Thursday, June 13, 2024

CK Urges ECZ to extend Voter Registration Exercise.


National Democratic Congress (NDC) President Mr. Chishimba Kambwili has urged the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to consider extending the ongoing voter registration exercise owing to the many challenges being experienced so far during Registration.

Commenting on the exercise which started on Monday 9th November 2020 and runs up until December 12th 2020, Mr. Kambwili has described the registration process as tedious.
He added that even if the process is cumbersome, Zambians should not be discouraged from trooping to registration centres but ensure that they register in masses.

He further advised the Electoral Commission Zambia to increase its manpower at registration centers as well as bringing additional machinery to capture prospective voters who are trooping to these centers.

Mr. Kambwili said this after successfully registering as a voter in the Roan constituency this morning.

He noted that there is power in the vote adding that Zambians have a chance to determine the destine of their future next year using the ballot.

The highlight of his Registration however came when he discovered that his details had been filled in as “female” but it was however rectified and corrected before his voter’s card was issued.

Mr. Kambwili was accompanied by NDC National Mobilisation Chairperson Mr. Christopher Mutale and his Private Secretary Fabian Mutale


  1. Let’s see how it goes first, the ECZ though not the best of my friends always extends such things. They can’t announce the extension now because people will relax in going to register saying there is more time. Even these challenges are normal teething problems, they will get refined as we go, let’s not despair and become cry babies like PF on bill 10

  2. It is for ecz to assess the situation and decide whether an extension is necessary. However what I find odd is people like kambwili who may be in prison and whose parties don’t even have that many followers, requesting an extension. Even if they extend you are not winning the election. You know it, your supporters know it and I know it too.

  3. Nothing seems to be working in this country, the other day I was in Chingola shoprite at the mall, all employees in the shop the masks were necklaces, I went to hungry lion Chingola it was the same, I went to Mukuba Mall pick n pay in Kitwe half of the employees were in masks the other half, the masks were necklaces. Why not leave these things at home if you don’t have use for them. Ministry of Health who are supposed to be enforcers , sleeping like ECZ

  4. Jeneral I am sure you said the same in 2011 and during the subsequent re- election of pf. The lab technician is wiser than you and is contributing more to Zambia as a senior civil servant than you so called educated people will ever do. Continue cleaning amafi and toilets there abroad

  5. Kaizer, just wrap up. We are sick and tired of your failures. Economy you have failed, to get relief from bond holders you have failed, bill 10 you have failed, even just football you are struggling. Do you know that there is a provision called resignation in your jobs, you are the advisor, advise him to invoke that provision before you do further damage

  6. At the very beginning of his appearing on this site, I suggested and cautioned the wider readership that Kaiser Zulu mind and pattern of his thinking left many questions unanswered at best may be insane. He vigorously defended and justified himself hiding behind the Vin pin. Fast forward- vindication has emerged that we may be dealing with a schizophrenic person. I stand to be corrected.

  7. Muna good to see you are back. Unfortunately you are irritatingly copying and pasting the same things again. Can you desist from such f00lish behaviour.

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