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BILL 10 Down, ECZ is Next


On Thursday 29th October, we appealed to Parliamentarians from both sides to choose peace and unity of the nation above partisan politics. We called on the deep conscience of our members of Parliament to vote against Bill 10. We further appealed to the Christian family in the nation to pray and stop the impending danger Bill 10 could pose to peace.


Following the events in parliament, it remains our moral responsibility to thank and salute the galant members of Parliament who chose people’s interests above partisan interests. Bill 10 has finally fallen. Zambia has been saved from a disastrous future of disunity and unnecessary conflict.

The position of the New Hope MMD has been that the bill lacked consensus and was a recipe for violence and insecurity.
The arrogance of the PF has been astonishing.
The end has been a humiliation defeat.

This process of leveling the electoral playing field ahead of the 2021 election has started to take shape. We however must not rest until we remove all threats to a free and fair election next year.


The next enemy to peace and security is the ECZ. The arrogance being demonstrated by the ECZ is no different from the arrogance which delivered Bill 10 to its death.


  1. We call on all Zambians to demand that the electoral process be subjected to a consensus audit.
  2. We demand that the old voters list be not tempered with.
  3. We demand for a complete audit of the NRC issuance process.
  4. We demand for the neutralization of the Public Order Act.
  5. We demand for a credible non partisan appointment of ECZ Commissioners.
  6. We demand for a security of tenure for the new ECZ commissioners.
  7. We demand for the new ECZ to have power to disqualify any candidate who contravenes electoral guidelines.
  8. We demand that the police stay away from the electoral process.

We celebrate today’s victory but we still have many mountains to climb and many rivers to cross before we get to the promised land.

For Israel to break free from the bondage of Egypt, they never gave up. It was only after the tenth plague that Egypt surrendered.

We call upon all Zambians regardless of political affiliation to come together and defeat the next enemy of a flawed electoral process.

This is God’s Country and God is at work as he prepares a new Nation.

Zambia Shall Be Saved.


  1. My Dr. Mumba. People tend to forget easily. The genesis of Bill 10 was an evil out come of the dialogue process which Zambians thought to mend when many were injured as a result of the worrisome and doubtful 2016 General elections.
    This animal came in to hijack the whole plan to hount Zambians. God is God and we still wait for this rotten leadership to give answers to un asked and asked questions of 2021 elections. UMULANDU TAUBOLA.

  2. We shall call all those involved in the Electral process with thoughly well to give us all hidden answers as to why you used to kill and arrest innocent citizens, as to how you did what has been done.

  3. “We demand for the neutralization of the Public Order Act.
    We demand for a credible non partisan appointment of ECZ Commissioners.”
    Bill 10 proposals: The object of this Bill is to amend the Constitution of Zambia so
    as to— eg (c) revise the electoral system for elections to the National
    Nevers has no mps, how is he going to achieve his demands??? PF with 105 mps couldn’t do this, how will Nevers “save” Zambia with no mps???

  4. The question is do you have relevant pieces of legislation to use in order to achieve all the 8 listed above? Let’s be realistic and reasonable In our demands from government. For example what is wrong for the ecz to introduce a new register in order to clean the contaminated old one? What is wrong for ecz to introduce the online registration? You may have failed bill 10 for wrong partisan reasons and you may be regrettable in the near future. Bill 10 had very good clauses that were really going to develop our country. The bill of rights is a case in point where most of those who failed it are now crying foul. What do you want to achieve by rejecting everything that the government does, no matter how positive it may be? Inshiku tashichela pamo. Don’t take Zambians for granted. They are…

    • Moses, think like an educated fella, You have 10 good eggs and add 2 rotten eggs, what will you get. If you want to have good eggs, remove the rotten ones and cook the ten good ones.

      I hope you are learned enough to know what I mean. In any case even a grade 2 chap will know that the rotten eggs will spoil the 10 good ones. The problem with Bill ten was that it had about 15 bad clauses in it. How sure were we that the bad clauses were going to be removed out after Bill 10 had gone through

  5. Continued……
    intelligent who are able to analyse issues in order to gauge whether they are wrong or right. Their silence does not mean agreement to whatever wrongs that are obtaining in the country.

  6. We thank God the almighty – Bill 10 is gone. Politicians are EVIL and I mean most of them. It was like this during Chiluba’s third term scheme. Chiefs and some fun NGOS were paraded to support some foolish idea to benefit an individual. Unfortunately, even for those that cant see beyond deceit or those that chose or feel they are part of the inner circle they support the self fish motives. And in fact that how Dictators are created…

  7. The opposition should not be too exited. If bill 10 voting was a general elections PF would still have won. The opposition should be more worried that PF needs only six MPs for this country to go back to one party state.

  8. This clown also…..these are the same morons eating with Bandit Lungu when no one is watching…Nevers Mumba is a thief…he stole alot of money at the Zambian Embassy in Canada including furniture now imagine being a President….he is a big pompwe and very arrogant

  9. Dreaming is allowed after all… a bill that has never been law fails to go through in the house and apparently that equates to election victory and the disbanding of the ecz. This is how madness starts. Come 2021 the same ones will be crying when they lose blaming it on the constitution. Please accept results next year just as we have accepted the failure of bill 10

  10. Lungu should just resign….bill 10 is a referendum on Makaka Bandit President together his useless pompwes in his government

  11. But you wanted it to go through, had it gone through you would have celebrated. So what’s wrong with others celebrating
    its fall away.

  12. You better start stripping n putting on running shoes KZ, you remember that promise you made ….from Arcades to Mandahill in your baby suit? Popcorns please

  13. If PF rats are so confident of winning in 2021 , why did they not wait to pass bill 10 after they had a new majority mandate from the Zambian people ….?????

    This is why everyone was suspicious of that bill…..even while Zambia is facing serious economic challengers , the pf still saw fit to spend millions trying to push that bill through , why ????

  14. So how did PF fail to get the Bill 10 two thirds house vote? Were there some PF MPs missing or the independent MPs voted against the bill?

  15. UPND cows are cerebrating their failures next year! Bill 10 may have had some bad clauses, but it will bound back to Hichilema and all the UPND cows next year! You will hear the cry of cows next year! Very loud! Ati batibela ma vote, Mooooohooohuuu! We need new voter’s register because UPND cheated a lot in Southern province in 2016, so that their crooked Hichilema could win based on one province! Isnt that recipe for chaos and war! How can one rule Zambia with a lot of votes only from one province. He would not be a popular leader of course! So come 2021 no 44,000 votes for Hichilema, and 200 for Lungu in Dundumwezi! Are there 44,000 eligible voters in Dundumwezi! Big NO! They forced children to register, and some registerered two times! Abash crooked leaders!

  16. God loves all His creation and bestows equitably wisdom and intelligence yet enhancing these talents for all who work hard yet in honesty giving praise to Him for never letting on shortcomings! If anything the rejection of Bill 10 is indication of a just God when His creation tries to stray from natural justice. Zambia being a Christian nation it boasts of itself, I bet all sides, that is the proponents of adopting Bill 10 and those that opposed it both prayed to the one True God that they believe in and this answer He provided! PF exhibited what translated to be seen as extreme desperation to pass Bill 10 while the citizenry is most worried about the Covid-19 pandemic! There the rotting fish let loose the stench that the people caught in their noses even without understanding or having…

  17. Desperate pf your Bill has fallen, next is you the cost of life is too high under this government e.g just a year ago the price of a 10 l cooking oil was k150 but today here in isoka we are buying at k320. What’s this?

  18. I for 1 didn’t read the bill 10 but after seeing what comments are coming out of our politician’s months, it very much looks like this is just a mission to bring 1 down and them get their chance to loot too!! The acceptable approach now is for the opposition to bring out what positives were in that bill and share with people and as well disclose what issues they didn’t agree with.

    CAUTION TO THE OPPOSITION; Bill 10 failure shouldn’t be used as a litmus test for 2021. Am sitting on the fence but am seriously analysing what you are saying.

  19. It’s just a bill . Others supported .other against. Nothing strange . Rain now party leader explained this bill 10 clearly. They where some clause in the current constitution that former president made the afraid to ascend to. 1. Running mate,2. 50+ 1 etc. But poor mps realized after signing the constitution. Now you wanted it amended. Any party that will win , will want to amend. ECL is no fool. 50+1 is quiet expensive.. I didn’t want to
    He colusion govt part and 30 days time to partition. Glad bill didn’t pass

  20. Bill 10 is not an institution.
    ECZ is an institution.

    What chamba is nervous nevers smoking (dry or fresh).

    What kind’a opposition freaks do we have?
    Sometimes my heart bleeds at the kind’a these turds we.

    Zambia overdrive needs to trash such good.

  21. Moses bill 10 is not what you think it maybe, more especially in our country were leaders do what is good for themselves. These guys were just trying to use us as raders to their success leaving us more poor. You don’t know what is behind bill 10, the truth has been hidden to themselves but God has done it for the citizens

  22. Advice to opposition leaders with a lot of demands (We want so on and so forth…) Get yourself elected into Parliament because in Zambia,that is where laws should be made. Otherwise you have no mandate to make any demands on behalf of the people of Zambia. You are free to work with your elected officials to bring about the changes you desire. Anything else will appear as though you want to hijack the political process. Also, learn to respect our institutions NOT just when things work in your favour, but also when things work against you. This is maturity.

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