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We have terrorists working at the Ministry of Health-Kanyika


Former President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Zambia Jerome Kanyika has described officials at the Ministry of Health Headquarters who authorized the use of fake medical kits as terrorists.

Mr Kanyika charged that Former Minister of Health Dr Chitalu Chilufya and his officers at the Ministry unleashed terror on Zambians when they distributed fake drugs and medical supplies from Honey Bee.

Mr Kanyika demanded that medical practicing licenses for all officials at Ndeke House who played a part in the Honey Bee scandal should be revoked and culprits be prosecuted.

He was speaking Thursday morning when he featured on the Hot Seat radio programme on Hot FM.

“It is hard to believe that some of those people are still working at Ndeke House (MoH Headquarters) after they did what they did and today they have even received their salaries. What those people did was an act of terrorism on the Zambian people,” Mr Kanyika explained.

He said it is sad that some of the defective commodities supplied by Honey Bee are still in use in health facilities as there has not been a full recall.

“You know our medical kits normally carries about 60 different drugs but according to ZAMRA, only a few of those commodities have been recalled, since September when the flagging off for the distribution was done, most of those defective drugs are still in use,” he revealed.

Mr Kanyika added that the firing of Dr Chilufya is not enough adding that the former Minister should be prosecuted.

“Furthermore, Dr Chilufya and other officials at Ndeke House who participated in this scandal should be made to lose their practicing licenses for life.”

“Those are terrorists who should not be allowed near patients ever again.”

Ministry of Health Headquarters in Lusaka
Ministry of Health Headquarters in Lusaka


  1. All economic indicators under Lungu’s era have never gone positive -now add Covid 19 ,Cholera and these MoH scandals .

  2. Could it be case Chilufya was had, that he had lots of people working day and night against him, who functioned to get rid of him and deliberately procured bad stuff in the knowledge Chilufya as boss would get blame and be flushed out?

  3. Spot on coz they are terrorising alot of citizens who used the services & products made available by the MoH. They need to be caged for over 20 yrs each.

  4. In developed countries, all those guys would be behind bars and prosecuted by now. But here in Zambia, they are even getting their salaries yet they have inflicted pain on the general public. And ACC is quiet, until the President tells them to, who has bewitched us kanshi?

  5. PF regime is incapable of doing anything sensible to Zambians – the effects of unleashing defective substandard medicines to the Zambian population will be felt later – national genocide by intention sad legacy crafted by PF government.

  6. Chris Y – In Zambia we have very weak institutions and a powerful head of state so if you have a corrupt President like Lazy Lungu then the whole system becomes contaminated as he hires and fires without any reason given. By the time you start to investigate this case the owners of Honey Bee those Chipata Pakistani boys would have moved all their money and immigrated to Malawi next door.

  7. Those medical kits were also stolen by the health workers from public health centers and sold them to the private drug stores and pharmacies hence puting everyone at risk.

  8. Madam nawakwi kindly make a comment as a mother this affects you as well.Our vice president is also quite oh this lady amases me ! She is always silent even when her voice is need to represent his boss.well the former minister of health and his parmanent secretaries should be summoned at police to answer charges.

  9. Well articulated Mr Chitutuma. There are terrorists at Ministry Of Health and enemies of Dr Chilufya who wanted to flush out of Dr Chilufya from the Ministry. Whether you like or not this will backfire in near future. Even some ministers were behind the scandal of removing Dr Chilufya. Shame upon those unscrupulous character who were to dent the name of Dr Chilufya. Remain blessed Dr Chilufya and remain strong during this trying moments.

  10. Well articulated Mr Chitutuma. There were enemies of Dr Chilufya who were working to flush him out day and night. It will backfire to those enemies. Even within the ministers there are there . Those are terrorists within the government who wanted to tarnish the name of Dr chilufya. It will backfire soonest

  11. Which ACC Afraid Cowards Clique? What arrests can they make before they are told who to arrest, what to say and which lawyer must be used to bribe the witnesses not to come to court so that Chilatu Chilyafu is acquitted?

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