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God has departed from many spheres of Zambian life since declaring Zambia a “Christian nation”

Columns God has departed from many spheres of Zambian life since declaring Zambia...

Let us reclaim Yahweh in Zambia

Since Zambia was declared a Christian nation in 1991 it has become more and more evident that God has departed from many spheres of Zambian life.

It is therefore no surprise that one cleric has recently said those shouting the loudest about Zambia being a Christian nation are pagans. Heinous crimes are being committed,family values have collapsed,the economy is in free fall, national leaders have turned the pulpit into political campaign altars,corruption and bribery are called empowerment,tribalism and hate speech are the order of the day,traditional leaders are coerced into parroting partisan statements on promise of boreholes or palaces and the judiciary and law enforcement is on the brink of completely losing the peoples’ confidence.Disaster management and social economic safety net are now tools of appeasement and patronage.

How did we get here? The “salt” or “light” of the world,the clergy,has largely been compromised and no longer speak for the weak and downtrodden.The intellectuals or enlightened have remained aloof while those in power have replaced Yahweh with self idolization and consolidation of absolute power.

The late Sata said intellectuals were the worst cowards.Luckily not all is lost.We have some upright clergy and intellectuals who despite vicious attacks on them have stood fast with the oppressed masses.Only when we repent from the hypocrisy and bring Yahweh back into Zambia”s affairs will Zambia prosper.It is a mockery to build houses of prayer or decree days of repentance,fasting and reconciliation to idolize a political leader and demonize other people and tribes.God cannot be mocked.

By Concerned Zambian


  1. God can not be mocked indeed ! How can we with the same mouth promote hate and division and yet proclaim Christianity.There is nothing christ like that I see in the political sphere!!! Stealing and misusing funds from the country and then the next day calling for national prayers!!

  2. Good observation by concerned citizen. But concern is not enough. It’s got to be backed up by appropriate action.

  3. First of all the guy who declared Zambia a Christian nation was a thief and the gullible celebrated. Since then Zambian Christianity has become a game of social acceptance. Drunkards (I don’t mean Lungu) and patrons of prostitutes and witchdoctors, haters of anyone different, self – praising “I am blessed” hypocrisy.

  4. There has also been a proliferation of false prophets ,going around calling themselves “papa” and swindling the poor and sick of hard earned cash.One wonders if we didn’t invite Gods wrath in proclaiming ourselves christian and living like the devil instead

  5. The declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation is a great occurrence for the good. Whether Zambia was going to be declared a Christian nation or not, crooks, massons, witches and bad people were always going to be there. The declaration makes it easy to see who the frauds in church are. As for drunkards and myopic people; Zambia has always had those. Don’t think it only started in the 1990s. What needs to change is Zambian’s attitude to development. Majority of people even in the private sector are crooks and corrupt. God never left, he always waits for us to seek righteousness.

  6. God has always longed for His people to come to their senses, like He declared in 2 chronicles 7:14 God has always waited for us like the prodigal son. When our minds are right everything becomes clear.

  7. God did not depart from Zambian lives bcuz He’s not a betrayer . It is Zambians who departed from God’s commands.

  8. I am a Christian and a Baptist Church Pastor and I am very grateful to those who Declared Zambia the Christian Nation.
    I also know that it DOES NOT MEAN that all are Christians or that all is or shall be easy and well.
    I also know that many people go have formed Political Parties for selfish reasons such that I see POLITICS as POLI (Many) TICS (ticks) sucking the wealth of the nation.
    I also know that many times the general population like the concerned Zambian say things from their perceived concepts of imaginations, jealousy and opposition.
    Among our political players such as Lungu, Nawakwi,Kambwili, Hakahinde to mention just few, have been lumped with accusations that we are not able to point at.
    The corruption that we point at is it not done by ordinary people holding ordinary…

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