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Embrace spirit of patriotism, make Zambia prosperous – President Lungu


President Edgar Lungu has called upon Zambians to embrace the spirit of patriotism that the country’s freedom fighters embodied and use it to make Zambia a prosperous nation.

President Lungu said there is a need to put aside differences and emulate the country’s forefathers who embraced the motto of “one Zambia, one nation” in fighting colonialism because they understood that strength lies in unity.

He said the founding fathers believed and cherished the idea of Zambians being free men and women, equal before God and the laws of the land.

The Head of State said this in his independence celebration message to Zambians as the country clocks 56 years.

The President said the government remains committed to making Zambia a prosperous nation through its continued investment in massive infrastructure and technological innovations as it was the dream of the country’s forefathers to build a better Zambia for all.

He said investments in roads, technological advancements are cardinal in the country’ march for enhanced socio-economic development.

President Lungu said the PF has taken more development to people through its continued massive infrastructure development that has seen state of the art roads, bridges, hospitals and schools spread across the country.

The President noted that the government has done much in making the country an attractive investment for foreign direct investment and tourism.

President Lungu challenged Zambians to continue to treat each other with love and dignity and shoulder responsibility by using freedom to shape the country’s destiny.

The President said Zambians should continue to pay tribute to the founding fathers and mothers who were led by great stewards of the struggle such as Dr Kenneth Kaunda and Harry Nkumbula.

He said the independence theme for this year, “one land, one nation – building our future, proud and free,” should inspire Zambians to pursue excellence and embrace a winning spirit, to take the country to the next level of socio-economic development.

“…Great nations are always anchored on hard work, resilience and excellence. They endure, they overcome, and they succeed. That is what our founding fathers and mothers had in abundance. I encourage each and every one of us to carry on with the same spirit of patriotism and hard work,” said President Lungu.

The Head of State maintained that Zambia shall forever remain one country, one nation, and indivisible and belonging to all citizens.

“It does not matter where one comes from, what language one speaks, what faith or political persuasion one holds. We all have a stake in our country, “said President Lungu.

The Head of State reflected that Zambia has scored great and enviable milestones in the last 56 years which are admirable at both continental and global level.

President Lungu stated that Zambia is not among the top most democratic countries in Africa and that the government will continue to develop and strengthen governance institutions and undertake legal reforms to cement democratic tenets in the country.

He said Zambians must take advantage of the enormous economic opportunities abounding in the country’s liberalized economy through entrepreneurship.

“Let me reiterate that our freedom would not have come about without the sacrifices of our forefathers and mothers. They laid a firm foundation upon which to build our nation. For that we are grateful. It is now up to our generation to take advantage of the equal opportunities that Zambia offers to all of us. Let us make the most of these opportunities inherent in our freedom and sovereignty” said President Lungu.

He noted that since independence 56 years ago, Zambia has had 12 general elections with three political parties having ruled the country without any acrimony during the transfer of power.

The President has since urged Zambians to celebrate the country’s 56 independence responsibly by ensuring safety on the roads and observing the Covid 19 public health guidelines under the new normal.


  1. Boss pantu mwanonka and you think Zambia is doing good. Ifwe boss naibandada. Icalo nacicula. Sometimes I pray you win 2021 elections so that you sort out the mess you have created

  2. “Make Zambia prosperous” says Lungu who has presided over a long economic backslide,rising debts and IMF downgrades.

  3. He has failed to put the economy on track and who can listen to him with his bad governance.

    He is lost and must pack and go

  4. Happy Independence Day everyone! Let’s vow to work for prosperity of our motherland. Everyone should come together to strengthen the hands of President Edgar C Lungu to achieve the dream of One Zambia One Nation.

  5. The Zambian citizens have always been patriotic. However, they have mostly been betrayed by the last two governments.

  6. Freedom has not come easy, as some people think. We have paid a heavy price for it. The freedom fighters have sacrificed their lives so that we get to live a dignified life. Now it is our duty to create Zambia of their dreams. That will be the real tribute to all the freedom fighters.

  7. I don’t see any patriotism in the manner that you and your Party have presided over national matters. The nation is on its knees because of PF extravagance, wanton corruption, shameless pillage of national resources. You’ll go down in history as one of the worst Presidents ever

  8. The government is going extra mile to achieve the developmental goals. We as citizens need to contribute every bit we can for the nation.

  9. Our forefathers fought for the motherland. They handed over us the legacy and an independent nation. It is our responsibility to hand over even more beautiful and developed nation to the next generation.

  10. Happy Independence Day to all Zambians! Peace, Unity and prosperity for our country. The worst is behind us and the best is yet to come..

  11. Thank you to all for wishing me a happy independence. Happy independence to all of you my patriotic brothers mothers and sisters. I wonder whether the unpatriotic angry upnd diasporans are celebrating with us,given that they are not yet free from mental slavery and inferiority complex. Anyway whichever way I wish them a good day. For us the drinking started last night. Today we continue celebrating

  12. Many people have died for the motherland. Now is the time to live for her. Live for her prosperity, development and growth of our people.

  13. In the times of threat of indulgence of foreign forces in our internal matters the need of patriotism has become eminent than ever before. This is the time to show the foreign forces that we can manage our country. Let’s pledge to defeat the anti Zambia forces.

  14. Listen to this failour of a president …..

    Lies without shame…..we have the worst political violence perpetrated by his thugs who have just being carrying out gassings of our people resulting in lynching deaths for the first time in our history…..

    Boasting about buildings for which he has even failed to pay for……

  15. You don’t need to be FREED. You are already FREE! Independence was a removal of those who constructed an artificial wall of exclusion around you. Now it is time to remove their custodians who came to varyingly lower or raise the wall without removing it for their citizens’ benefit. Take that yoke off your minds and claim your rightful place amongst the FREE! Happy 56th Zambia. Now is the time to really realize you are FREE! Ignore future-tense politicians who say “I will…”, “You will only progress if you vote for me and my ilk…”, “It is the favor of HE …. that we have …”… these are NOT phrases for the FREE!!!! Claim your development, progress, and merit-bearing leaders!

  16. Freedom fighters are turning in their graves to see what has become of a nation they fought for. Nothing has changed much because we are still colonized in the brain as Africa. Why is Africa the only continent dependent on aid despite all the wealth the land is indulged with? A cockroach trapped in bathtub will never realize it has wings a fly to safety but will keep trying to get out by walking to no success at all until it dies. We Africans don’t realize what wealth we have that we keep wasting away and yet go abroad to admire cities built from our wealth not realizing had our mindset been forthright we would have built even more beautiful cities in our land.

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