Preliminary works on Batoka Hydroelectric Dam kicks off

Batoka Hydro Power station designs
Batoka Hydro Power station designs

The preliminary construction works on the 2, 400MW Batoka Gorge hydroelectric dam developed by the government of Zambia in collaboration with Zimbabwe has begun in preparation for the full implementation of the mega electricity generation scheme.

This was revealed by Dr. Gloria Magombo, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of energy and Power Development in Zimbabwe who also co-chairs the Zambezi River Authority (ZRA) Board with her Zambian counterpart, Mr. Trevor Kaunda.

Speaking during the virtual launch of the ZRAs 2020-2024 strategy, Dr. Magombo said that the work is being carried out by a consortium made up of Power China International Group Ltd and General Electric.

Power China is a Chinese based enterprise engaged in renewable energy and the development of hydropower resources while General Electric is an American multinational conglomerate that operates in aviation, healthcare, power, renewable energy, digital industry, additive manufacturing, and venture capital and finance sectors.

The consortium won the contract in July last year.


  1. @2 Tarino Orange, you seem to be very ignorant on what developments are taking place in Zambia. Or is it because it has become traditional for you to just blame and condemn? The above mentioned project is not the only one and type being developed in Zambia. There a good number of infrastructure development projects taking place in Zambia in general. Equally, there are good number types of power generation projects taking place in Zambia including solar. Just few days ago, I read that wind power generation is destined for implementation. Ninshi bawishi/banyina mwalichona sana mwalilapa naku Zambia?

  2. @Wise timing: Buloshi. It pains him that development is taking place in the country he looks down on. That people he left behind, thinking he was going to a better place and be a better person, are today corporate, business and political leaders recognized globally while he’s a queer nobody in a land that doesn’t even accept him. So chawama po fyonse fya onauka, ubuloshi!!!

  3. Zambia thinking is still 1970s the future is solar farms, first with global warming we are having droughts thus water storage. so the Batoka dam will be a failure after all Vic Falls nearly drys up each year for 3 months and Kariba Dam is 24% full now and not in full operation. Take Australia that is now building the worlds biggest solar farm 12 times bigger output than Kariba and is shipping the power to Singapore. This solar farm is built at 25% of the Batoka Dam cost and produces 25 times more
    es the amount of power and will produce free power as long as the sun shines , There are many solar farms in Australia and 96% of all Aussie homes and business have solar panels and geezers on the roofs, paid with govt grants , even a lot of the panels and other parts are make in Australia…

  4. CONTINUED -creating local employment. this could be done in Zambia and we can save a lot of money and create employment .plus we would surplus to sell to other countries.
    The Batoka dam will be a white elephant and the only winners will be the Chinese and Americans who will then sell the power to the highest bidder who will be Escom South Africa. remember Zambia only gets 50% return as Zim get the other halve. Stop it now and go Solar, talk to the Australians I say.
    “Google worlds biggest solar farm Australia”.
    The Sun Cable project in the Northern Territory is part of an unprecedented rush of activity in the renewables sector in Australia. There are currently 91 renewable projects either under construction or due to commence soon across the country which will deliver a combined…

  5. CONTINUED – $19 billion AUD in capital costs, 13,175 jobs and 10,531 MW of new energy.
    Queensland is leading the way with 3175 MW in projects underway across 15 projects, while New South Wales has invested the most with over $5 billion spread across 28 projects that will deliver 2980 MW of energy. There are renewable projects all over Australia including two in Tasmania and a total of four in the Northern Territory..

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