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Maximise your potential First Lady advises women

General News Maximise your potential First Lady advises women

First Lady Esther Lungu has encouraged women to maximize their potential for the attainment of household and national development.

The First Lady was speaking in Mambwe when she held an entrepreneurship symposium with women church groups where she empowered them with a total of K50, 000.

Mrs Lungu said Mambwe district is the second after Katete to have benefitted from the Church based women empowerment program which is being piloted in the province under the Esther Lungu Foundation Trust.

She has challenged the women to work hard and multiply the empowerment funds for the growth of the church and the country at large.

“I have piloted this program to enable me work with you our mothers in churches. Let us commit and remain focused so that we empower ourselves and have a positive impact on the development of our nation,” she said.

Mrs Lungu added that women are agents of change and can ascend to greater heights once they commit themselves.

The First Lady also took time to encourage the women with the word of God.

“God answers prayers so I encourage you to commit your hard work to Christ so that he blesses and multiplies the works of your hands”, she said.

The gathering that was characterized by prayer and worship, saw the ten different church groups go away with K5, 000 each.

A representative of the women from the Reformed Church in Zambia (RCZ), Joy Mwale thanked the First Lady for the empowerment.

Ms. Mwale said the funds will go a long way in the implementation of projects the different women groups have and intend to embark on.

“As RCZ, we have a project to construct a house to respond to the accommodation challenge the district is faced with but we only had K1, 000 in our coffers. So these funds you have given us will make a difference as we can now say we have K6,000 towards the project,” she explained.

The gathering was also attended by the Area Member of Parliament (MP) Makebi Zulu who is also the Provincial Minister.

He encouraged the women to always do the best and commit their work to God.

“God has been answering our prayers as a nation. He has come through whenever our country has been hit by dire situations we have always managed to conquer. This is because we are a nation that loves God,” he said.

Mr. Zulu thanked the First Lady for the numerous empowerment programs being implemented in the province and Malambo constituency in particular.


  1. This worst way of starting the day. This has been a wasted week in past 6 months. You can’t spoil a Friday with this woman.

  2. Good advice from first lady, please ladies maximise your potential, you don’t even need bill 10 actually. You can be anything you want, you can be a councilor, MP, President or even prosperous entrepreneur. All these things do not even require bill 10.

  3. Nostra go and cry in a dark room.

    Our mother of nation we thank you for your wisdom. It is disappointing we never hear from mutinta hakainde- a wlfe to a so called billionaire who is vying for presidency. She clearly does not have a heart for the people.name one charity cause of hers ?

    • But have we heard from your wife, Kaizar. Not that we expect to hear anything of substance from her but we have still not heard from her

  4. Zambian women have tremendous potential. They can take on any challenge in the world. They only need a support like this.

  5. She hasn’t maximized hers or even knows what hard work is all about ever since she moved from Chawama

  6. The President and First Lady are doing everything they can for the people of Zambia, and will continue to do so. It is now up to the people to decide what is good for them. It is high time that we gave a serious thought to what we want in life.

  7. Women of Zambia would have been in much better condition had the Bill10 been passed. But the selfish opposition has killed it. Yet, First Lady is continuing her social service and efforts to uplift lives of women in Zambia.

  8. The help that is coming to women through the Foundation can pave way for growth of women and girls in Zambia. The only thing is that women should invent newer ways to multiply the assets created from the aide.

  9. Continuous personal evolution is the key to success and growth. After sabotage of Bill10 women in Zambia will have to struggle harder. But don’t you worry. The First Lady and The President are there for you always. Women can bank on them for their growth.

  10. Every month its a trip to eastern province to hand out this or that. These guys are really trying to get the whole of eastern to vote for them so that they can counter the votes from southern province. Unfortunately in the process they have neglected their other strongholds like CB and Northern which are going to cost them.

  11. Excellent work by our First Lady. Your work has made a difference in the lives of these women. Your message is timely, it about time that Zambian women uplift themselves and become self reliant. Depend on no one, ask for strength from God and pursue your dreams and goals. Everything is possible if you put your mind and effort towards it.

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