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President Lungu pledges K15, 000 to Mtendere Parish


President Edgar Lungu has pledged K15, 000 to Mtendere Catholic church. He said the pledge will help the parish complete the project of purchasing air conditioners for the church as the number of congregates keeps on increasing.

In a speech read on his behalf by Minister of Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili during the fundraising family picnic braii for Mtendere Catholic church in Lusaka, President Lungu said the increasing numbers of parishioners shows that people are still interested in matters of Christianity.

Dr. Lungu stated that the increase in numbers of parishioners may lead to ventilation or unfavorable temperatures which should not stop people from worshiping.

He further stated that his office is aware of parishioner’s passion to support the noble cause of purchasing air conditioners which is inevitable.

President Lungu urged other churches to emulate the commendable efforts of Mtendere Parish which is involved in a number of community support activities like looking after the aged, orphans and the local hospice.

He added that his government still upholds the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation and continues to work hand in hand with the church in enhancing the social and economic development of the country.

“You have always been our partners in development and we should continue moving in this direction for the betterment of our nation,” said Dr Lungu.

President Lungu asked the church to pray for peace, unity and love as the country goes to the polls next year.

He called on the church to honour God by adhering to the national values and principles and the Christian values on which the nation in founded.

“Let us not forget that we are duty-bound to commit to all spiritual matters and this demonstrates unity which should be encouraged not only here but in our nation at large,” added the President.

Dr. Lungu commended Mtendere Parish for their commitment in ensuring that they put up a decent place of worship.

Meanwhile, Mtendere Parish Priest Father Bryson Phiri thanked the president for the donation saying that it will go a long way in ensuring that the church has a proper ventilation system.

Father Phiri highlighted that the fundraising braii was meant to fundraise money to purchase air conditioners for the parish as well as to allow parishioners to celebrate together as a family in Christ.

He indicated that the event which was scheduled to take place in April was postponed to 28th of November 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic.

The fundraising event was held at Plush Gardens in Lusaka and was attended by parishioners and other well-wishers from all walks of life.


  1. Lungu is busy flashing money to people all over the country. Has he paid off retirees who has done a favour to the country? He does not care as long as he wins his next election. He is making alot of pledges to churches but none to hospitals where there are no medicines. I just wonder at people who support Lungu politically what type of brain material their brains are made of. Probably clay soil!

  2. Accepting a donation from a government that is defaulting on debt is immoral. There are retirees that are yet to be paid but money cannot be found yet money to donate to voluntary organisations is readily available. It is shameful that even the catholic church has sunk so low to the level of greed where it can accept handouts. Where has the Catholic Social Teaching that emphasises preferential option for the poor and social justice gone? Or it went with the missionary clergy and the local clergy are just as any other pastor? Ka K15,000 chabe and you are ready kusampola Jesus.

  3. How about donating to the Jehova’s witnesses? Why give to the catholics only? Akapatulula!

    *Elyo the Vatican is already very rich

  4. Ba minister who only reads the president’s speeches. Ekulila mwibala beba uku. You do nothing but you get paid.

  5. Good observation, why are jehovah’s witnessses always sidelined when it comes to these donations and pledges, is it because they are not a voting block worth exploring and exploiting?

  6. Tu ma hand outs here and there, ati empowering Zambians. What criteria does president Lungu use to donate 72 bicycles to chiefs in Northern and Muchinga province, general brown envelopes to chiefs in Luapula province prompting protest demanded to be seen on one-to-one basis.
    Oh gosh! in Lundazi Chiefs were even stopped to deliver a full demand list ending up with promises only of one bicycle for each chief, almost an insult.

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