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The Mystical Chokwe

Feature Lifestyle The Mystical Chokwe

On Wednesday 14th of October 2020, the Alliance Française of Lusaka hosted the Chokwe exhibition, displaying 72 Chokwe masks and artefacts at her fully refurbished premises. This exhibition is part of a great cultural cooperation project between France and Zambia.

This collection, initially owned by M. Marcus Matte, was then purchased by TOTAL Zambia who donated it to the Zambian government through the National Museums Board. Alongside with the cooperation of the Embassy of France in Zambia, StArt Foundation, and the Alliance Française of Lusaka, the project was brought to light. This long process took more than one year – since August 2019 – until the opening night.

Thanks to this generous donation from TOTAL Zambia, the public will be able to learn about the heritage of the Chokwe tribe in the museums of Lusaka and Livingstone, where the artefacts will be exhibited as part of their permanent collections.

To seal this relevant donation, Mr. Ernest Mfula representing TOTAL Zambia as Head of Retail and Digital, Mr. Flexon Mizinga Director General of the National Museums Board and HE Mr. Sylvain Berger Ambassador of France in Zambia signed the official handover contract in front of public and press on the very same 14th of October 2020.

Before sending the collection to the museums, an exhibition will take place at the Alliance Française of Lusaka until November 6th 2020. Entrance will be free, and visitors will be able to come all day long. The donation will be effective after this exhibition has ended.

The Chokwe tribe, native to the North Western parts of Zambia, is one that holds a fascinating and rich history. The dance and music performance that the audience got to enjoy at this event was deeply rooted in the respect of tribal traditions. Ancient spirits known as the Makishi were represented in the masked dancers, as well as in ritual dances and ceremonies in the past.

This legacy can now be admired by the public, in the masks, tablets and other artefacts forming this unique collection.

All in all, it is important to emphasize on the fact that the sole purpose of this whole collective project is to preserve indigenous heritages in Zambia and inspire more initiatives like “The Mystical Chokwe Exhibition” to perpetuate and showcase the marvellous legacy of the Zambian culture.


  1. This gift is Demonic and satanic in its agenda, those attending will go home with demons for free. It’s suspicious that this whole exhibition is planned at a time that we are set to hold our national prayers. France, Of all the gifts to gift to a Christian nation you give this?. We bind every evil agenda of the devil that is behind this satanic scheme. We all agree witchcraft has no place in zambia.

  2. Let’s explore our indigenous culture. Let’s try mizomo, we have tried Christianity now. “Christian God” has been giving us corrupt leaders for year and years. Let’s reset to our original settings.

  3. I grew up surrounded by the attitude that Chokwes, Luvales and other NorthWestern tribes were too steeped into black magic. However as I progressed in my education I realized these tribes were the most progressive as they were very proud of their culture. Most of them were being made to succumb to the mostly European enforced mentality that the more African you are the more primitive you are. I call upon my Chokwe, Luvale Lunda brothers and sisters to come out and show your pride. You actually make me proud to be Zambian because you are among the few who have preserved your culture while we are all running to European Christianity. Viva Africa Viva Chokwes Viva Umwina Africa!

  4. For those who think the Chokwes are steeped in black magic, read about the Sona Mathematics that is a subject of mathematical and philosophical investigation in the West.

  5. Agony is when you are sent to jail & the country just moves on like nothing happened. And you though you were all that!!!!

  6. Beautiful. Such a rich culture. Some of the hieroglyphics look similar to Egyptian ones. Coincidence or connections? Wonderful!

  7. Beautiful. Such a rich culture. Some of the hieroglyphics look similar to Egyptian ones. Coincidence or connection? Wonderful!

  8. Tchokwe music, craft and culture in general is just superb. Widely collected by European museums and private collectors. Found in DR Congo and Angola.

  9. Kwati bufi Higher Taller have you noticed how our initiation ceremonies have dissappeared? Noone in town with a western education wants to identify with them. Ati we are Christians

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