Government vows to fight the scourge of GBV

Gender Minister Elizabeth Phiri
Gender Minister Elizabeth Phiri

The Government has restated that it is committed to promoting and protecting women’s rights and curbing gender based violence (GBV) in the country.

Minister of Gender, Elizabeth Phiri, says the government is also working tirelessly to reduce gender inequality by making progressive changes to legislations that prioritize the advancement of women and strengthen capacity to influence decision-making.

ZANIS reports that Mrs Phiri said this in a speech read on her behalf by her Permanent Secretary, Sastone Silomba, during the Women’s Quadrennial Conference of Civil Servants and Allied Workers Union of Zambia (CSAWUZ), in Chongwe today.

Mrs Phiri notes that the signing of the Regional and International Instruments by the government, demonstrates its commitment to increase women’s participation in all spheres of life.

“The implementation of the National Gender Policy also shows that the country is moving in the right direction towards achieving gender equality,” she added.

“We should appreciate that under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu, a considerable number of women have been appointed to head various key institutions of government,” said Mrs Phiri.

She highlighted that it is encouraging to note that the CSAWUZ Union is making efforts in ensuring that women take up positions of influence.

The Minister stated that government is concerned that discrimination against women still remains the most pervasive form of inequality.

“This is the reason why CSAWUZ plays a very important role in the warm industrial relations that exist between government and its workers,” Mrs Phiri stated.

And CSAWUZ President Davy Chiyobe said the salary increment for civil servants should be double digits unlike the four percent that was previously granted.

Mr Chiyobe explained that many civil servants are the breadwinners in their families hence the need for a reasonable salary to sustain them.

“The government still owes many civil servants outstanding allowances like settling in and vocational,” Mr Chiyobe stated.

He advised the government to allocate some funds towards the payment of outstanding allowances for civil servants from the COVID-19 stimulus package.

Mr Chiyobe further advised the government to have the pension’s reforms and introduce building mortgages for all civil servants.

“Civil servants who are with the National Pensions Scheme Authority (NAPSA) will fail to sustain themselves after retirement due to the removal of the lump sum retirement package,” he lamented.

Meanwhile, Eastern Province CSAWUZ member Margaret Nkosi, has thanked the organizers of the conference saying that it gives the members a platform to interact and learn from other members from other parts of the country.

The 10th Women Quadrennial Conference held at Sky View Lodge in Chongwe was held under the theme; Building a united and well organized CSAWUZ through women’s participation.


  1. Please fight it but in doing so also remember that men are also victims in some instances. For example I know of a male diasporan based in Scotland whose upnd supporting wlfe beats him and controls him just because she claims to have facilitated his move there. A very sad situation our brother finds himself in

  2. PF ‘s panic and desperation campaign and indeed people living in Woodlands, Chalala and Chilenje South areas were terribly disturbed the all night by the noise that came from the PF Campaign with amplified sounds. PF was busy distributing out stolen money to musicians and pulling crowds of vulnerable and hungry youths where intoxication of alcohol and illicit sex engagement was being promoted. The partisan Zambia Police and the hopeless compromised Ministry of Health allowed such huge gathering without observing COVID19 guidelines. I also doubt if the Zambia Police issued any permit to that illegal assembly. The panic by PF has reached alarming levels and PF still is thinking in dununa reverse mood where they think composing political songs will influence Zambians more especially the…

  3. urban people to vote for PF. Can a useless PF political song reduce the price of essential basic needs, can political songs provide magic by improving the already sick economy or can political songs bring food on the table of the poor who struggling to feed themselves, can a political song pay school fees for students in colleges and universities? The answer is totally no, so young people do not be deceived by those political rallies being disguised as music concert.

    The era of using crafted catchy political slogans to influence the masses of people to vote for PF is long gone. Today it is easier to evaluate the performance of the political party in power than it was in 2011 and 2016. The following indicators are telling us that the PF government has performed poorly:
    a) Unemployment…

  4. Minister of Gender, we never heard you when mrs Chishimba Kambwili and her daughter were being brutalised and dehumanised by PF police cadres.
    The vice president Inonge Wina and the first lady Esther Lungu and Gender minister Elizabeth Phiri, all were mute. That is hypocrisy of the highest order in the light that mrs Chishimba and her daughter were innocent citizens being brutalised while the 3 most prominent women watch and party. See Zambia Human Right report to refresh your minds. Its shaming to be a woman in Zambia especially under PF government.

  5. Mrs Kabwili never ever slapped Boma officer. We have footage from London.
    This is how you lost Bill 10, boasting you have numbers, wrongly including pf MPs who voted against it.

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