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First Lady did Not Influence the Police to Release Mrs Kambwili from Custody

General News First Lady did Not Influence the Police to Release Mrs Kambwili from...

State House has refuted a report carried by Diamond TV, stating that First Lady Esther Lungu intervened in the release of Ms. Chanda Kambwili from Police custody.

Mrs. Lungu has denied the claims.

The First Lady says she respects the due process of the law and would not interfere or influence the police to release any suspect.

Mrs. Lungu says such an act would be an indication that the first Lady controls constitutional offices which is very incorrect.

She has since asked Diamond TV to retract the story and apologise for the embarrassment caused.

This is according to a statement issued to the media by Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Isaac Chipampe.


  1. It’s a good influence Madam Esther Lungu!!!! No need to apologize! We have alot of problems and tension as a country. No need.to add more problems. Well done.

  2. F00lish media. There is no place for fake news in society. Disgusting people. Our mother is way above such behaviour. Please do not drag her into such petty rubblsh. Kambwili wlfe and the first lady should never be in the same sentence. Do not disrespect our mother that way. Our patriotic mother. Time for weekend chills. Hello kafue

  3. She is too evil to help. This is not even her first marriage, why you call her first lady?
    She never even help her stepdaughter Tasila in her issue of her grabbing and fencing off public land.
    Humble women are seeing in the way they talk, compare your super star woman at state house to humble voice of Carol Kambwili.

  4. Nostra what has number of marriages of a woman got to do with the title of first lady. You are a very dull chap. You would rather support your fellow obese evil diaspora than be objective. Who can take Carol seriously when she complains about being put at risk of corona in a zambian prison and yet where she came from in UK the pandemic is out of control. Just from her command of the English language I could tell that she is very illiterate. Shocking as she comes from the so called land of English.

  5. Kaizer, reading your comments, one would wonder they’re comin from somebody who worked as an aid to the president.. you are not any better than the person you are criticizing. You cant bite the hand that feeds you, so its no surprise whose side you are. Everybody knows that you take so much delight in violence.. So shameless an individual

  6. Zambian journalists are a problem, these are pub journalists that speculate. She didn’t interfere, if she did were is the evidence. Zambians let us be people of substance not storytellers. Kikikiki

  7. You forge documents and you are caught, you go to jail. You slap is police officer in uniform, you pay the price… Be reminded every land and every house has rules, and if you are ignorant about the rules, you still pay the price… Ignorance has no defence.

    If you accuse someone of been corrupt, provide evidence. Let’s become more objective other than speaking anyhow.
    There is order and procedure for everything and if miss the process, you lose.

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