Friday, February 23, 2024

UPND Accuses ECZ of conniving with the PF to slow down the ongoing voter registration exercise


United Party for National Development (UPND) Religious Affairs Deputy Chairperson for Affairs, William Njombo has accused the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) of conniving with the PF to slow down the ongoing voter registration exercise.

And Rev. Njombo says President Hakainde Hichilema’s advise to the ECZ to stop ‘playing games’ with the voter registration exercise is timely and must not be ignored.

Rev. Njombo stated that it was regrettable that the PF controlled ECZ had resorted to playing games with the people of Zambia by meddling in the voter registration exercise which he said was part of the electoral process.

“Because the PF knows that their time is up, they have now come up with deliberately manoeuvres to disenfranchise Zambians! They have messed up everything and Zambians are resolved to kick out the PF. And now they are using the ECZ to try and play games to try and disenfranchise Zambians.” says Rev Njombo.

ECZ has set December 12th as the deadline for the voter registration exercise which commenced on Monday this week despite a backlash from the general public and various stakeholders that the period was too short for the elections body to capture the targeted 9 million voters.


  1. I was waiting for this nonsense from upnd. I wonder what took them long. They are so predictably f00lish. What did Zambia do to deserve such useless opposition? When we were in opposition we argued our points in parliament and never blamed anyone for our losses. We went back to the people and sold our message in all corners. The upnd are lazy and think they can win an election by sitting on their smelly sweaty backsides and throwing baseless claims. Tasila will be president before hh. Mark my words.


    The chosen one

  2. Look I am UPND, I also know we are dealing with questionable characters but let us reduce our cry baby approach to national issues. There is not even a single UPND advert on radio or TV galvanizing people to go and register en masse so that when time for elections comes people vote for your party, you know that you are not allowed to assemble, the ruling party is assembling and busy campaigning, find a way to beat the system, you are too quiet and yet you are the largest opposition party, start creating the hype in your members, you also seem to have a non existent media team. We want them to be saying something but with civility and not like the two guys from the ruling party

  3. Rev Njombo, seat down and start organizing the party. Bwetu Bwetu won’t help us. We are dealing with a brutal regime here wounded by the loss of Bill 10. You saw their boss taking the bill 10 cries to central province last week where people had assembled to hear developmental issues just to land in bill 10 tears from the Great leader according to Bowman

  4. Okay UPeND has become boring,very boring! Always crying ?????…..just find a strategy to beat your PF colleagues osati daily mfwemfwe!

  5. Childish politics! How will the slow registration of voters only benefit the PF and not the other parties? When is UPND going to mature and deal with real issues instead of being crybabies.

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