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Malupenga urges media to also report on Science and not just politics


Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary, Amos Malupenga has called on the media fraternity to prioritize their reporting on science and technology topics.

Mr. Malupenga observed that the media has concentrated their reporting on politics at the expense of various developmental programmes.

Speaking when Russian Delegates to the Communication Conference visited the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) Cancer Diseases, Children’s Wing, Mr. Malupenga explained that the media should be able to bring out both successful and challenging stories that may spark support from stakeholders.

The Permanent Secretary stated that UTH Cancer Diseases Hospital has achieved a lot of successes that needs to be brought to the attention of the Public to attract support so that they keep moving.

“We want to challenge all the communicators to prioritize science and technology reporting because everything hinges around the subject,” The Permanent Secretary indicated.

He commended Unity Foundation, a Russian Non-governmental Organization for introducing the dreamer space for art project, saying that it will help relieve the pressure among children suffering from cancer.

He stated that it will also give hope to the children who have spent most of their time in the hospital that they too are capable of doing great things in life.

And Russia Unity Foundation Founder Alena Kuzmenko disclosed that the aim of the project is to ensure that children suffering from diseases such cancer, too see their dreams through painting.

Ms. Kuzmenko explained that the project involves children around the world who paint their dreams and their paintings are exhibited on a spacesuit used by those who go to space using National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

She noted that the project is an inspiration to children with serious diseases to divert their attention towards art so that it helps them forget about the diseases they are suffering from even just for a little while.

She revealed the foundation was working with seven countries across the world making Zambia the Eighth and first in Africa.

“Currently we are working on a Dreamer Spacesuit which will fly to space in February 2021 and has already been painted in seven countries and 14 cities. Lusaka will be the 15th city and Zambia the 8th country. And the dreams of the kids from Zambia will see the stars very soon and we believe that when we are dreaming together we create new reality,” Ms. Kuzmenko explained.

Meanwhile, parents to the children could hide their joy towards the development.

A parent, Loveness Banda expressed gratitude to government for offering educational classes for children battling cancer, indicating that it helps them with learning even when in hospital.

Ms. Banda noted that the project will further give an opportunity to her sick child to experience something extraordinary because her painting will reach space, something that she has never thought of.

“I am very happy that my child will be having the experience of a lifetime. We are heavily burdened here in the hospital because all my child thinks of is the cancer that she is battling with, but with this project, she will for once focus on something that makes her feel good,” a joyous Ms. Banda narrated.

Unity Foundation (Russia) and Space for Art Foundation (USA) have introduced the Space Suit Art Project in Zambia.

The main idea of the project is that pediatric oncology patients paint their dreams on a space suit together and send the collaborative work of art to the International Space Station.

Five suits have been made so far with the names Hope, Courage, Unity, Victory and Exploration and three of them were at the International Space Station.


  1. Heesh those Zambia under 17 boys at cosafa, can shoot!! They are young but tooshing that ball like no other.
    But still no revelations of talents to much Kalaba and Mbesuma.
    Fvck PF!

  2. The upnd media have nothing new to tell the zambian people so for them they will always report fake political news. Whereas for us we have so many developmental issues and projects to report on

  3. Blame the leaders who like politicking and politicising almost everything. Somebody can’t just read the speech normally without saying ‘under the able leadership of so and so’.

  4. I am sure we have all seen how CNN has supported Joe Biden and he has ended up victorious. In Zambia the whole CNN would then be appointed into government like Malupenga and his cohorts were rewarded from Post Newspaper to Permanent Secretry and now with no experience they know nothing in their new jobs. All Malupenga knows is just to control and censor former journalist colleagues.
    Malupenga you are the reason why journalists don’t cover anything but politics. You want them to report on you.

  5. How do you expect people out of work to read about science. Jobs food, health and the economy is politics. Fix all these and people will be able to talk about other things. By you suggesting that you are talking politics, why should you stop others from talking about politics? Politics is the number ONE driver of the economy. If you get politics right everything works way. When you fail in politics everything become a disaster.

  6. There is nothing in science to report about bwana. Its as if we dont have scientists here because they are too quiet. No research in covid vaccines, nothing they behave as if they are our engineers!

  7. Are Zambian journalists in the profession for the calling or to be noticed by political authority? Once they get appointed they become enemies of their own profession. Why? Do they envy the tyrants they report on?

  8. @ ChellaH Are Zambian journalists in the profession for the calling or to be noticed by political authority? Are THEY SERVING THEIR AUDIENCES OR THE POWERS THAT BE? Is Journalism a hideout for sellouts? I ask because once these journalists get appointed they become enemies of their own profession. Why? Do they envy the tyrants they report on?

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