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Catholic Church implores Christians to exercise their civil rights by registering as voters


The Catholic Church in Northern Province has implored Christians to exercise their civil rights by registering as voters in the on-going voter registration exercise.

Archbishop of Kasama Archdiocese, Ignatius Chama said voting is a constitutional right and encouraged all eligible voters to ensure that they register during the exercise in order for them to take part in next year’s general elections.

Archbishop said this yesterday during a mass celebration and creation of Saint Thomas Sub Parish in Senior Chieftainess Chungu’s Chiefdom in Lupososhi District.

And Northern Province Minister, Chungu Bwalya who attended the mass celebration expressed gratitude to the church for its continued support in the issues of governance.

Mr Bwalya who is also Lupososhi Member of Parliament (MP) said most members of the community belong to the church hence making it a good platform to speak on national matters.

The lawmaker added that the church has the ability to change the prejudices of people in governance issues and help address the negative aspects surrounding voting.

Mr Bwalya also praised the Catholic Church for being an all-weather partner in the social, economic and spiritual well-being of the country.

“You have always been our partners in development and together we will continue fostering development for the betterment of our country,” he explained.

He explained that the Catholic Church is playing an instrumental role in a number of community supported initiatives in the area of education, health, hospices and poverty reduction.

“The church has continued to look after the aged and orphans in various parts of the country and these works are commendable,” he said.

Mr Bwalya further said government upholds the values of Zambia as a Christian nation and pledged to continue working together with the church in enhancing the social and economic development of the country.

Meanwhile, Senior Chieftainess Chungu of Lupososhi district thanked the Catholic Church for creating a parish in the area as it will bring people closer to God.

The traditional leader also thanked President Lungu for his pledge to ensure that a church is constructed in the area.

“I am grateful to the government for striving to leave no one behind in the country’s development agenda,” she said.

The traditional leader promised to work with government and the church in providing guidance and leadership to the people.


  1. Ba Patili ba Chama wesu, ubupumpu na ucilamo mu chalo cesu.
    Priest Ignatius Chama, Zambia is suffering because those entrusted with governing our nation have turned into thieves, hence failure to pay debts and provide services to the common Zambian. There is a meaning in registering as voters when before God’s people next sunday finish the gospel of the purpose and final objective of voter registration to Zambians.

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