Chitotela Launches Lala, Bemba Books to Promote Local Tourism


Tourism and Arts Minister Ronald Chitotela has launched two books authored in vernacular aimed at promoting local tourism to local tourists with President Edgar Lungu being the first to get a copy.

Mr. Chitotela says the book authored in Lala by Lala Kalindula Musician and Diplomat at the Zambian Mission in India, Bangwe Naviley Chisenga, has impressed President Lungu as it will market the Lala sanctity to locals beyond Chitambo, Serenje, Mkushi and Luano Districts of Central Province.

He says Mr. Bangwe’s book, Kwilala Ukwelele Icitala, is unique as it highlights the history of the Lala people that originated from Katanga Region and how their way of life has been affected by urbanization and technology.

Mr. Chitotela is also happy with Andrew Chibwe Mpundu, a former Diplomat at the Zambian Mission in India currently working as an Accountant at the Ministry of Transport and Communications, who has authored a book in Bemba titled Ico Utemenwe Ecikosha Imbafu.

At a media launch in Lusaka today, Mr. Chitotela says Mr. Mpundu’s book contributes greatly to the preservation of local knowledge for the benefit of generations to come.
Speaking earlier, Lala Kalindula Musician and Diplomat at the Zambian Mission in India, Bangwe Naviley Chisenga, says resources from the book will help in the completion of three schools in Serenje’s Mailo, Chisomo and Chibale Chiefdoms.

Mr. Bangwe says the three schools will be opened ceremoniously in the first week of November with funding from his Kolwe Akota Album and Umutekatima Book which profiled President Edgar Lungu.

And former Diplomat at the Zambian Mission in India currently working as an Accountant at the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Andrew Chibwe Mpundu, urged young people to use their local knowledge to promote tourism and raise funds for personal and national development.


  1. Eya mukwai. Let’s promote the use of our local languages side by side with english.. and I like the shirt the man on the left is wearing. There we go, except for “shirt”, I know how to say the former sentence in Bemba. Who can help?

  2. If i may be excued to mention this that this is tribalism at its best. Why not bring up all 7 tribes ie Bemba, Tonga, Nyanja, Lunda, Kaonde, Luvale and Lozi books since that is a public premises?

  3. Well done gentlemen, it takes a lot of commitment to write especially that Zambia has lost its reading culture. I am interested in reading both books. It should go further than the launch. Let the books be submitted to the curriculum development centre for study. It’ll be great if the be included in the school curriculum for those that take the languages. I encourage others to emulate the 2 gentlemen.

  4. Zambia’s other problem is dull ministers. Crooked ones at that. The ministers that should be in the foreground are docile and yes women. Zambia needs vibrant technocrats and visionaries that apply their knowledge.

  5. What do you mean Chitotela Launches Lala, Bemba Books is it money from his corrupt pocket and ZAMBIA HAS over a dozen languages if this hand ministerial backing they would have translated it all of them but LAZY LUNGU,s ministers are too arrogant and dull to listen.

  6. Lala pipo originated from Ethiopia in the late 1700s and NOT Congo. This is why you see their women are so beautiful – just like Ethiopian women

  7. Lusaka Times, please verify the origin of the term “vernacular”. It derives from the Latin for male slave, “verna”. Its usage denotes, “common and base languages of the streets”
    We should call our languages befitting names, local languages, national languages, mother tongues and other positive terms, no matter how common and accepted the derogatory term “vernacular” is.

  8. Tourists???
    You can’t build 3 schools from selling Lala history books. Try fiction novels. Unfortunately people spend time on Tik-Tok.

  9. @Sena, take up the challenge and write in your language. The gentlemen have written in their languages so where’s tribalism here? The Kaonde have failed to produce another book since they wrote ” Ba Kaonde na Binsela Nsela Byabo”. If others take the initiative to write books in their languages don’t fault them. If you can’t push yourself no one will

  10. @ Sena you do not expect one person to write books in all the 7 official languages. People can only write in the language they are conversant with. Why don’t write yours in your language. If all the 73 Zambians tribes were up to the game could write in their dialects – we could have more books in Zambian languages on the shelves.

  11. The shelter called toll gate on the Ndola Kitwe dual carriage way cost us the tax payers 4.3 million US dollars. Nothing more to add, thanks

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