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Civil servants advised not to be salary dependent, but engage in income generation ventures


Luapula Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa has urged civil servants in the Province to participate in the various agricultural outgrower schemes as a way of creating another income stream for themselves.

Mr. Chilangwa explained that civil servants should not just depend on their monthly salary but embrace the agriculture revolution that is happening in Luapula Province to earn more money.

Mr. Chilangwa who was accompanied by Mwansabombwe Member of Parliament Kabaso Kampampi was speaking when he addressed government workers at Mabel Shaw Girls Secondary School.

“Colleagues, there is nothing wrong for you as government workers to consider setting up small holder farms and sign contracts with companies owning anchor farms,” Mr. Chilangwa said.

Mr. Chilangwa cited the Sunbird Bioenergy Africa cassava project, Kawambwa Yea, Consolidated Farming Limited, Mansa Sugar Company, Kawambwa Sugar Company, Mansa Chilli among others as some of the companies running the outgrower schemes in the Province.

Mr. Chilangwa further stated that growing pine and eucalyptus is another money – spinner that public service workers should consider venturing into.

The Minister also announced that the Sunbird Bioenergy Africa has extended its cassava outgrower scheme to cater for selected areas in Mwansabombwe Constituency.

And Mr. Kampampi who was recently elected as MP for the area has pledged to be as consultative as possible in order for him to deliver development in Mwansabombwe.

Mr. Kampampi thanked the civil servants for voting for him in the recent Mwansabombwe by – election.


  1. And yet I get criticized by the evil upnd diasporans for owning businesses and not cleaning toilets like they do

  2. If all became enterprenures, what time will they work? This is rubbish. Workers want good payments because they are on full employment and not part time.

  3. What styupid advice! They are now being given the green light to illegally use their working hours for business ventures.
    Why employ them then when you can successfully convert them into cooperatives? The fact remains civil servants are workers because government has seen the need for their services. Or are you telling us there’s no need for them?

  4. KZ, just admit, the lot of you to apologize to Zambians for having brutalised an innocent family whose cause is your loathing of Chishimba Kambwili.

  5. KZ, just admit, the lot of you to apologize to Zambians for having brutalised an innocent family whose cause is your loathing of Chishimba Kambwili.
    The whole lot of you have made zambia bankrupt and sacrificing Chishimba Kambwili will not cleanse(ukulubululwa) your heinous crime to Zambians.

  6. “Civil servants advised not to be salary dependent, but engage in income generation ventures”

    What?? How long are they going to roll over their debt and corruption onto the hardworking general population? This is criminal behaviour. How is this not encouraging and ingraining government corruption? They just need to go to jail. They stole billions of dollars in tax giveaways to the mines, and saddled the Zambian people with Eurobond debt instead. That is a double theft, billions of dollars leaving the economy. Nationalize the mines and sue the mining companies.

  7. Chachine. His Honourable Mr Nickson Chilangwa has a big point. It happens everywhere in the world. One can’t have just one job. Upon a job one miust have some business going on the background, too.

  8. The Public Servants already work about 2 hours a day, the rest of the time their in “meetings” wasting our tax payers money, now this fool is saying its ok to do your own business and of course this will include asking for bribes to get paper work and permits approved . This is the beginning of the end for Zambia

  9. Kazier Sulu what businesses do you run and what do you understand by conflict of interest? Why didn’t you start third businesses while you were a lab assistant. By the way have not gone for lab related businesses?

  10. Who was behind all this –
    Kambwili survives brutal PF police raid at his residence – July 16, 2017
    Chishimba Kambwili Cheats Death In Yet Another Road Accident – May 4, 2017
    Kambwili survives road accident in Mwense – April 20, 2017

  11. One could rightfully argue that this advice is a double-edged sword that could unleash damage both ways – the absence of a civil servant from public office would be justified with his presence on his business projects. A better approach would be to grant unemployed Zambians affordable loans to enable them set up the said businesses. That way, 100% committment on the job could be guaranteed by all..

  12. There are many ways the “Ubomba mwibala alya mwibala” can be broken down for application! The advice being advanced to civil servants could also mean to serve as justification why leaders are “doing side businesses” through grabbing government tenders of procurement and supply! Seems its fashionable for them to acquire tracts of farming land that only lies idle. With this green light to civil servants I fear that delivery of government provided services to the citizenry will be affected. Imagine if in this starting season the agriculture staff decide to all engage in one activity or other and at whose time and cost?

  13. In other words, use your position to line your pocket. If you can’t do the job, please move over and let those who want to make an impacts on the Zambian people take over. These selfish people will drive this country to a cliff edge. The level of thinking for some of these people is shocking.

  14. This is the most IRRESPONSIBLE advise a Minister can ever give to a public servant. Does this minister know that corruption is an income generating activity for civil servants? An employer that tells you to find other ways of surviving acknowledges that they are just using you and paying slave wages.

  15. Efficient governments require of their civil servants to dedicate ALL their productive hours to government work. Those intending to earn any other income must declare and seek permission to do so. But this minister is telling then to open businesses( that pay them better than GRZ). How can we expect dedication to duty from such people? A lot of time is already lost to attending funerals and school errands as it is. Now a minister adds running private businesses- BWAFYA!!!!

  16. There are conflict of interest issues which lead to theft & corruption. This Minister has not examined why caveats exist to avoid civil servants getting extra income. You don’t expect a medical doctor looking after chickens with the stress that goes with it as it may result in unethical practices & conduct. Ba Minister this is shallow pls retract & go and read

  17. they must be career civil servants and it should be govt’s responsibility to remunerate well, noti ifi balelanda, this is just encourage civil servants to resort to means like corruption.

  18. civil servants work for the government, the minister is right. these gov’t jobs won’t be there forever take a look at Kaizer Zulu his no longer working for the gov’t. A business will keep you forever unlike depending on your monthly salary! work up. @kaizer zulu is a smart man he knows how to do business. therefore these civil servants must venture into different forms of businesses and not really on salary. make a poultry farm, grow vegetables and other staff. lastly listen to petersen zagaze song “life ya pa zed”. don’t stay in the same small box forever!

  19. This is a shocking development, considering the fact that government has been blocking its employees taking up extra jobs. What has changed?

  20. “Colleagues, there is nothing wrong for you as government workers to consider setting up small holder farms and sign contracts with companies owning anchor farms,” Mr. Chilangwa said.

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