet you allow illegal Chinese immigrants to invade Zambia….makaka PF bandit government

  6. Malabish! you have no shame to call your own people illegal immigrants. Why did we put Zambian lives on the line to liberate our neighbors if you are going to behave like monsters in peace times? These vi ba Zungu’s have done a serious job to make us hate each other. You will never find any european country treating their neighbors the way we do in Africa. Please just slap a fine and get them to get proper documents. We need them just as much as they need us. Bana paya muntu for you to convict them? Malabish!

  7. The judge didnt take the offence seriously. I think he belongs to the same school of thought as most bloggers here that we have no illegal immigrants among fellow africans. What is K300?

  8. Zimbabweans are in dire straits in their country. How do they pay for their stay in Zambia whn they cross the border? Here’s prima facie evidence of criminal activity if ever the police and immigration officials were looking for some. Most Zimbabweans who come to Zambia should be seen as potential criminals.

  9. The foooo1s arresting fellow Africans, but they won’t touch the sacred Chinese, because they’re protected by the criminal Lungu. What a shame.

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