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Kazungula Bridge will next year undergo a quality audit using specialized Equipment-Auditor-General


Auditor-General, Dick Sichembe has said that the Kazungula Bridge across the Zambezi River between Zambia and Botswana will next year be audited using specialised equipment.

Dr. Sichembe said that the Office of the Auditor-General has been equipped with specialised equipment to audit the quality of works done on infrastructure projects.

Dr. Sichembe said that a team of experts which was trained in Norway to carry out the specialized infrastructure audits will be deployed to the Kazungula Bridge next year for the scheduled audit.

Speaking when he toured the Kazungula Bridge, Dr. Sichembe said the project will also be subjected to a performance audit.

The Auditor-General stated that the performance audit will ascertain the efficiency and effectiveness of the bridge as well as monitor the investments in the structure.

Dr. Sichembe said the Office of the Auditor-General wants to ensure all investments in infrastructure development projects across the country directly benefit the Zambian people.

And Kazungula Bridge Project Manager, Godfrey Songeya said Zambia and Botswana are finalising the One-Stop Border Post bilateral agreement before the bridge is commissioned.


  1. Excellent but sure this is unprecedented development. Only an evil sadist would criticise pf work. I cannot wait to cruise on that bridge while listening to am a barbie girl in a barbie world

  2. Could we also have a serious audit for the mind of Zambia’s minister of finance. $42.7 million could have easily been paid. I know the president wants to let appointees work semi independently. This is and was not one of those times. Get the MMD former ministers of finance to help. This is an easy hiccup to solve. Renegotiate and pay the creditors. Then get rid of lusambo, kampyongo and the minister of tourism. Also austerity measures should hit every minister and MP starting yesterday.

  3. Sichembe, how about starting first with your so called fly over bridges ? Look at the quality Bwana, unless I am seeing such an object for the first time in my life. When it comes to the securing ( road safety issues) along the Great East Road, its a horror seeing such carelessness and lack of seriousness. Where are our Engineers Association ?

  4. Ba just open the bridge next month, talking as if you used your money to build it. Alaa. We want smooth passage now after years of paying for pontoons. Uko with your audits. Audit these road & school project & tell us how you could appoint ministers & permanent secretaries to build govt buildings & roads. How?

  5. Thank you Botswanan Govt …if this project was funded by China and built by the Chinks it would have costed us $500 million loan and of poor standard thanks to these thieves in PF. We thank the Tswanas …you saved us millions!!

  6. Dick means ubbukkala…
    Chikkala has never audited any PF minister, now want to be auditing Botswana?
    These idyots want to destroy the bridge already, they are very craft, they didn’t steal enough money because Botswana had eye on the money. PF things are full of sabotage, they get even jealous of their own good work. The bridge is perfect you Dick!!
    Now these PF idyots want to bring a “specialized machine”, there is no such a thing. The bridge was tested at each centimeter of construction, you don’t need to retest using a Dick!!

  7. Sichembe is talking sense. This is a very expensive piece of infrastructure. A mistake in construction could cost lives and property. Audit of such infrastructure often takes civil engineers and other construction experts who are later trained in accounting.

  8. Such an audit should have been done at every stage of construction. Not at completion stage. People will begin to think that someone wants to make money now which they did not make during work in progress. Supposing, God forbid, you detect some defects in the structure, are you going to demolish it?

  9. There’s quality control by the contractor but it has to be independently confirmed by those who are not connected to the project.

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