Saturday, June 22, 2024

Social cash transfer resumes in Kasenengwa


The government says it remains committed to ensuring that the living standards of the vulnerable people in society are uplifted.

Flagging off the payments of the Social Cash Transfer (SCT) to beneficiaries in Kasenengwa district, eastern province, District Commissioner, Sara Kalaluka, said uplifting the living standards of the incapacitated and vulnerable people in society is the prime objective of the government.

Ms Kalaluka said the government will continue to provide social protection support to its people, further disclosing that a total of 5 770 beneficiaries are currently on the programme in the district out of which 472 are disabled.

‘’The Government remains committed to the continued implementation of the SCT programme. We have 5770 beneficiaries in the district out of which 5 298 are able-bodied while 472 are physically challenged ’’ she said.

Ms Kalaluka urged the beneficiaries to put the funds to good use as the government wants to see improvement in their living conditions.

She thanked the beneficiaries for their patience during a break in the implementation of the programme and assured them that the government will continue to prioritise their wellbeing.

And one of the beneficiaries, Tilange Daka thanked the government for resuming the implementation of the SCT programme as most vulnerable people in society have little or no source of income.


  1. We are not helping our people by giving them K1600 every few months. We need social empowerment.
    Give a man a fish and you feed him one meal, teach him how to fish and you feed him for life.
    Begging mentality must stop, and we need to stop looking at the government as a savior.

  2. This is the mistake government makes. If you have not paid all beneficiaries around the country, don’t broadcast the news. The people in western and muchinga are watching.

  3. Meanwhile Dora is leading the fraudulent access of these funds by people who do not qualify for such assistance. …. Mwankolenomics at play in PF

  4. You will see more of these as the elections approach… wonder drunk Mvunga has been moved to BOZ to print monopoly dollars round the clock …what else can Lazy Lungu offer the villagers!!

  5. That is called commitment. No matter what happens on political stage, the government will not stop discharging its duties. Whatever happens, President Lungu will not desert people.

  6. The beneficiaries must be commended for their patience. The scheme had to be discontinued due to Covid19 pandemic and none of them complained or protested. They deserve a word of appreciation.

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