Events like National Anthem, Coat of Arms and Independence Day do not belong to any political party, Bishop tells Zambians

BISHOP of Catholic Diocese of Mansa Rev. Patrick Chisanga leading Deputy Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya and Mansa District Commissioner Royd Chakaba and other government officials during the National Day of prayers in Mansa

Catholic Diocese of Mansa Bishop Patrick Chisanga has bemoaned the tendency of politicizing national symbols.

Bishop Chisanga points out that symbols like the National Anthem, and the Coat of Arms and National events like Independence do not belong to any political party.

Bishop Chisanga observed that it is disturbing seeing how certain quarters of society have ended up attaching politics to everything which happens in the country.

He explained that nation symbols are sign of national freedom which everyone is free to express regardless of their political affiliation.

The Bishop cited the national anthem which he said everyone should be feeling proud whenever they are singing saying the National Anthem has lines which focus on the freedom everyone in the country.

Speaking in his homily at Mansa Cathedral today, Bishop Chisanga says all the symbols which represent the county’s freedom needs to be celebrated by every Zambian as that is one way of appreciating the efforts of those who fought for Independence.

The Bishop explained that as the country celebrates its 56th Independence it is important that all Zambians remain strong and united regardless of their political affiliation.

He however, noted that there are still certain things happening in the country which threaten the hard earned Freedom by the forefathers.

Bishop Chisanga revealed that it is surprising to see a fellow Zambian oppressing another Zambian when they all have to live in harmony.

The Bishop has since urged Zambians to reflect on how each and every one is contributing towards ensuring that they make Zambia a better country for everyone.

The Bishop’s comments comes just a day after the country celebrated its 56th Independence Anniversary under the theme: one Land One Nation – Building our future proud and free.


  1. Very true so we wonder why upnd shuns national events. Can you counsel them for us.

    In the spirit of reconciliation I plan to visit and meet kambwilis daughter on a one to one basis privately.

  2. KZ, just admit, the lot of you to apologize to Zambians for having brutalised an innocent family whose cause is your loathing of Chishimba Kambwili.

  3. National anthem and coat of arms do not occur and cannot be events like the independence anniversary. Anyone in a democracy is free to boycottt any event they feel has been hijacked by partisan interests. Protest is allowed in a democracy. Even in religious circles protest occurs as Protestants are still in protest against the ways of the Roman Catholic Church.

  4. The onus is on he who is in state house to lead with an image and behavior that places him highly over pettiness! Every leader that occupies state house must exhibit character and characteristics of being a president for all Zambians irrespective of political preferences, ethnicity, social standing, gender and, most of all whoever has the privilege of being president to respect the fact that state house does not assume surrogate responsibilities of their party’s secretariat and political activities! Any holidays of national significance as Independence Day, Heroes Day and, Labor Day to name a few stand-out ones should never ever involve any political party contamination when being celebrated! A priest or pastor whose conduct is not commensurate with the Word they share does not attract a…

  5. Muna this has nothing to do with the crime committed. She was charged and that was right. Myvisit is to counsel the kambwili women on how to behave appropriately and how to get back in tune with their zambian morals. Living abroad can make some people pick up some bad habits. My visit is not in any way form or shape an apology. They broke the law and need face consequences. Simple. Here in Zambia no one is above the rule of law

  6. Stand and sing for zambia, proud and free, land of work and joy in unity, victors in the struggle for our rights …….

    If indeed we follow what is in the national anthem, do you think ba father those youth would have gone to protest in the bush?

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