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Bushiri and wife flee SA for Malawi, breaking bail conditions


Embattled self-proclaimed prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife have fled to Malawi for their safety, a week after being granted R200,000 bail by the Pretoria magistrate’s court.Bushiri said in a statement that he and his wife temporarily left for Malawi due to safety concerns.

Bushiri, his wife Mary, Landiwe Ntlokwana Zethu and Willie Mudolo, are facing charges of theft, money laundering and fraud in connection with an alleged R100m investment scheme.

The Bushiris and their co-accused were released on bail last week Wednesday after their arrest last month.

The Bushiris’ bail conditions saw them barred from travelling outside SA and only permitted to travel in Gauteng and North West.

They, along with their co-accused, had to report every Monday and Friday to their nearest police station; were barred from disposing of any property; had to hand over to the state the original title deed to their R5.5m property in Midstream Estate, Centurion; and were barred from threatening witnesses and the investigation and prosecution teams, even while preaching.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, Bushiri announced that he and his wife had arrived in Malawi “because of safety and security issues since 2015”.
“I would like to inform the general public that my wife Mary and I are temporarily in our home country, Malawi, because of safety and security issues since 2015, matters that got worse when we just got out on bail.

“There have been clear and evident attempts to have myself, my wife and my family killed and despite several attempts to report to authorities, there has never been state protection.

“Our coming to Malawi, hence is a tactical withdrawal from the Republic of South Africa, solely meant to preserve our lives.

“These attempts have been heightened with recent spates of arrests and detentions that we felt the only way for us to clear our names before the law is to ensure that our lives are preserved. My wife and I strongly believe in our innocence but this cannot be proved if our lives are not preserved. We have to be alive to testify to our innocence.

“As we stand here, we were arrested in 2019 on allegedly money laundering charges and it’s getting to two years now without trial because the state is not ready to give it.


  1. Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!
    It’s tru what they say…., that, Religion was invented when the first con man met the first f o o l.

  2. The elephant in the room is his claim to the South African Courts that he has a Zambian diplomatic Passport. Can Ministry of Home Affairs please appraise the nation as to how a foreign national can travel on Zambian State issued special document? This is why western countries think our passports are worthless in integrity. He probably used it to flee South Africa using this passport.

  3. Why does Kalaba associates himself with this conman fraudster?

    For this reason alone, I rule him out to be president of our country.

    Bushiri and others like him have become very wealthy on the backs of poor people. Same as TB Joshua, who sells annointed water for 10 USD to poor people who believe in that nonsense.

  4. Every fooool has followers ..these two were already moving property to Malawi but they still gave them bail, he knows he will be protected by the Pastor President there…these are the people Kalaba has on his speed dial.

  5. Ndoleshyafye – Surely do you not think PF would not have leaked that information especially that Kalaba was busy shouting about corruption in Lazy Lungu’s govt? Plus his passport was withheld as per bail condition as he and his wife were a high flight risk

  6. This is a messed up affair even before it begins. He will now be bleeding the millions he is accused of laundering to save his skin. The world is a very just one guys… what you acquire unjustly will evaporate into thin air in no time.

  7. I doubt that it was a coincidence that the Bushiri’s escaped the same day the Malawian president was in Pretoria yesterday. The presidents flight back to Malawi was delayed for hours. Could it be that someone amongst the crew on the flight back to Malawi was on Bushiri’s payroll,

  8. The courts might want to also review kambwili bail conditions. There is nothing stopping him from flying to UK for tea. I think he should go back in

  9. He seems to be a man of God that has won more brainless zealots to his movement than souls to God. Indeed there’s strong witchcraft in Malawi

  10. Senseless Papa with no regard for the Laws of the land he resides in. I hope life catches up with them two. @ Public Enemy no 2, I assume they used his private jet. You can only wonder who cleared the air space for them to leave, it comes down to corruption.

  11. Religion which was hummered into gullible people my colonisers has become so entrenched such that even our leaders kneel to figments of that and begin to force it on us for their survival. There you are ProFAKE BUSHILU was a money spinner n scoundrel. Kalaba harry should know better.
    Total rubbish.

  12. “Believing is worth nothing. Believing is just a bucket of dogma; it does not change the price of bread. Show me what you do with your beliefs, then I’ll tell you if it is practical or not. Believing in the trinity does not add to your days, does not put bread on your neighbor’s table, does not stop the violence against women.”

    – Joshua Maponga

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