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Brazil bound Zambians must undergo Covid-19 test

General News Brazil bound Zambians must undergo Covid-19 test

Zambians who wish to travel to Brazil have been advised to undergo a mandatory Covid-19 test three days before departure.

In a circular made available to the Zambian embassy in Brazil, the Brazilian government said the Covid-19 test certificate must be presented in Portuguese, Spanish or English from a government recognised health facility.

In the event of travelling to Brazil with connections or stopovers where the travellers remain in a restricted area of the airport, the 72 hour period applies prior to boarding the first flight of the trip.

Furthermore, children under the age of 12 travelling with a companion are exempted from presenting Covid-19 test certificates provided that all companions present negative or non-reactive Covid-19 tests.

However, unaccompanied children are required to present a Covid-19 certificate.

Zambia’s Ambassador to Brazil, Alfreda Mwamba has therefore urged Zambians intending to travel to Brazil to adhere to the requirements provided by the Brazilian government to avoid any inconveniences.

“The health alert by the Brazilian government states that the entry of foreign visitors travelling by air for a short stay of up to 90 days was currently permitted as of December 30th, 2020 and that all travellers to Brazil by air, both Brazilians and foreigners must present a negative or non-reactive Covid-19 certificate,” she stated.

Dr. Mwamba said that the Covid-19 test, as well as proof of a completed Declaration of Traveller’s Health (DSV) to the airline responsible for the flight, must be readily made available.

She added that travellers will need to fill out the DSV in print or digitally agreeing to sanitary measures that must be complied during the traveller’s time in Brazil.

This is contained in a statement released to the media in Lusaka today by First Secretary Press and Public Relations at the Zambian Embassy in Brazil, Grace Makowane.


  1. This is irrelevant news …surely anyone buying a ticket will be asked for these things ..its like buying a ticket to say England where you need a valid visa or paperwork.

  2. I am surprised this woman is still in Brazil where the health system can not cope with covid-19 admissions…as a black person Brazil should be avoided at this time with its racists attitude towards who gets priority for covid -19 treatment.

  3. Stupidly obvious statement as it is globally mandatory these days. What productive work is this mission doing in deepest S America anyway?

  4. Do people even go to Brazil ? For what if I may ask…..some missions needs to be closed to save tax payers money….why do we have an embassy in Brazil….where black Africans are not welcome


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