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Dr.Guy Scott is being used by the Cartel to discredit President Lungu-Kamba


PF Lusaka province Secretary Kennedy Kamba says former Republican Vice President Dr.Guy Scott is being used by the Cartel to discredit President Lungu.

In a statement made available to Smart Eagles in Lusaka, Mr.Kamba said Says the PF is very disappointed that Dr. Guy Scott is being used to scandalise President Edgar Lungu by attempting to drag the government and the ruling party in matters relating to voter registration which is a sole responsibility of the Electoral Commission of Zambian (ECZ).

Mr. Kamba said the PF, sympathises with the ailing Dr. Guy Scott and wish him a speedy recovery and good health.

” As a party, we believe that the ECZ is actually doing its level best to ensure that as many citizens as possible register to vote in the forthcoming general elections. We are confident that the commission will attain its target of nine million voters,” Mr. Kamba.
” What is required is for all stakeholders, especially political parties, politicians, civil society leaders and indeed the Church to get on board to encourage citizens to go and vote,” He said.

Mr. Kamba said Dr.Guy Scott should stop being used to drag the government of President Edgar Lungu in the issue of voter registration.
” We know that Guy Scott does not like President Lungu and he still cannot face reality that Dr.Edgar Lungu is Republican President and he fought him so much following the demise of President Michael Sata,” Mr. Kamba.

He said Dr. Guy Scott has been a member of the cartel that still want to bring confusion in the leadership of the PF and consequently the government.

” We advise Dr Scott to stay away from bad people that are misleading him and concentrate on his medication and getting enough rest so that he can recover quickly because we want to see him in good health,” Mr.Kamba.

“These kinds of conspiracies to try and use him to insult and embarrass the Presidency or indeed the ruling PF will not take them anywhere. You cannot drag President Lungu into the ECZ matters, considering the fact that it is an autonomous body,” Mr.Kamba adds


  1. What kind of journalism is this? We are not told what Guy said and which cartel is this? should we conclude one of the cartel members is in the picture?

  2. This article is senseless!! Surely should the reader be left to assume what Dr Guy Scott allegedly said? Also who are the members of the so called Cartel? The more reason why it is important to be factual in journalism, that way you don’t go writing an article in parables for fear of being castigated. As it stands, this story remains senseless!!!

  3. There’s confusion in the PF party; why do they have so many spokesmen?
    Why is a junior PF person like Kamba speaking on behalf of the ECZ & State House?
    Former Vice President Guy Scott has the right to speak about national issues at any time.

  4. Leave GS alone – he was humble enough NOT to send commandos to the PF Panga Convention! He never fought ECL or anyone else – HE SOUGHT to uphold the law with the backing of some Chiefs of staff…the racists won and the rest is history…kwasila !!

  5. The voter registration is a sham, so if Guy Scott made any comments about it then he was within his right. Kennedy Kamba isn’t anywhere nearer Dr Guy Scott in all spheres of life except that both were created by the same God. There’s no one who can use Dr Scott. Don’t compare yourself to somebody who isn’t even in your league. You can be a PF Secretary for Lusaka Province but to us you’re a criminal that has been mentioned in several criminal activities including the ferrying of pangas to Mumpanshya during that by-election in which Menyani Zulu was murdered. Shut up stypoti idyoti

  6. Guy Scott is well aware that the highest he could have gone was vice president and that is all. If he thought that he would have gone all the way to be head of state that is high level naivety. Sata never asked him to act at president whenever he went out, he always appointed someone else to act. That must tell you something. The ECZ issue is an emotive issue, but as usual those fighting battles with ECL throw everything under the Zambian sun to ECL. I think we need to have a system where everyone takes responsibility for their position ECZ has a chairperson, why do you not direct all these to the ECZ CEO? Even Trump will tell you talk to people responsible. It is not always feasible to have everyone blame only one person for everything. This perhaps explains why there is so much…

  7. … Even Trump will tell you talk to people responsible. It is not always feasible to have everyone blame only one person for everything. This perhaps explains why there is so much inefficiency in our systems because no one is blamed for their inefficiency. The so-called civic organisations or NGOs are all just gunning to blame one person because that is the only way they will receive funding from there pay masters. We need a mindset shift to develop a proper accountability system. Politicians will always have their hidden motives.

    • Douglas Lungu no. But personally I believe that having formed and made PF grow, Scott has a good idea of the party, of the people in it, and of politics. And I believe he has good intentions.
      So whatever he said is worth hearing and probably is true.

  8. Chagwa is scandalizing himself, there is nothing there for Guy Scott to scandalize. Muntu azigwesa eka nama Jameson skokiana ndipo ati ni Guy, kuunya bamwankole imwe!

  9. Firstly Lusaka Times name the cartel, because some Zambians do not have enough sense to know that socialist Mmmembe owner of former post newspaper had guy Scott working for him. Unlike most Africans a lot of Zambians worship white people. Especially Zambian women. I will not explain why the reason is funny kikikiki. Secondly guy Scott presented a danger to Zambia, reason why even the four service chiefs did not support his illegal plea to try and rule God’s nation. In conclusion Chendabusiku has given the best reasonable take on Zambians. Aim your hostilities at the right people.


  10. @2 and 3: “You are asking for the gender of the dog as if it is dressed up”.
    This is a Bemba idiom translated directly in English which goes like andI quote:
    “U|leipushe chamfwalo chambwa ngeifwele”.
    Normally, dogs like any other animals wild or tamed do no wear clothes. N|ature has conditioned them as such.
    So, you guys @ 2 and 3 are asking for the journalism skills of as if you don’t know how poor it is. The readership patronise because they have got nowhere to go. Times of Zambia is dead issue. And Zambia Daily Mail has incomplete stories.

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