President Lungu declares Monday as national morning for the late Sebastian Zulu

Justice Minister Sebastian Zulu
Former Justice Minister Sebastian Zulu

President Edgar Lungu has accorded an official Funeral to the late former minister of Justice Sebastian Zulu.

The late Zulu will be buried on Monday February 8, 2021 at Kakwiya village in Chief Nyamphande in Petauke District.

The body will be air lifted to Petauke District on Sunday February 7, 2021 where it will lie in state at his farm in kakwiya village.

The official funeral program for the late Zulu will commence with a Requiem church service at saint Paul’s Catholic Church in Kakwiya at 10:00hrs and thereafter proceed for burial at the family burial site.

President Lungu has also declared Monday February 8, 2021 the day when the late Zulu will be buried as a Day or National Mourning in recognition of his numerous contributions to the Nation both as a senior legal practitioner and an accomplished politician.

Government has urged the business community and the general public to give the late Zulu a deserving send-off by observing the period of mourning from 06:00hrs to 18:00hours.

The late Zulu, 84, died on Wednesday February 3, 2021 at his farm in Kapete Area in Chingww District Lusaka Province.

He served as Justice Minister from September 2011 to August 2012 after being nominated Member of Parliament by President Michael Sara, Fifth President of Zambia.

This is according to a press statement issued to the media by Secretary to the Cabinet Simon Miri in Lusaka yesterday.


  1. Go well uncle seba, You did your part to develop our village kakwiya with good infrastructure, both health and fairly shared love to everyone and showed sense patriotism to your people and the nation

  2. Thank you my boss for granting my request for a state funeral for my mentor and father figure. He deserves it as he was such a great man who served this nation diligently. This week has been very tough taking this news but i thank friends and family for supporting me.

    I forgive the upnd diasporans who have insulted me all because I am mourning

  3. MHSRIP. Ba LT please do some editing before you publishh your story. You are in a field where many people read your articles. One typing error in a very short article like this is one too many. Micheal “Sara” , Simon “miri,””Fifth” predisdent after a coma (f), “Chingww” district in Lusaka? etc much as we appreciate your provision of information, this careless typing is un acceptable. Please go through your work before publishing it.

  4. That’s a decent burial, at his village. Not gather at that cathedral in Lusaka and go to your Lusaka cemetery for the “famous”.

  5. These were proper Ministers of Justice in Sata’s govt not the moron we have today who is a Agriculture Diploma holder in the name of Bo Lubinda masquerading for Lazy Lungu.

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