Chief Kizela Concerned With Disregard Of The Law By Individuals With Connections In Government


His Royal Highness Chief Kizela Royal of Mufumbwe has expressed concern with the continued disregard of the law and procedure for obtaining land documents by individuals with connections to government officials.

Commenting on the ongoing battle for Kalengwa mine His Royal Highness said the country’s laws are being disregarded by individuals with the help of top government officials.

He wondered how an individual can have land documents for an area which is under customary land without the approval of the traditional leadership in the area adding that as the custodian of the land he is the only one who can give consent to any land process in his area.

He said the Royal Establishment was losing colossal sums of money in legal fees to ensure that unscrupulous individuals do not disadvantage the local people in his area.

He explained that claims by Shawi Fawazi that he has documents to the 3 farms at the centre of controversy are not only deceptive but that they are an indication that he is working with some top government officials to undermine the rule of law in the country.

“…Concerning this issue of the three farms valued at 250 each which Shawi Fawazi is claiming to own, that is not just a lie but also an indication that he is being helped by some people. He is aware that the 250 farms was what was allowed by government and for such to happen, the Chief and the council should have authorised but that wasn’t the case in his situation.

“In view of the same, the case is still in court and I remember the Vice President being asked a question in Parliament the other day when she responded to say the issue is still being discussed in the courts. We have our own lawyers like Mr Mundia who past away but now his son has taken over the case. We have lost a lot of money in court proceedings of this case and the case is in high ranking courts in Zambia,” he said.

His Royal Highness Chief Kizela of the Kaode people in Mufumbwe District has sued the Attorney General (AG) together with Shawki Fawazi and 14 others. The AG is accused of failing to implement Supreme Court rulings in which Shawki Fawazi lost cases on three occasions but has continued to do mining activities using pseudo Companies formed to circumvent the Supreme Court rulings.

Chief Kizela has also repeatedly reaffirmed his support for EuroAfrica and Moxico. In his most recent correspondence to the Director General of the Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Ministry called on the ministry to immediately instruct Kalengwa Processing Zone KPZ to out of the mine where they were engaging in illegal mining activities.

He said he had never and will never give consent to KPZ or any of the companies connected to Mr. Fawazi whom he said had a long and turbulent history with the people of Mufumbwe.

The Royal Highness further said the illegal occupation of the mine by KPZ was in direct violation of several Acts which included, the Environmental Management Act, 2011, The Mines and Minerals Development Act, 2015 and the the Protection of Traditional Knowledge, Genetic Resources and Expressions of Folklore Act, 2016.


  1. Lungu was the lawyer for this criminal leabanese shawi……..

    that is why he disregards court orders with impunity….

  2. We know who they are. The right time will come when these criminals will be pareded for all to see. Above all, we will make sure we strip them of all assets founds to be proceeds of crime. You know yourselves, we are coming for you.

  3. Chief Kizela is 100% right and all chiefs should be on the same page with him. Zambian chiefs have forggen their responsebilities to with morarity. Zambian Politics of the present days seems so amaturerish. The not so mature Democracy is at stake and likely to dissapper in the face of taxpayers. Let not this beautiful land being governored by corrupt leaders leading to thuggish behaviour. Police offers also need to be reminded that they work for the people and not for any party in power.

  4. The PF Government is to blame on all this malpractice. The sad thing is that this is happening in front of the police who are supposed to implement the law and protect the traditional leaders!.. All these thugs will need to go to jail as no corrupt documentation will hold in the court of law, unless of course it is the PF Government that Ignores the law thinking that they will be in government forever. There is nothing as powerful as a changed mind as all the millitary equipment acquired from China will work against you. You need to see what happened to Libya and the strong man.

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