Thursday, February 29, 2024

UPND calls for extension of Voter registration Period


The United Party for National Development(UPND)has urged the Electoral Commission of Zambia-ECZ-to consider increasing the allocated number of days for the on-going voter registration exercise from the current 46 days to 90 days.

In a short interview, UPND Lusaka Province Youth Chairperson, Anderson Banda accused the ECZ Electoral Officer, Patrick Nshindano of failing to listen to the numerous concerns that have been raised by various stakeholders and the general citizenry.

He noted that it would only be prudent that the ECZ heeds to the mounting general calls from the public and quickly extend the voter registration period as the exercise has been marred with numerous lapses.

He stated that the ECZ had continued to exhibit high levels of arrogance by insisting that they would not extend the voter registration period.

“It is in the interest of the Zambian people that the ECZ considers increasing the number of days for the exercise. As we all have seen, the process has been very slow; the Commission is understaffed and most of the machines have broken down. Therefore we demand that the duration for the exercise be extended. It’s a demand!” charged Mr Banda.

He has since appealed to the ECZ to ensure that a popular president wins and avoid the 2016 scenario where Mr Edgar Lungu emerged victorious with a small margin of less than 13,000 votes.

“The ECZ must remove personal interest in the process by getting to the round table with stakeholders. If they don’t do that, they will disadvantage the people who are eligible to vote which will lead to ushering into office a minority president, ” said Banda.


  1. ECZ knows very well that it will extend the days, if they tell you now that there will be an extension, you will start relaxing. strategically I cant advise ECZ to make the extension announcement now. Lets just work with the period given for now

  2. A loser asking for extensions is a waste of everyone’s time and resources. It is like the dumbest guy in class asking for an extension on his assignments when we know he is going to fail. Anyway I guess democracy is expensive and also to avoid these hyenas crying please give them the extension. We do not want allegations that we won unfairly.

  3. How are we going to tame this lab tech, if you look at it seriously he is the epitome of the mess in the country, isnt he the one who was advising the other one

  4. The guy is a laboratory technician and he is made political advisor, how please. And now a blogging expert and usually with no substance. He is deemed not to have worked if he does not mention UPND in his daily feeble attempt to discredit the next government I would assume UPND do not even pay attention to him

  5. I have angered a few monkeys above. It is clear for all to see. You call me lab technician, I think you will find that it is better than cleaning faeces for old people who mistreated your fore fathers. Imbwa imwe

  6. ECZ said employ 1100 workers to battle voters cards. WHEN?. And for how many days will they work out of 46 days left?
    Thinking capacity in Zambia is too low.

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