Monday, June 17, 2024

CSO’s applauds government on ending child marriages


A consortium of Civil Society Organisations (CSO’s) under the National Child’s Rights Forum (NCRF) and the Network on Ending Child Marriage in Zambia (NECMZ), has commended government’s efforts of promoting the rights of children across the country.

NECMZ Vice Chairperson Womba Wanki stated that this was evident through the successful implementation of the National Strategy on ending child marriages which aims at combating child marriages as well as teenage pregnancies.

Ms. Wanki reiterated the CSO’s continued support in order to supplement the government’s efforts in enhancing the rights of children so that the young ones are provided with a friendly environment indicating that they are important stakeholders in the national development agenda.

“We acknowledge and applaud government efforts in combating child marriages and ending teenage pregnancies as seen through the National Strategy on Ending Child Marriage (2016-2021), and the enactment of laws such as the Gender equity and equality Act of 2015 and the Anti-GBV Act of 2011” Ms. Wanki pointed out.

She observed that President Edgar Lungu being the African Union (AU) Champion on ending child marriages, has made pronouncements among which include the Children’s Code Bill and is yet to be tabled before parliament.

The Vice Chairperson added that President Lungu has over the past years demonstrated passion for ending early pregnancies and also ensuring that girls are taken back to school through the re-entry policy.

Ms. Wanki noted that Zambia being a signatory to various entities that fight for enhancement of the rights of children and women, the CSOs are confident that the country will be a child-friendly zone.

She urged key stakeholders to partner with government in ensuring that a child friendly environment is set up for the young ones to thrive, saying that the government had done its part by creating an open door policy great for public-private partnerships.

“We call upon all key stakeholders, traditional and religious leaders, CSO’s Parliamentarians, the media, Cooperation partners , children and guardians to work together and fully engage in a campaign to make Zambia a child-friendly country where children are allowed to engage in meaningful participation and enjoyment of the rights”, she indicated.

Ms. Wanki however, said the Civil Society Organisations were concerned at the pace at which the enactment of the Children’s Code Bill and the Marriage Bill were moving.

This was said during a press briefing held in Lusaka, today.


  1. Ba Ester has done nothing for females, especially girls. How can a mother give away a prosperous daughter like Tasila into useless marriage?
    Tasila was just best as a single, STRONG woman. Now she is just a junk.

  2. Raising of death rates due to teenage pregnancies was one of the most concerning issues in Zambia. Hope this will end the death of innocent girls.

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