2 ,800 pupils drop out of school in Sinda

Minister of Information Hon Dora Siliya
Minister of Information Hon Dora Siliya

About two thousand, eight hundred and three pupils in Sinda District of Eastern Province are reported to have dropped out of school during the six Months closure due to COVID-19.

And Chief Government Spokesperson, Dora Siliya has expressed disappointment over the high number of dropouts in Sinda.

Mis Siliya, who is also Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services has attributed the high dropout rates to lack of appreciation of education among parents.

The Minister says parents seem to lack knowledge on the importance of education which is leading to school drop outs in rural areas.

She is concerned that most parents in rural areas prefer to marry off girls at a tender age while the boys are left to head cattle at the expense of education, adding that parents must support Government’s effort of educating children.

Ms Siliya was reacting to a report received from the District Education Board Secretary (DEBS) Faston Mtonga when she held a meeting with Heads of Government Departments in Sinda yesterday.

She says Government is making strides in ensuring that all children in Zambia attain equal education and the move must be supported by all parents because governing starts at household level.

Ms Siliya added that the reduction of school user fee and opening of schools amidst the COVID-19 pandemic is evidence enough that the government attaches great importance to the education sector and urged parents to support such efforts.

And Sinda DEBS, Faston Mtonga added that out of the number of school drop outs, 213 girls fell pregnant while 1,690 pupils left school without reasons and are untraceable.

Mr Mtonga said most boys may have been engaged into herding cattle and asked Government to initiate programs aiming at ending child marriage in the district.


  1. Why’s such information only coming out of Eastern province? Who’s collecting such information in other provinces? This is wht leads to one-sided policy intervention despite the whole country being similarly affected. Let’s have information from all parts of Zambia.

  2. And you still have PF female ministers, a vice-president and another who call herself “mother of the nation ” with all these depressing daily readings.
    A Christian nation with $ex addiction. Now I start to agree that the abandoned buildings under privatization should be turned into condom factories, especially exatra-sizes.

  3. This report requires a serious follow up from relevant institutions like ministries of education, national guidance even DMMU because this is a disaster in waiting and those NGOs who are involved in youth matters. It should not only remain as news.


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