The Third Term Lies being spread by Opposition is as a result of Fear of President Lungu Candidature


The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) Copperbelt Chairman Nathan Chanda has accused the opposition of spreading what he described as blue lies that President Edgar Lungu wants a third term.

Speaking when he received Former Kafulafuta UPND Member of Parliament Brian Chitafu who resigned from the Opposition party to join the ruling PF, Mr. Chanda said that President Lungu has not served for two terms and is not going for three terms as the lies from UPND, adding that the opposition is pushing the third term narrative out of fear of facing President Lungu on the ballot because they know that he will win again because of the development works he has done for Zambia.

“The UPND wants us to put in a weaker candidate. If President Edgar Lungu was weak, the UPND could have been very happy, but they know the strength of President Lungu, that is why they are so scared of President Lungu,” Mr Chanda said.

On Bill 10 Mr. Chanda said that PF is not the one that lost on Bill 10, but the youths, women, disabled, Traditional Leaders, Christians and innocent Zambian people.

Mr. Chanda said that UPND was the cause of Bill 10 after they lost the 2016 general Elections and that was the UPND that complained after the loss in 2016 and wanted to repeal the Public order of 1955 and the Electoral reforms that is how the meeting for Secretary Generals was called in Siavonga.

Mr. Chanda also encouraged members to register as many members as possible in the Voters registration exercise which commences on 9th November 2020 by the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

And Mr. Chitafu who is also the first UPND MP for Kafulafuta of Lamba land said there is no way a person can ignore the development agenda of the PF. Mr. Chitafu said he is shocked that people can doubt the development agenda of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

“Today, I have come to join the family of development. There is no way I can ignore the development agenda of the PF and President Edgar Lungu,” Mr Chitafu said

Mr. Chanda directed the District Chairman for Masaiti to give positions to the new members and form more branches. In PF there is nothing like this one is new or old , this one is from this tribe or part of the country but we all one under the one Zambia one motto.

Masaiti Member of Parliament Micheal Katambo said the PF has always strived to ensure that it’s Members of Parliament work for the people.

Hon. Katambo said the Constituencies are so big in Ndola rural and it is important that people can have a share of national development.

“So everything that we fought to have in Bill 10, is for the good of the people. But the UPND has rejected to bring development to the people. So the issues that we need to look now is for the needs of the people. All those that have come from the UPND is for the good of the people. Us as PF, our duty is to ensure that we work for the people. Our driver is Edgar Chagwa Lungu and he is the one who will lead this country to higher heights.”

“President Lungu will win with over 72 percent so don’t be left out in this development agenda for Zambia,” Hon Katambo said.

Kafulafuta Member of Parliament who is also Constituency PF Chairman Joseph Kabamba and PF District Chairman Mr Kalutwa said the PF is still growing strong and strong in Masaiti.

“Today we are receiving 700 members from the UPND. This shows that the PF is growing and growing,” he said.

Copperbelt PF Chairlady Rose Mukupo said defectors should be truthful when joining the party. She said it is good that people have voluntarily decided to join the ruling party at will.

Others that defected included David Zulu, the Kafulafuta Constituency Chairman who said he has decided to join the PF because of the works which are visible.


  1. Lungu’s tenure has been high debt ,high inflation and growing poverty .His candidature is better forgotten or even avoided.

    • I agree with Nathan Chanda. The opposition have nothing to offer so they are clutching at straws that give them any imagined hope of entering State House. They have a fear of facing Lungu because they are scatterbrains who don’t have the discipline required to enforce a plan. They have no manifestos.
      Lungu is such a weak opponent that if one just sat down and strategized with a focus the Chimwemwe man would be exposed for the failure he is. His only strategy is to appeal to the large Christian population that he is from God. He then puts on a humble face which fools most Zambians and they forget about manyumba 48, gassing, loadshedding, Forest 27, Swaziland bribes, and numerous other PF shortcomings

  2. The President has served his time and it’s time to go. Article 106(3) of the Zambian constitution ba Nathan Chanda says, any person who has been elected twice and held office twice shall not be eligible to contest. The term issue doesn’t matter.

  3. Imwe ba mwankole which lies kanshi? do you ever take time to read your constitution? I thought your President ECL is a learned lawyer?
    Aweh,continue deceiving yourselves till the last minute…You are too blind to see or read between the lines!! You are doing yourselves dununa reverse apa!! Americans have themselves a 77 year old president, wind of change was too strong to be prevented.
    Zambians let us vote wisely,let us emulate the Americans,and let us not be tribal!!

    • Which last minute? If Lungu’s candidature has to be nullified it cant be at the last minute. Do it now. That is why there are courts even if they are impotent.

  4. The kwacha is like getting to junk status, fuel shortages , inflation sky high , unemployed unmanageable , debt unpayable ….

  5. I think the PF are using wrong reasons in defence of the perceived third term bid. They should isolate bill 10 arguments which citizens are not willing to buy in from the technical third discussion. As soon as you talk about bill ten, believe me, it’s a big big minus to the argument. Whoever advises MPs and the president should directly tell them that bill 10 was so poorly handled that it’s even a dent to PF. No average citizen understands it. Am sure even their family members dont.

  6. Which development iwe in nakonde we are surviving by the grace of God no jobs and we don’t want to continue increasing lsk for no reason we want our district to be managble by ourselves as we locals sure the population z increasing no plans for our government how our district will be in future. Honestly speaking if the will be no change expect higher number of crime in nakonde.

  7. Well meaning Zambians will not vote for pf only those who dine with pf & those eat leftovers from the pf dinner table & those who eat the crumbs will vote for pf

  8. Eligiblity no bwino bwino find another one bosses otherwise our HH will be the only candidate so, that is the likage free of charge otherwise ni no bwino bwino filing in

  9. Iwe chanda why spend your energy talking about an issue that has already been ruled or adjudicated by the highest court on such issues in our land. That is a closed issue.
    Expend your energies on other progressive matters as 2021 fast approaches. Develop Luanshya, we move on.
    Don’t dwell on past ruled court matters or have you also been dununaed reverse.

  10. The sad reality for you is when those crowds translate to votes, you will be doomed.
    PF will win the 2021 polls.
    And you will start calling us names.

  11. They are very scared of ECL. They can smell the defeat coming. If ECL is useless as alleged by upnd then why not let a useless opponent stand so that you win? Whether a jesus or a frog stood on the pf ticket, they would still win, that is how much zanbians despise arrogant tribal buffoons like the upnd.

  12. Just take it to a court and finish it from there. Not blah blah blah all the time. Some things should be treated with either dignity or contempt by letting the competent institutions do the talking.

  13. In Lungu’s government there’s only abject poverty and suffering for most families, Zambian people are being used as slaves in their own country by foreigners like the Chinese who are now Manganese Mine owners, that pay hard working Zambians slave wages of less than 2 dollars per day and less than 70 dollars per month. Zambian people are sick and tired of Lungu and his visionless leadership

    ”A visionless person is a purposeless person. Yes! besides that, a visionless life is equally not worth living at all. Thus, you’ve got to be a visionary, as well discover and fulfill your purpose for being here (on earth)”. Emeasoba George

  14. Keep singing that song that the opposition is spreading lies …you will be shocked after your leader files his nomination, why has he stopped his weekend tours all the sudden if he cares for the people now that Bill 10 is no more.

  15. Who was the president of Zambia before 2016 general elections = Edigar Chagwa Lungu
    Who was the president after 2016 general elections = Edigar Chagwa Lungu
    Elected twice, sworn as president twice and held presidential office twice.
    Zambians don’t need university education to understand this.

  16. I think this chanda boy doesn’t know how to count. He should go back to school like Davies mwila .Sworn in once is one term, sworn in twice is second term and if you are going to be sworn in again then that is called third term. As for being afraid of Lungu, he is actually the most preferred candidate since he will be the easiest to beat. The complaint of standing three times is based on principle not fear.

  17. Vice President X takes over from President A upon death or impeachment. VP X serves for 2 years, 11 months and 29 days and resigns. President B is elected and appoints X again as VP running mate. President B leaves office for health reasons. X takes over again and serves for 2 years, 11 months and 29 days and resigns. President C is elected and also chooses X as VP running mate. President C dies. SHOULD VP X again take over and be President for the third time without ever being elected? This is where you must explain what ‘HOLDING OFFICE TWICE’ means.

  18. The opposition are not afraid of ECL, but they want to protect the constitution of zambia and one is above the law. We cant allow him contunue breaking the law with impunity. first he allowed mps to remain and now he want to run for third term. We say NO to third term.

  19. You cant complain now? You should have raised this issue when a decision to hold elections in order to elect a President to complete the remaining 3 years of Sata’s term was made. No one said anything at that time except me. It is now a dead issue Mr. whoever you are. Lungu will stand and that is that. Let the opposition challange chapwa

  20. You cant complain now? You should have raised this issue when a decision to hold elections in order to elect a President to complete the remaining 3 years of Sata’s term was made. No one said anything at that time except me. It is now a dead issue Mr. whoever you are. Lungu will stand and that is that. Let the opposition challange chapwa

    Just prepare yourselves ba opposition

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