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HH Must Be Summoned If Found Wanting: He is not Above the Law

Columns HH Must Be Summoned If Found Wanting: He is not Above the...

By Marvin Chanda Mberi

Within the space of a month, the officers from the Department of National Registration, Passport and Citizenship were victims of UPND thugs in Muchinga Province. We then heard of the PF office in Munali vandalized on a Sunday after UPND cadres stage managed damage to their ward office within Munali.

Later we saw the UPND torching down their office in Nakonde, untill last week the two police officers being abducted among other terrible events. These series of events cannot be said to be random ones, they might be expertly designed and executed by an organized group of people wishing to achieve a particular cause.

The UPND has for sometime agitated for reprisals and it should be of concern when the pockets of disorderly conduct are recorded in other parts of the country. These could be the preliminary tests aimed at setting the stage for mass rebellion ahead of the politically charged year and preventionary efforts must be put in place.

The UPND are testing the depth of the ocean in preparation for 2021.On the other hand, the statement by the UPND foul mouthed leader Gilbert Liswaniso that they would mobilize at least a convoy of 1, 000 vehicles to escort the UPND leader to Mpika is an admission of our previous claims that the opposition party is not popular in the Northern circuit but banks on the goodwill of the artificial and mobile crowd.

It clearly exposes their disrespect against the directive by authorities for political parties not to ferry cadres. With all fairness, the police must be allowed to function independently without the harrassment from the artificial crowd. Like any other citizen, HH is not above the law and if there is a reasonable cause to believe that he maybe of help to any ongoing investigations, the police must feel free to summon him.

The announcement by Gilbert clearly shows that the UPND have exempted their leader from accountability. The Minister of Home Affairs Honorable Stephen Kampyongo disclosed that Sesheke MP Romeo Kang’ombe was implicated as being in a vehicle that the a abducted police officers were disarmed from and consequently bundled to unknown destination like common criminals.
We see no reason why Honorable Kang’ombe or HH cannot be summoned to state their side regarding the events in question.

We are also anxiously and intently wondering why UPND takes pride to invest their resources in activities that are meant to benefit HH as opposed to UPND cadres. From the remarks attributed to Gilbert, it is clear UPND is likely to set aside colossal sums of money to mobilize the vehicles that will ferry mostly jobless UPND youths to Mpika.

This casts doubts on whether the UPND has capacity to prudently utilize batiobal resources. If we can ask; what is priority to UPND between empowering their “apparent jobless youths” or delving into HH’s personal battles with law enforcement agencies? Will will be wrong to suggest that a UPND in Government will focus on using national resources to fight personal battles at the expense of the nation? If they cannot exemplary utilize their resources to empower their youth, it will be miraculous to see them channelling expenditure to National developmental projects.

We therefore implore law enforcement agencies to take measures and see to it that only whose presence is necessary must be in Mpika. Anyone who will attempt to hijack the program must have themselves to blame.


  1. Articles written by smokers of Marijuana ought to be ignored please LT, I have said and I will say it again.

    How can a thief steal from his own pocket as an example ?

    Who can vandalize his own property?

    Can the writer beat himself for his wrongs?

    Chanda whatever stay in peace with your opponents. This is like a football match let the best player take his trophy otherwise you end scoring yourself when people realize that you are unfair like the case now.

    PF must go!

  2. We are reaching astage where people are likely to turn against police because unfair treatment.

    There will be total chaos if you want us to go that route. If you can’t handle it tge people will handle it.

    We are seeing injustices perpetuated by the PF government aligned police.

    We shall fight back to defend our party and people. No amount of intimidation shall succeed.

    PF must go!

  3. Yangu baChanda! This propaganda has failed. All the incidences you have mentioned we watched the online. We made our own conclusions. Now that people are able to defend themselves. It will bring sanity in politics. See pictures of the Serenje incidence. Remember it was in Serenje that Guston had to square off with a resident. Educate your supporters, we are in a multiparty democracy! People are free to move & belong to a party of their choice. It’s not 1972 for God’s sake.

  4. Let ECL lead by example by taking responsibility for his cadres’ criminality and mischief. Having the privilege of presidential immunity should not absolve him of blame when cadres block public roads in his name.

  5. Do not worry, hh thinks that because of stolen privatisation money he is above the law. Our law enforcement agencies work without fear or favour. He will soon be visited. Then you will see him on BBC crying like a little baby claiming his human rights have been abused. Forgetting that poor Zambians human rights continue to be abused due to his privatisation theft which left many destitute. As for madilu system just go suck on hh

  6. KZ what you been smoking. Your head needs to be examined with all that intoxicants.

    The masses are fed up with this current corrupt PF.

    Once HH is in power starting from Lungu to his minions need to be investigated for all the stolen wealth

    Your time will also come please prepare your bedroom at Namiseche

  7. Sorry ,

    but the videos we are seeing of pf thugs attcking the opposition….

    To the UPND , well done for listening to me and investing in video recording techniques…..

    But you need to send not one person recording but you need to send atleast 3 people all under different supervisors incase of PF infaltrations.
    Have atleast 3 people from different anonymous teams sent to recording hotspots.

    The damage being done by these recording to lungu is imeasrable in showing what a brutal dictator he is….
    He can not claim to popular while his thugs are been attacking opposition.

    Well done UPND , more recordings pleas.

  8. When you see these PF agents sound such alarms that are coordinated with the utterances by their boss Kampyongo, you must have your eyes open.
    First Kampyongo issues a statement as quoted in some sections of the media that opposition have been going to East Africa for funding. Now you hear this so called Chanda Mberi guy issuing similar sentiments and goes ahead to disclose what these evil characters may be bent at doing.

    One good thing about PF is that they are easy to read. They are not intelligent enough to disguise things.

    Zambian must open their eyes and see what evil this regime maybe cooking.

  9. Police can and should not be deterred.
    He is nothing but a fly in the eyes of the law this Gilberto and his kleptoh².
    Gilbert is too microscopic to viewed as a force to reckon with. He is an ant to be considered a boy worth talking about. He is a mere civilian not fit to suit a narrative of a trouble maker.
    Police cannot be deterred and certainly, no one is above our law.
    If ECL ain’t supposed to be viewed above the law, who is a mere kleptoh²?

  10. you are right…but in this case he has no case so NO SAIMONI…. Now did this require a lengthy article (BTW I did not red the article)

  11. There is fear, real fear in the UPND camp, because of pending issues on privatisation and others. HH knows too well just as Kambwili knew long before we all became aware of his case. The court fainting episodes by Kambwili were real, he knew what he had done the day he heard that his case was committed to court. Similarly, HH knows exactly what he did the day people started talking about underhand activities by some of those involved in the privatisation of Zambian state assets. Nawakwi just nailed HH’s privatisation coffin. Therefore, HH will be the sole winner (not presidential elections) if the violence battle being ochastreted by UPND now is not nipped in the bud. The police MUST act decisevely and now, to stop all these thugs acting on behalf of a loser who has no country at…

  12. … The police MUST act decisevely and now, to stop all these thugs acting on behalf of a loser who has no country at heart but narrow selfish interests. All these people funding HH know that to acheive their agenda of keeping Africa undeveloped will not be acheived if they stop funding a perpetual loser because what is at stake for them is a matter of life or death.

  13. I think oposition parties are important in a democracy. Without them, there is a risk of governments behaving like ‘run away’ trains without restraint.

    We need oposition parties to counter possible excesses by sitting Governments.

    But to be effective, opposition parties should strive to work with Government…not cloak themselves in the “enemy” robe, and perpetually be antagonistic. They are an essential part of democracy & should demonstrate it by seeking to work amicably with Government.

    As far as Government, it is incumbent on them to be accommodating and allow oposition parties freedom of movement in the Country. Having said that, it’s worth bearing in mind; Government has another duty of care, to protect the general public from unruly behaviour…

  14. Mr President ( Edgar Lungu) there are people in the government who are pretending to be with you but in reality they are tarnishing your image: these are Home Affairs Minister, Inspector General of Police kindly take stock of these before it’s too late. I love my Zambia.

  15. The raw materials for the West are busy fighting. Good for the developed world. Confusion in Africa means more resources to the West! Keep Africa poor.
    Keep them busy with village politics!

  16. Cont…

    Therefore, if it is deemed that certain mass gatherings will upset local tranquility, Government is obligated to stop such gatherings. The opposition should understand this & abide.

    Importantly – congenial relations will prevent friction, and people won’t get hurt needlessly.

  17. MBERI, in Zambia we have such names? Mberi? Really? If Mberi is Zambian name, what is Zimbabwean? Chanda? Ala balitudela bangwele. Upunama pa Zambia. Look at this Malawian Kaiser Zulu. He insults you Zambians everyday. Mukamuponona lisakanshi?

  18. Belgium run for 2 years without government and the recorded the best decisions in those two years with biggest budget surpluses. When Kainzi Sulu was sent to learn he kept on drinking and reported negatively

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