Trading at graveyards is prosecutable as it is illegal-Ndola City Council

FILE: Vendors at Chingwere cemetry

The Ndola City Council has warned people trading at grave yards to immediately stop and move to designated markets in the city.

NCC Public Relations Manager, Rebecca Mushota told the media in an interview that trading at graveyards is prosecutable as it is illegal as per provisions of SI No 12 of 2018.

Ms Mushota says the council is working with various stakeholders in the city to ensure sanity is attained at graveyards where our beloved ones rest in peace.

“The council through its public health department does carry out routine spot checks to stop vendors from conducting business in graveyards”, Ms Mushota said.

Ndola residents have raised concerns on the increase of vending in cemeteries around the district.

The residents have complained that initially the vendors started with water and wreaths, which they said was understandable, but that the trend is now moving to food stuffs such as snacks and even heavy meals in some cases.


  1. That’s disgusting.
    These women are dirty and evil. They may even cause more funeral to make money. What kind of Christian nation is this? Arrest them!
    grave yards are sacred places, throw away those traders.

  2. There should be understanding from both parties. These women are providing a service and their customers buy willingly which means there is a need. They are not selling beers or entertainment gadgets so there is room to accommodate them. This is the kind of innovation that is required from our people. Dont humiliate them because they are providing for their families!
    Lungu and PF don’t have jobs for them and neither do they give them social security benefits. They’re surviving by the Grace of God. Where is your Christian faith when despise such desperate and vulnerable people?

  3. There is need for order. We can’t have people trading anywhere they feel like. Especially with this Corona virus

  4. Extra miles take-away, run by one milosi sampa, sells food deep inside leopard hills cemetery in Lusaka. Why should you bother these innocent/vulnerable women who are scrounging for survival…!? Bakolwe imwe

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