Measures in place stop the further escalation of theft of farming inputs-Agriculture Minister

Agriculture Minister Michael Katambo
Agriculture Minister Michael Katambo

The government says it has put in place strategies that will avert the further escalation of theft of farming inputs in the country ahead of the forthcoming agricultural season.

Minister of Agriculture Michael Katambo said his ministry received reports of a farming inputs scandal in Kanchibiya district of Muchinga Province Mr Katambo made the remarks in parliament today when responding to a question from Kanchibiya Member of Parliament Martin Malama.

Dr Malama wanted to know the total quantity of farming inputs, under the Farmer Input Support Programme, for the 2020/2021 farming season and when the farming inputs which was reported missing will be replaced and distributed to farmers in Kachibiya.

Dr Malama further asked what measure government was putting in place to prevent the missing of farming inputs from recurring.

Mr Katambo explained that 154 by 10 kilogramme bags of Maize seed and about 32 by 10 kilogramme bags of soya beans went missing.

“We are in receipt of the report of theft of farming inputs in Kanchibiya district and we are following up the matter closely that has implicated the warehouse manager whose issue has been taken to court. At least 154 by 10 KG maize seeds and 32 by 10 KG soya beans seed were stolen but we have enhanced security and have engaged farmers to report any suspicion of farming inputs handling,” Mr Katambo said.

Mr Katambo pointed out that 75 by 10KG bags of maize seeds that went missing in Kanchibiya have been recovered and the matter is before the courts of law.

He cited enhanced security around the warehouses and awareness of farmers to report any suspicions as among the measures that the government has put in place.

Mr Katambo pointed out that once verification is done in other districts, Kanchibiya will be allocated some inputs to make amends for the stolen potion.

And Kafue Member of Parliament Mirriam Chonya asked whether the government has received similar reports from other parts of the country.

Without hesitation. The Minister of Agriculture Michael Katambo answered in affirmation that from the cross section of the country similar reports have come through.

“We have received similar reports of theft of farming inputs in some parts of the country and we are seriously handling such matters administratively. We are also contemplating on putting some surplus farming inputs so that they help in times of unforeseen calamities but we are seriously warning people to desist from theft of farming inputs as they will face the full wrath of the law,” he cautioned.

He further warned people who are in the habit of stealing farming inputs to refrain from doing so as they will meet the full fury of the law.

Government flagged off the distribution of the 2020/2021 Farmer Input Support Programme in September this year.


  1. Cage those savages. For me if I catch you stealing on my farm, I will call the police. Long gone are the days as a youth when I used to beat up. Nenzo menya bantu 7 at the Same time ku secondary school

  2. I gave my details to the chairperson of a cooperative in our area in silverest farms where own a farm 2 months ago but was told that l can not access the inputs this year but only nexy year. This system is flowed and innefficiently unproductive . GRZ needs to look into this .

  3. Kekekekeke did they search at Martin Malama’s farm for missing fertilizers? How can thieves steal from Inspector General of Police Malama?
    Kampyongo should spend more time sniffing out those koswes stealing seeds, than continue fighting gangs in Lusaka.

  4. Iwe Katambo, are u saying theft is an on-going issue still, and instead of employing stiff measures to stop it completely but you are just reducing it??? What a misiter!!!

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