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President Lungu congratulates Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni


President Edgar Lungu has congratulated Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, on his victory in presidential elections held on Thursday, 14th January, 2021.

President Lungu said that President Museveni’s victory shows the confidence and trust that the Ugandan people have in him.

“President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s victory has once again shown the hope, confidence, and trust that the people of Uganda have in him to continue steering the country to prosperity.”

President Lungu said that he shared President Museveni’s belief that poverty can only be wiped out of Africa if the grassroots are empowered to produce food for home consumption and the surplus for sale so that they earn capital.

President Lungu added that it is agriculture that shall end hunger in Africa as President Museveni always says.

“I am confident that Zambia and Uganda shall continue enjoying cordial relations under Mr Museveni’s leadership,” President Lungu says.

And President Lungu has congratulated Mr Joseph R. Biden Jr. for being sworn in as the 46th President of the United States of America.

President Lungu says Zambia and the United States of America enjoy great bilateral relations and is confident that this will continue under President Biden.


    • He is rushing to congratulate another bird of the same feather. The South African President up to today, 21st january has not sent any congratulatory message to Mu7 because he doesn’t want torush into endorsing dictatorships

  1. We can not congratulate a dictator ……

    If MU7 did not suppress and brutalise the opposition, then congratulations would have been in order ….

    Even hapless lungu , even if he is totally useless , would receive congratulations if he won free and fair elections ….

    But the script book dictates brutallising the opposition and denying them free space …….that is how these dictators are operating….

  2. @akapS what right have to call Museveni a dictator and yet he is the choice of the Ugandans?
    They went for polls and the resultant winner was Museveni> Do you that Uganda under the so called dictator produces much more than Zambia by far and exports their farm produce and still remain with more than enough to feed themselves? Museveni has truly empowered the youth and the youth themselves are very happy with their president. Don’t just get incited by the west who don’t like Museveni on issues of gay rights. Try to understand global politics better. The rest is incitation by the west who want someone they can control in African governments.

    • Joe Biden has become President for the first time. Museveni has been in power for 35 years! That’s the difference. That’s why Museveni is not wanted. He has outlived his usefulness

  3. This Lazy Lungu has no shame at all even when Bobi Wine’s house is surrounded by solders and the internet was shut down!!

  4. I mentioned on another forum that he congratulated M7 secretly already. This was just confirmation that he acknowledges the teacher!

  5. wise timing 
    January 20, 2021 At 9:51 pm

    ” @akapS what right have to call Museveni a dictator and yet he is the choice of the Ugandans?….”

    Tell that to the brutalized opposition , or the griving relatives of hundreds of MU7 victims killed for protesting……

    Like lungu , MU7 can never win a fair and free election….

  6. We congratulate our father M7. Our pan Africanist father. Pamaka fye. Even here in Zambia the pan Africa and patriotic front party shall be victorious.

  7. Excremental defecate all stinks and sticks together. African Presidents only realize they’re a nuisance when they get shot dead ?

  8. All these shameless African Presidents like this bum Edgar feared a young man taking office in Uganda because deep down they know majority of Africa’s population is youth but are asleep. PF youth for some unknown reasons were also supporting grandpa M7….we have a long way to do in African democracy. We still support individuals instead of ideologies.

  9. That’s a tainted win after brutalizing the opposition and closing communication channels.And M7 is a 30 plus years dictator .


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  11. I am not a fan of insinuations regarding election rigging. The fact of the matter is that any rigging is made almost impossible when the majority of people reject you. Surely, the majority of Ugandans still love the so called dictator and that is what is important. The rest is irrelevant. Even here in Zambia, if people still have confidence in ECL he will surely win otherwise politicians should just sell themselves properly to the electorate and no foul play will be insinuated.

  12. This Old guard cant win by holding free and fare elections only Madiba and Dr.Kaunda gave there countries free elections.The other Presidents like in Zimbabwe and Uganda were EL tries a copy and paste type of elections are mared by brutalising the opposition through abusing the Police,Cadre violence,Cutting off internet,Power black outs,delaying results and stuffing Ballot papers to rig elections. ICC should punish such leaders who win by inflicting pain, violence and murder of there opponents such acts are against the tenets of democracy.

  13. America is the world’s superpower and economic power , due to the fact that their citizens have mastered the art of voting, they only give you 4 years, a second term they only give to extra presidents and only a few have been given that privilege , if most american presidents have been one term presidents, how they managed to develop their country?

  14. @Aristotle, very good point! It is because it is important for them to serve their country and leave a legacy. Kwatu kuno, serving the country, theliz no! Mwibala is more important.

  15. M7 is ECL’s Godfather. ECL is hoping to use M7’s Template to rig the August 12,2021 Elections. ECL cannot get the 50%+1 vote threshold thru a Popular vote. He is hoping to rig the August Elections to retain power. To achieve this ECL will use violence,the State Captured Concourt and Military to rig the Election in his favour. If the Opposition protects its vote then violence by PF Cadres is inevitable. ECL cannot win the August 2021 Elections without rigging. That is the challenge which Zambia faces in August 2021. The writing is on the wall.

  16. @Aristotle look at the history of America presidents and check how many of the 45 have served for only 4 years then come back to us. Stop displaying your ignorance here when information is there for free on the Internet. Zambians this year will vote for the president of their choice. USA election Uganda or Malawi will not influence Zambians because majority of voters do not even know there were elections in these other countries.

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