Immigration In Lusaka Smashes Human Smuggling Racket involving 114 Ethiopians victims

The 100 Ethiopians Prohibited Immigrants intercepted by Police on Monday at Kanona security points in Serenje district. 53 of the Ethiopians are juveniles.

The Department of Immigration in Lusaka’s Zanimuone has intercepted one hundred and fourteen (114) Ethiopians in a suspected human smuggling case. The Officers raided a three (3) bedroomed house on Saturday, 6th February, 2021 following a tip-off received from the public.

The Ethiopians, some of whom visibly appeared to have been physically abused, starved and deprived of freedom of movement were found sleeping on the floor of the house whose windows were completely covered by very heavy dark curtains. Preliminary investigations suggest that the Ethiopians have been held in the house for at least six (06) months.

The vulnerable and helpless state in which the captives were found crowded in such a small space has demonstrated just how evil and merciless human traffickers and smugglers can be. This is why the Department is doing everything possible to apprehend anyone connected to these criminal activities. To this effect, we wish to encourage anyone with information on the people behind this criminality to come forward. All the 114 are being held pending conclusion of investigations.

Meanwhile, the Lusaka Regional Immigration Office has jointly charged two (02) Congolese and one (01) Rwandese for being found in possession of a forged immigration stamp contrary to section 52(4) (e) as read with 56(1) of the Immigration and Deportation Act No. 18 of 2010 of the Laws of Zambia.

Particulars are that male Banza Kalumba Ngoie (53) a Congolese national, jointly and while acting together with male Fabrice Tshimba Doko (31) a Congolese national and female Ndayashimiye Regina (33) a Rwandese national on dates unknown but between 1st and 3rd February, 2021 in Lusaka did forge an entry stamp for Nakonde Border Control which was endorsed in a Burundian Passport number OB0221555 belonging to female Niyonkuru Mediatrice, without lawful authority.

This was after the trio were implicated in an incident in which Niyonkuru Mediatrice, a Rwandese national who was leaving Zambia was intercepted by alert Immigration Officers at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport for being in possession of a forged entry endorsement stamp for Nakonde Border Control as well as a forged visa receipt. The forged stamp was later traced to Banza Kalumba Ngoie. A search on Mr. Ngoie resulted in the discovery of one (01) fake stamp for Nakonde Border Control, and one (01) Congolese passport bearing a forged Kipushi stamp.

This is a good break for the Department as we have observed of late an increase in cases of forged stamps. We know that there are more such criminals carrying-out such activities. Our promise to them is that we are closer to catching them than they think.

Lastly, Immigration Officers in Nyimba, Eastern Province have apprehended thirty-six (36) male Ethiopian nationals for failing to appear before an Immigration Officer on entry. The group was nabbed on 6th February, 2021 in the mountains near Kacholola and Luangwa Bridge in Nyimba District following reports of their presence by alert members of the community. They all failed to produce documentation legalizing their entry and stay in Zambia and are currently detained at Nyimba Correctional Facility pending Court appearance.

This brings the total number of Ethiopians detained by the Nyimba Immigration Officer for failing to appear before an Immigration Officer on entry to sixty-nine (69) in just over a week. The same Office, with the help of the local community on 30th January, 2021 apprehended thirty-three (33) Ethiopians in the mountains near Unyanya Village a few kilometres from the Luangwa Bridge. They too are currently detained at Nyimba Correctional facility pending prosecution.

We wish to encourage anyone aware of an individual, business, or employer who may be aiding and abetting illegal immigrants to contact the Department of Immigration.


  1. Well done. This is unacceptable. While diasporans look down on Zambia and label it thr worst country, here we have evidence of people desperate to come to our beautiful country.

  2. There’s civil strife in Ethiopia. Zambia is a landlocked country.

    Ethiopians to end up in Zambia without any documentation sounds fishy. I wonder how much brown envelopes were exchanged.

    Talking about immigration how many Indians from India have settled in Zambia in the last 20 years. They all have Zambian passports. The worst thing is before the Indian chap arrived in Zambia he/ she already had a Zambian passport.

    Now imagine how much money was paid to get these passports. Them Indians paid nothing less than $25,0000.

    Even the immigration ministry is corrupt. When I use to be in Zambia just renewing a passport the passport officer use to ask page 3 is missing meaning a bribe so that renewal process gets fast tracked. The irony is next to passport office was ACC office

  3. As I said today on an unrelated post….our borders are wide open.

    Can someone wake Lungu up and tell him to do his job?

    We are not against visitors, in fact we welcome them. But not visitors that do not want to use our front door. These we should deport.

    Good work by immigration and police.

  4. Ethiopia is a bit poorer than Zambia but at least their economy is much faster and headed in the right direction .

  5. This is also a security issue. It took them 6 months to find out. That’s too long a period. It’s a long enough period to complete terrorist training. Wht if the foreigners were terrorists? This also borders on control of urban growth by the authorities. Do u see why it’s important to control where buildings are erected?

  6. It’s absolutely sad to see how people risk their lives and agree to such scams. Human trafficking no lo her succeeds due to strict border controls also bearing in mind that Countries are watching out for illegal immigrants due to this Covid situation. I feel sorry for the victims especially that they forfeited what they had in their sad!!

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