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President Lungu Fires Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya, Dr Jonas Chanda is the New Health Minister


President Edgar Lungu has fired his Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya and replaced him with the Bwana Mukubwa member of Parliament and Minister of Water Affairs, Hon Jonas Kamima Chanda.

In a statement released to the media this evening by Statehouse, the termination of Dr Chilufya is with immediate effect. This is contained in a statement from the State House issued this evening.

President Edgar Lungu has also appointed nominated Member of Parliament Raphael Nakachinda as the new Minister of Water Affairs Development and Sanitation.

Lately, there has been raging outrage from the public following HoneyBee’s appearance before the parliamentary committee where a financial scandal involving the supply of $17million worth of medicine was unearthed by the Auditor General’s Office and the Parliamentary Accounts Committee.

It has been established that a supplier, Honeybee supplied leaking condoms, gloves, and fake medicine.


  1. Eya efyo chilingile ukuba noti ukuwayawaya when all the evidence is there. What were you dilly dallying for kanshi? Messages of zero-tolerance need to be delivered to your entire cabinet. How about looking at the following too: Dora Siliya Kampyongoment, that Mufulira Kankoyo MP whose name I ve forgotten. Please put a distance between corruption and your office “humble” face

  2. I attended the emergency meeting today to discuss this meeting with the president and other key advisors. After deliberating for hours, we had to come to this decision as it was in the public’s interest. We now ask that people allow the relevant authorities space to carry out detailed investigations. Remember that dr chilufya is innocent until proven guilty. Our decision was based on moral grounds. If he is found innocent then he could still be allowed to serve in public office. Until then, let us stop spreading false information and wait for the findings

  3. The president does not act on impulse but rather on information. Those that shout for things the president should do are wasting their time because our president takes alot of various information into account before making informed decisions. We are not like upnd where their leader is the alpha and omega when it comes to decisions. Those are the dictators to avoid.

  4. Ba LT you will make Bwalya Ngandu have a heart attack. Fired Finance Minister?? LOL Dont you remember he was reported to have collapsed at a Livingstone Hotel while presenting awards at an IDC function in November?

  5. I had suggested that he does something or even pretend to do something. Now the new minister should ensure he cleans the top offices and the procurement team. At that point, confidence would have been restored.

  6. The problem of Zambians to be trusted to supply anything in govt. You want to empower them but they end up eating everything in the name of connections.Ok Chomba Kaoma should be jailed for making Chitalu lose the job. How can you disappoint the govt like this?. When govt give contracts to foreigners you cry ati Zambians are left out.This total nonsense by these fake Zambians full of girlfriends. Directors of finance, Ps,procurment fimo fimo,Zamla directors should be fired .We have also useless—less civil servants who can’t even stop anything .People should be working hard.Poverty has made this country poor because there is no morality in some civil servants entrusted to serve us .Mr.President mwabomba but talk to these boys who supply nothing but want to make momney.

  7. The upnd were crying for us to get rid of the minister. After reviewing all evidence, we came to that conclusion in public’s interest. But now you won’t see a single upnd supporter commending this action. My friends this is how tribalism works. You cannot please a tribal d0g. I wonder what the upnd will now cry over.

  8. Why is this man afraid to speak? Every reshuffle is by the Press Aide. No strong words of condemnation coming from the President, not inspiring at all.
    The man should have gone out there, and with courage, zeal and passion said,
    ” I will not tolerate such actions in any of my ministries, such negligence will result in termination of appoitment and I will urge the law enforcement agencies to investigate and prosecute all offenders. It is unnceptable that 17 million was awarded to a company registered within 6 days and also that products supplied were endangering the lives of our citizens. Let this serve as a warning to all my ministers, civil servants and citizens at large.”

  9. Firing the corrupt Chitalu Chilufya does not absolve ECL from corruption.
    ECL is as guilty as all of his corrupt ministers.
    “Witch, Witch, Witch”

  10. Chiza, why should the president hold a conference to fire someone? Let us be sensible. You, if you got fired from your job there as a carer, would you expect your manager to hold a company meeting to do so? Muletontonkanya!!

  11. Leadership is about being decisive, you don’t wait till the mood of the people changes that’s when you act..La7y Lungu was asked over the weekend he response is on record as stating that the opposition want me to fire Chilufya but I wont without any proof I leave that with Secretary to Cabinet. I La7y was a serious want he would have fired Chilufya with his PS, Director of MSL there and then on Friday …a wrong can not change into a right when you ignore it…Chilufya should have been fired last year.

  12. Leadership is about being decisive, you don’t wait till the mood of the people changes that’s when you act..La7 y Lungu was asked over the weekend he response is on record as stating that the opposition want me to fire Chil ufya but I wont without any proof I leave that with Secretary to Cabinet. I La7 y was a serious want he would have fired Chilu fya with his PS, Director of MSL there and then on Friday …a wrong can not change into a right when you ignore it…Chilu fya should have been fired last year.

  13. I am very sorry I don’t respond to childish impostors based in the UK purporting to be someone they are not in Zambia without shame! #N3z the coon

  14. It’s very unfortunate for the ministry of health to be involved in scandals which not only rob the people of their health benefits but also endanger their lives. It’s even more unfortunate when citizens can no longer trust their health authorities who are there to give them medical assurance. Apart from battling with the strain of the pandemic, the new Minister will have to run extra miles to restore the confindence of the people in his ministry. Sad situation.

  15. Mr Kudos – Your skull is still empty …do you not understand if your Hakiende was quiet Lungu would have carried on …they thought this thing will just disappear but it kept coming up like a turd that will not flash. The problem with you simpletons is that you see issues simply between PF and UPND….selling of defective products at inflated rates is a serious issue people are upset. I take it you fooooools never watched the PAC last week when the arrogant PS was answering questions like its her Father’s business.

  16. Good leaders don’t speak publicly unnecessarily, they act decisively after consideration of facts.

    Over communicating can lead to the uninformed public to panic or rush to unsubstantiated conclusions. Also opposition can twist messages to try and create confusion in the messaging for their own benefit.

  17. Earlier on today there were comments from some bloggers and myself stating that the man needed to resign or be fired. The usual shallow minded people without integrity or shame and always defending the indefensible @ KZ & @ Zambian Citizen, saw no ‘need’ or asked for ‘investigations’. Try and use your brains for objectivity sometimes

  18. @KZ you should just shut it with your non-stop divisive drivel. Right thinking people know the Ministry of Health has been frought with financial scandals. The buck stops with the one in charge -for failure, refusal to sweep things clean or complicity. Your ECL has only acted because of the outcry and through a cowardly populist way as usual, instead of through a Press conference

  19. Lungu had no choice, especially after the extrajudicial executions and his disappointment at being ignored in mufurilla,

    He had to shore up his fortunes, this sacking buys him some breathing space

  20. It will be interesting to observe Covid numbers going forward now. Hope the 2 professors ( Mukonka & Mulenga) lead the efforts now devoid of any political undertones.

  21. Lungu had no choice, especially after the extrajudicial executions and his disappointment at being ignored in mufurilla,

    He had to shore up his fortunes, this sacking buys him some breathing space

  22. On this one, I would have loved if my President was Pombe Magufuri. Our President seem to be very slow to act like a chameleon all in the name of leaving the fraternity and ACC handling the issue. the President also seems to be very torelant and can’t do things, unless he is pushed to. I remember one things we say about ourselves when we’re applying for jobs, that we are self starter. Mmmm I wonder how we gave our president this job, what CV did he really showed us? Or maybe he duped us? Eish, I really don’t know. But what surprises me every time I turn my attention to the media, is this noise from the likes of Lusambo the Lusaka Cadre, Charles the destroyer of the LG, and failed Neila saying PF will win and that Lungu will be President….Like really? How? 2021 nilelo. Muzachiona…

  23. ECL, a spineless reactive leader and only acts in rare right ways when cornered. Otherwise for the most he turns a blind eye and is complicit in a lot of unsavoury events in his regime.
    Talk directly to the people to not only answer questions but at least attempt to explain the state of affairs. Not merely making off-cuff disjointed remarks while galavanting

  24. Kwena ba Chiza mwe! With Kaunda he would have admonished everyone after announcing the reshuffle. Nomba ba Lungu its like he is saying: “I don’t want to say anything about this. You have just forced me to act and I have acted.” And he locks the doors and windows and rushes to his bedroom.

  25. Don’t praise Lungu for doing what he was supposed to do it’s the same as praising your maid for doing her job she gets paid to do. Most useless government, driving a once thriving country down every single day.

  26. Next is Chitotela, Kapata, Lubinda, Mwale, Mushimba, Charles Zulu and Zed open.

    We will let the good Lord decide on Kampyongo.

    Anyway, you will all be fired in August.

  27. There is no honour among thieves. Dr Chilufya has been sacrificed to cover up this Corruption involving at least $17 million. This is a criminal case involving the Powers that be. As the Chinese say “a fish rots from the Head downwards “. Dr Chilufya is a sprat in this Corruption case.No meaningful investigations will be carried out to protect the main culprit. This ECL PF Govt is corrupt to the core.Wait and see.

  28. Ba LT anzanu when there’s such a reshuffle they dig up some biographical information on the incoming John Chanda to let the reader see how he is fit or unfit for the post. Also a write-up on Raphael Nakachinda, where is he from, has he ever contested an election and so on and so on. That is journalism

  29. How do you come here and compliment the President Lazy when he has let this go on for years, this is long overdue…remember the inflated Ambulances? MOH at the moment is in a total mess today. This is same President who said he will not be forced to fire anyone, look at real K Z at State House in Lusaka he is still there despite being fired. …President Lazy should be fired, all these people wining these contracts are close to the very President.

  30. Brother Kaizer,
    Let’s face it ECL has failed us all who voted for him when it comes to talking with us principally.
    So many issues have gone with talking to us by this man. Currently the virus is sky rocketing and he cant address the nation like other nations
    He is our parent hence his voice to us all is very hope and life.
    When you had time seated around the table what do u even talk about or advise this man? This is not the pdf people hoped for. There has been total shift and it’s as wide as the difference between evil and good.
    Our current president n his ministers make it very difficult to think of voting for pf this August.
    Finally Kaiser do just one exercise, randomly ask 100 people who you dont know about their view on voting for pf in this August 2021 tripartite.

  31. Where is Dr. Malama Kanchibiya Mp kanshi? This man has been ignored for so long. His education is not being put to good use at all.

  32. Fake ARVs and fake HIV testing kits.

    This has been going on for years.

    After August, the whole country needs testing for all kinds.

    What a mess.

  33. We can not even trust corona numbers anymore. Everything has been fake.

    Fake fake fake.

    The only thing not fake is the news of the fake medicines.

  34. @Tarino

    That chap who was awarded a contract to supply 46 4x 4 vehicles has just landed himself a brand new Rolls Royce worth £275000. This person who owns a car wash in Kabwata, how did he become that rich overnight to own a Rolls Royce.

    The owners of trade kings don’t even drive this flashy cars even though there are billionaires

    The whole PF and it’s minions stink of corruption.

  35. We all know those companies are for Lungu and that is why he was hesitating to fire Chilufya…..all three companies are owned by Lungu together with the Ngucha filling stations and a whole bunch of companies leaching this country

  36. So is this the Kaizar who wqs in State House? No wonder we are being ruled like bakoswe mumpoto. Kaizar who served in the highest Public office cant tell the difference between the Presidency and a carer? The President is a servant of the people who put him in the office. A carer works for a private employer. In Public office you owe those who gave you the job transparency so you must publicly proclaim your actions and why you did them. As a leader you want everyone to follow and be on the same page as you. You owe the public press conferences. They cant be pleading for you to address them unless you are very arrogant. They need to pose questions that you must answer unless you are too arrogant. That is why you will see a difference between the US President’s press conferences and the…

  37. That is why you will see a difference between the US President’s press conferences and the Chinese and Russian Presidents’ conferences. The latter are telling their audience to “behave in my presence and I will talk to you when I want to not when you want to”
    Its a pomposity that the audience has gotten used to like Lungu is trying to get us used to his aloofness.

  38. Sankara – The real KZ has an attention span of a housefly only when he at the wheel of his boat on Kafue is he focused….don’t mind this man-child impostor who posts here most don’t even pay attention to his claptrap.

  39. Kampyongo has to go…Lungu does not listen, it’s like talking to a stone. What kind of home affairs minister does this country have? I understand the ministry of health over saw the purchase and the final delivery but the home affairs minister must have been involved some how? This administration is a wish.

  40. The problem is stup1d Edgar Lungu and not his ministers, the boy is a useless weak leader, Zambians always celebrating the wrong progress while the problem still remains…. Lungu is the problem nothing else

  41. Then of course. We are waiting for August when the Zambian voters will fire a long overdue incompetent, clueless corrupt president who has wasted Zambian years of development. We are impatient to celebrate!

  42. Acting when it’s too late? Useless President. No vision that’s why there’s massive looting. No spine and can’t see. Very weak president.

  43. Lungu has been resolute on not wanting to fire Dr. Chilfya, adamant to the point where his breather vents have been sealed by the citizenry and the suffocation has led to firing the Minister of Health and the citizenry still demands more from President Lungu that he extends action on Kampyongo and Kanganja for relief to the suffocating hold on him by the public! Left alone the president would have been comfortable letting Dr. Chilufya be! Congratulations Zambians!

  44. We need more firing of domate ministers who pretend to be with you Mr President people of Zambia crying over to you but you are blinded by same ministers see what happens in mufulira if you heard the cry at first it could have not happen in that way but that was your problem you allowed ministers to tell what do now the Ball is in your hands to see where Zambian needs.

  45. So Lungu is still relying on rogue Kaiser Zulu for advice! Thats why Lungu is always acting like a stup1d f000l.

    The public demanded Kaiser Zulu to be removed as presidential advisor but Lungu lied to the people and he is still relying on him. I know why. Its because Lungu is always drunk by 2pm every day.

    Dr Chilufya is not going anywhere. He has too much money to bankroll the broke PF. In fact he is ear marked as Lungu s running mate.

    This demotion is just a PF scum to hoodwink the gullible PF supporters.

    PF can never win free and fair elections in Zambia.

  46. His choice of Nakachinda as Minister at the expense of intelligent and genuine PF members is absurd to say the least. Lungu has indeed lowered the standards of ministerial positions to the levels of kaponyas. Nakachinda’s past is littered with theft and fraud, is Lungu under a spell to keep on making big mistakes even at a crucial time like this? Zambians please do the right thing in August, do not make any mistake of giving a single vote to PF. intelligent Zambians know that Lungu will not qualify to stand so do not even waste your breath on him.

  47. Dr. Chilufya has been given enough time by the President in which to come clean on the different allegations of impropriety that have been raised against him over the years. But he has not learnt from this and tried to do things differently. He has only himself to blame for all this. Dr. Jonas Chanda is a very good replacement. He is clean, sober, down-to-earth and a man of the people.

  48. Well, we Will fire Lungu too come August 12 Lungu deserves to go in peace and to enjoy what he has from poor Zambians

  49. @ sankara a carer is also a servant to the people he or she cares for. And you expect us to follow in America foot step? You must be a retarded diasporan because who in their right mind respects American democracy at the moment ? This is the problem when you are being kept as asylum seeker. You will support anything your keeper does

  50. @ KZ. you are a lunatic a total waste of space. You tend to criticise USA. you and lungu will be begging for this COVID vaccine.

    You are the lowest of the scums. I wonder who bore you a monkey or a gorilla

  51. Scouser I appreciate that my comments are causing you great distress such that you are failing to answer me in a sensible fashion. What has vaccine got to do with the diabolical democracy in America? Also remember that millions have died in America due to poor covid management unlike here where we have faired well despite the gloom predictions from your masters. If I were you I would be very careful there in diaspora. Zambia politics should be the list of your worries when your masters are dying like chickens there

  52. “Chimbwi No Plan” concept has been vindicated. This president is too slow at gathering information. When action is taken under public influence the main stumbling block would be symptomatic of government detached with reality of happenings. Further, to act under some spokesperson on grave national matters such as Zambian’s exposure to toxic medicines and condoms short of acceptable standards is failure of leadership in itself. Zambians deserve better leadership, PF government does not continue to imposing itself on Zambian people. The beginning of the end has started.

  53. Without knowing the facts some dull people are shouting that Dr. Chitalu is involved in the Honeybee scandal, hence President Lungu fired him.

  54. What is more concerning about the rising numbers of Covid-19 cases in Zambia! And maybe President Lungu appointed Dr. Jonas as Health Minister, because he is a well-qualified person and he could help in controlling the rising case.

  55. Dr. Jonas worked as a physician before joining politics, and he studied for a BSc in human biology and earned an MBChB in medicine and surgery. Only time will tell, why Lungu took this decision.

  56. Without investigation, how can some people claim that Dr. Chitalu is involved in the Honeybee scandal? Our President hates corruption and his party members are also aware of it and they know its consequence.

  57. Why people are making a big deal out of his suspension. Maybe President Lungu wants to address the deadly disease, urgently. That is why urgently on Sunday, the President replaced Dr. Chitalu with Dr. Jonas.

  58. This is NOT a government,it’s a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE OF A GOVERNMENT led by Edgar Lungu,the biggest criminal in the Land .He kick started things by declaring that his personal wealth had increased tenfold in his first 9 months in office.He went on to declare that
    “Ababomba Mwibala,Balya mwibala & encouraged his ministers Rob and Bankrupt the Nation.
    Zambia today cannot even service its debts ,Zambia is the laughingstock of the continent & Lungu is asking for 5 more years.
    Five more years as a reward for Bankrupting Zambia.

  59. What should be our main focus is the decrease and control of the rising Covid-19 cases. We should strictly follow health guidelines like wearing masks and completely avoiding social gatherings.

  60. We should support our President’s decision and wait for further movements, and then things will be sorted. Only President Lungu can tell the real reason for replacing the health minister.

  61. I voted PF in the past elections but now I got my tail between n my legs n will vote for sanity. I regret to say that PF has lost credibility on my side. The party needs a complete overhaul.

  62. The reality is I loved that boy Chitalu.
    I can’t believe that he has relieved from his Ministerial position.
    I think ECL should not have been keeping some of these Ministers longer in some positions.
    You have taken Chilufya to the animal Ministry as well. Why? Because I love beef.
    I still think Chilufya is a good dude.

  63. Firing him is not just enough think of those who have been affected by those expired condoms, 1 we don’t know whether it was just a deal between the two just to blind fold us we zambians. It would be better him to be accounted for , for the lives he has put in jeopardize by selling those expired items, if we are to ask, what crime has he committed ? For him to be expelled at this juncture when he was supposed to be suspended b last year on the money scandle? Our appeal to our president He’s Excellency Mr Edgar chagwa lungu and the ruling party to make sure and to see to it that transparency is practiced according, if him been the law practitioner . let him practice what we preach.

  64. Its good that lwayers have taken up this issues, ACC and DEC are toothless, the lawyers should make sure pompwe Chitalu Chilufya, all PSs, Directors of Zamra, Ministry of Health, Medical Stores, Procurement Authority etc must all be sued and jailed. They are busy enriching themselves with publuc funds, while women and girls are suffering selling roasted maize cobs at street corners. Why cant you use your degrees to better your lives. It shows that even the PhDs you hold are not worthy!

  65. thats what other African leaders should emulate,corruption is a serios cancer that has caused serious harm to the the Development of most of the African Nations. Let the law take its course.

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