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Don’t panic, Zambia has enough fuel stock – Energy Minister


Energy Minister Matthew Nkhuwa has assured the nation that there is enough fuel stock in the country and consumers should not panic.

Mr. Nkhuwa said that more stocks have been imported by various oil marketing companies saying there is no need for panic among consumers.

He was speaking during a press briefing held in Lusaka today.

Mr. Nkhuwa noted that he held talks with various oil marketing companies and they assured the government that there is enough stock in the depots adding that more fuel is expected to arrive in the country.

The Minister noted that the erratic supply of fuel that has been experienced in some parts of the country is being normalized.

“During the meeting with oil marketing companies it became clear that the shortage was mainly due to the strike by the truck drivers which disrupted the delivery cycle of fuel to the depots and filling stations around the country. This triggered panic buying by members of the public,” he said

He stated that fuel tankers have been allowed to transport fuel to their destinations even after 18:00 hours to ensure a steady and stable supply of fuel across the country.

Mr. Nkhuwa said that he has advised the oil marketing companies to work with Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) pre-clearance facility to ensure that there is speedy delivery of fuel in the country.

He reiterated government commitment in ensuring that there is security of supply of fuel to enable the wheels of the country’s economy to continue running.

The Minister further noted that the striking truck drivers had disputes with their employers adding that it had nothing to do with the government.

“The truck drivers have three unions and none of them has declared a dispute with the government, all what the truck drivers want from their employers are better conditions service,” he said.


  1. The biggest problem under PF is the lack of truth. Almost all filling stations stopped selling fuel at the same time. The fuel attendants were saying they had been instructed to stop selling. Then yesterday, almost all of them started to sell fuel at the same time, even when there were no tankers that delivered fuel these filling stations. I have no doubt that soon ERB might announce a price increment. So the statement that Nkhuwa has issued and the one by Kwali Mfuni don’t tally with what’s on the ground. OMCs anticipate a price increase, and this is consistent with what always happens whenever an increment is about to be effected. This is more of an artificial shortage than a real one.

  2. I agree. As a business man who has some investment in the oil and fuel markets,.I can assure you that we have enough stock. In fact if there is shortages am willing to pump it out of my range rover give it to those without.

  3. “reiterated government commitment” a fashionable phrase Zambians keep hearing over and over! What really does it translate to? @ Ayatollah I can only imagine how the minister would give response to your observations why pumps should stop operating at the same time and resume at the same time minus any tankers delivering fuel! Government through its ministries must stop lying to the citizenry as many have become wiser!

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