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Abusive Sun FM journalist condemned by media body

General News Abusive Sun FM journalist condemned by media body

The Free Press Initiative (FPI) says the conduct of Sun FM journalist Kausa Mbasela is unacceptable and far from the behaviour journalists are expected to exhibit.

On Thursday last week, Mr Mbasela hosted Socialist Party National Spokesperson Ms Rehoboth Kafwabulula on a live call-in programme on the station’s flagship current affairs programme dubbed Public Forum.

As the programme went on, Mr Mbasela used the moment to cause embarrassment to Ms Kafwabulula by asking her personal questions such as; “who are you sleeping with?” and “are you still a virgin in the political space?”.

“What manner of questioning by Mr Mbasela is not only insulting to women but the entire journalism profession that we dearly cherish and currently trying hard to restore the confidence and trust lost among our people.

If Sun FM values professionalism and respect for women, they must immediately institute disciplinary action against Mr Mbasela for his embarrassing conduct,” FPI Zambia founder and coordinator Joan Chirwa has said.

“What we must not forget is that the power of the media can also be misused to the extent that the very functioning of democracy is completely threatened. As the FPI Zambia, we do not wish that such happens to our dear country. We categorically state here that Mr Mbasela clearly abused his power as an interviewer to embarrass someone and as FPI, we condemn his behavior and demand that he apologises to Ms Kafwabulula, and withdraws his sentiments henceforth.”

She said even if freedom of expression is guaranteed as a basic human right, it is not without limit.

“Mr Mbasela went too far in his questioning and he deserves unreserved condemnation. The FPI further urges journalists to always be ethical as they serve the public’s right to know,” Chirwa said.


  1. Most media houses in Zambia are politically tilted and that includes even community radio stations. They have an agenda. However, what happened at SunFM is unprecedented. It shouldn’t end at condemnation. That interviewer must face some sanctions. What was going on in his mind when he asked such questions? Where are producers? I have noticed that most journalists go to interviews unready, they don’t prepare and usually run out of questions? Wasn’t there a script that was prepared to guide the interview. The station must also be penalized so that nothing of this sort happens ever again anywhere! From the way it’s organized the Socialist Party looks more focused. I’m certain that he wanted to derail her focus

    • He should be arrested yes! This sexual harrassment of a woman cannot be allowed on air and things go on as normal. The radio station should have by now apologized and removed Mbasela from work. Where is the so-called IBA? They only know how to act when they want to interfere in politics. This Mbasela guy should be blacklisted and never should he be heard over the air waves again. Respect our women!

  2. The journalist suffers from mad cow disease. What sort of perversion is this? Yes the woman is attractive but that does not mean she needs to sleep with anyone to be in her position. And even if she is sleeping with someone at the moment, so what ? Didn’t your ugly mother sleep with someone to make you ? Leave this young leader alone.

  3. That’s just a walk in the park, ukulandafye pali sex it’s not an issue kuli ba yusi. ever since the introduction of private schools and private colleges most noble professionals have gone to the ? dogs especially journalism.
    Listen to roxy and her partner on Radio Phoenix breakfast show, the station has been reduced to upnd station, I have been listening to this station from it’s inception but not anymore .if you call in and say something against the small God of dundu they’ll cut you off. Talk against Bowman and his accent you will take as long as you like.

  4. The whole media thing is useless. Btw what happened to the case where the ZNBC female journalist killed a PS while they were doing it?

  5. That journalist is UPND and gets irritated with other parties who seem to reduce the chances of UPND to form govt, hence that line of questioning


  7. This is called journalism? This sexual harrassment of a woman was allowed to be broadcast and the “journalist” is still at work? Where is the so-called IBA? They only know how to act when they want to interfere in politics. This Mbasela guy should be blacklisted and never should he be heard over the air waves again. Respect our women!

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